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Weekly Sketch Up – 04.26.2013

We go classic this week. We go comics.

EW Brings Patton Oswalt’s Crazy Star Wars/Marvel Movie Mash-Up To Life

The budget for this movie would be… well, more than you could imagine.

Great Moments in Comics History: X-Men #112

Wolverine is the best there is at what he does and what he does is punch himself.

Weekly Sketch Up – 04.05.2013

It’s a varied and delightful artistic mélange.

Trailer: ‘The Wolverine’ Teaser

“What they did to me, what I am, can’t be undone.”


Maybe you looked through the list, and maybe you’re left wanting. Once again, we are here to help.

Everyone Is Mad, So Here Are A Few Poems

Be soothed

Weekly Sketch Up – 02.15.2013

Styles upon styles upon styles is what I have.

iFlashback! February 4th, 2004

You may have called in sick into work after the Super Bowl but comics sure didn’t. Take a gander at some of the comics that came out nine years ago.

I’ve Got A Fever…For Comics.

Feeling sick? Call Doctor Doom.