Weekly Sketch Up – 03.23.2012

Cloak and Dagger by Mahmud Asrar


Joy Division by Ryan Kelly


Metal Suit Guy by Eric Canete


Nexus by James Harren


Roger Sterling by Phil Noto


Steampunk Spider-Man by Shane White


Starship Enterprise by Tyler Champion


Starling by Shawn McGuan


Storm by Fiona Staples


Uncle Creepy by Tom Fowler


  1. Sterling wins! I love the allusion that he’s floating inside a champagne glass. He’s really a vodka man, but that just wouldn’t translate. The premiere is so close I can taste it!

    Champion’s Enterprise is nice too.

  2. For the first time ever, I’m reading a book more for the art, than the story. That book is Supergirl. Mahmud Asrar is awesome.

    Love. Love will tear us apart. Again.

    Also, Roger Stirling! Sunday. WOOHOO!

  3. Great sketches as always, but isn’t the …um, anatomy of Dagger a bit off?

  4. All gorgeous. That Staples quickie of Storm is very cool. My fav this week is Steampunk Spidey.

    BTW, I love this feature! Josh always pulls some great sketches, and it saves me hours of searching through twitter feeds and blogs to find recent sketches. Thanks!

  5. I bought that sketch from Ryan Kelly aright after he posted it. I love Twirrer sometimes.

  6. I would read the shit outta Steampunk Spider-Man.

    Great sketches all ’round.

  7. What an insane sketch week! This covers just about anything you could want to see. I’m really digging Mahmud Asrar’s work lately, and Ryan Kelly is always amazing. And his taste in music isn’t too shabby either.

  8. Fantastic stuff! Phil Noto did a great Joan this week as well: http://grizzlyfear.schnaberlack.de/?p=5730

    • Thank you. Forgot to check his Tumblr. I’ve been waiting for him to do Joan. Almost as much as I’ve been waiting for Joan to do me. At least one of these wishes came true.

  9. Din’t know I wanted a Fiona Staples penciled X-Men book until right now. Ahhh…someday….

    And god damn it I love Phil Noto’s sketches.

  10. It’s so nice to have good tv again! No offense to Walking Dead. It’s fun and all. But Mad Men, yay!

  11. Everything about that Enterprise says 60’s Scifi.It could easily be the cover of an old TV Guide

  12. Metal Suit Guy needs his own ongoing. He could fight Space Alien Monster, or Evil Scientist Fellow!

  13. Steampunk Spider-Man needs to happen, please…

  14. What a great week! I love Starling, The Nexus sketch is great, and Eric Canete should get way more work.

  15. I can’t find a copy of steampunk anywhere.

  16. Roger Sterling and The Enterprise have it in my book! Another good-looking batch this week, guys!

  17. I love looking at these sketches.