EW Brings Patton Oswalt’s Crazy Star Wars/Marvel Movie Mash-Up To Life

On (one of) last night’s episode of Parks and Recreation, producers needed an actor to come in and improv an 8-minute rant in a local government filibuster scene. The rant could be about anything. So Patton Oswalt came in and did this:

The fine folks at Entertainment Weekly took Oswalt’s crazy movie pitch and mocked up a poster:

Star Wars VII_Poster_Oswalt

Wonderful. As wonderful as the rant above. I just wish he had found a way to get Star Trek in there somehow.


  1. teehee. I finally got to watch that episode last night and I’m still chuckling over it.


  3. I hope J.J. Abrams is seeing this.

  4. I dunno, I can imagine quite a bit…

  5. Moon Knight! Yes!

    • An A-lister. Who knew?

    • I know, thanks to Bendis, I guess , , .

    • Moon Knight being on this poster of many big movie/comic events was an inside joke amongst comic fans I thought but he is in Age of Ultron after collecting Ultron Heads a cpl years ago in Bendis & Maleev’s run and maybe they have bigger plans for him I’m not aware of yet…like a movie?

    • @Jsakid, I wouldn’t count on it. There’s been talk of live action Moon Knight since “Blade:the series” and it still hasn’t lead to anything. At this point I’d take an animated movie over nothing. Now would be the ideal time for Moon Knight to get his own film since there’s no Batman films to compete.

  6. Joy. Pure joy.

  7. “the female’s part is a little underwritten”. Wait who’s directing this, Joss Wheden or George Lucas?! Too funny.

  8. Not available in my country? Seems a bit racist, NBC…

  9. Might as well.

  10. Wait, didn’t they reveal the Infinity Gauntlet only works in its home reality? If it crosses over it’ll just be a useless bauble oh shiiiiiit I just spoiled the ending.

    • Maybe the Force acts as an ambient energy source that the Infinity Gauntlet can tap into?

    • Couldn’t you use the Infinity Gauntlet’s myriad powers to invent a new Infinity Gauntlet that isn’t limited to a single reality? Or is there a “no wishing for more wishes” sort of thing going on?

    • Or, he assembled the Infinity Gems of the Star Wars Universe. Isn’t it already established that Thanos can travel between realities . .?

  11. Patton Oswalt is the best, that made my day.

  12. You know, for all the crazy, over the top Marvel stuff in his rant, I actually really like most of his ideas for the Star Wars characters. Aside from the beheaded Chewie with the robot spider body.

    • Chewbacca’s not dead, he will be back! I’m thinking a spider…Chewbacca’s head, with a spider body and ion cannons!!!

      The whole episode was really funny too.

  13. Since when was Moon Knight a tier 1 character? 😀

    Obviously this was all improvised but, still, Moon Knight? Hahaha.

    I’d love to see Daredevil become a Jedi Knight!

  14. Me, I would have found a way to work Palatine into there somewhere. I mean, how awesome would a Palatine/Thanos team-up be? You could take bets on who would betray who first . . .

  15. I love Patton Oswalt and just watched the clip for the 1st time, holy midiclorians, his filibuster rant is too much and you know he knows this stuff. I didn’t know it was live so when he said “I literally have no fluid in my mouth, can we please cut” I loved it that much more. Talking about 1st & 2nd tier Marvel characters was the kicker for me as well. And it’s mega nerdy but I always said since Lucas went back and remastered the original trilogy & added original digital footage, why couldn’t he make fanboy gasms everywhere and digitally have Boba Fetts jet pack kick on & just show him blast a Saarlaks tentacle off his leg and fly out ? He even added to the Saarlack but not that, is that too much too ask LUCAS!!! Geezus!!!