Weekly Sketch Up – 02.15.2013


Batgirl by Sabrina Miramon



Daredevil and Elektra by Gary Deslauriers



Jimmy Corrigan by Alex Ross



Magneto by Gabriele Dell’Otto



Supergirl by Chris Samnee



Wolverine and Hellboy by Riika Auvinen


  1. THAT is what should have been supergirl’s new 52 costume

  2. Gotta say, a more tasteful Supergirl is definitely welcome.

  3. Man, Samnee is killing it with his sketches. Great Supergirl. Also, much love to a northern neighbor for the ‘Wolverine and Hellboy’. Go Finland!

  4. Wow, that Alex Ross piece just warms your heart, doesn’t it?

  5. Good stuff this week.

  6. Man, I just love everything Chris Samnee does. That Supergirl is fantastic!

  7. That Supergirl is brilliant! Should definitely be the official look for the character moving forward

  8. I love Gary Deslauriers’ Daredevil and Elektra art. It reminds me of Bill Sienkiewicz’s stuff, very dynamic.

    But Gabriele Dell’Otto’s Magneto sketch kicks ass. It’s quite…Charest-y. Beautiful pencils!

  9. You mean to tell me that Hellboy and Wolverine go fishing and they don’t bring any beer? I don’t buy it. Awesome sketch, of course. But there is no wat these dudes aren’t going to drink while they fish. Inconceivable.

  10. GREAT Magneto…that should be his costume!

  11. There are all wonderful. I’d be hard pressed to pick a favorite.

  12. Wow. What a great week. I can’t pick one.

    The Logan/Hellboy fishing trip needs to be written. Like yesterday.

  13. The Samnee Supergirl pic cements one of the biggest problems with the DC reboot. The age of the creators behind it. Just look how much fresher/classier character redesigns from guys like Samnee and Jamie McKelvie are compared to the crap Jim Lee and friends did. Same goes for the writing on a lot of the DC books as well. Marvel’s stable of creative talent seems to be a lot younger on the whole. And I think it’s a big reason why their product is where it is, and DC likewise.

  14. The Samnee piece works fine if you’re talking about a Supergirl who has adopted Earth and put her Kryptonian origins behind her. But since we currently have a version who was raised on Krypton and therefore wears things that fit her old culture, I think having her suddenly adopt some sort of Earth teenager fashion wouldn’t make any sense.

  15. What I love most about the supergirl piece is the simplicity of the entire thing. I could picture Samnee drawing the entire thing in one continuous line. Just a few nice bright colors, some digital shading and nice thick inking. I would honestly love to see more full books draw with this simplicity, I think it would lend itself to some great all ages books…. it is at this moment I remember Thor the Mighty Avenger and curse the heavens it didn’t survive.

  16. Great ones, man I love Delloto’s art, that is such a perfect sketch of Magneto. Batgirl one is poster worthy, DD & Elektra is beautiful but looks just like David Mack’s art on them, Alex Ross does it like Alex Ross. I really enjoy Samnee on DD but the Supergirl,doesn’t work for me, only Darwynn Cooke can draw DC characters that way, and the abstract funny Logan & Big Red is super cool.

  17. Samnee!

  18. I like the pulpiness of the Magneto sketch.