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Ryan Kelly Joins Brian Wood For Next Arc of STAR WARS

The Force is strong in this one.

NYCC 2012: Image Comics Announcement Onslaught: Paul Pope, Chaykin, McCann/Lee, Gillen/Kelly, Hickman/Dragotta & more!

Hope you’re sitting down, there’s a lot to take in…

The Best of the Week in Covers – 09.12.2012

Fly unto danger!

In Memoriam: Elvis Presley – Celebrating The King with Graphic Elvis

35 years ago today, Elvis Presley left this mortal coil. Today, we celebrate his legacy in comics

Weekly Sketch Up – 03.23.2012

Roger Sterling, The Enterprise, and the Man in the Iron Suit who is like another dude, but isn’t that dude.

Weekly Sketch Up – 12.02.2011

Some comics, a couple movies, and 2 Inspector Gadgets.

NYCC 2011: Paul Cornell Goes to SAUCER COUNTRY for Vertigo

A brand new creator-owned, “mature readers” book from the mind of Cornell? There is no downside!

Weekly Sketch Up – 09.02.2011

Several Batmen, a Cyke, and a raccoon.