Weekly Sketch Up – 09.02.2011

Batman Family by Paul Smith and Kelsey Shannon

Logan and Superman by Phil Noto

Rocket Raccoon by Kalle Malloy

Sin City by Terry Moore

Marvel Villains by Alex Robinson

Jonah Hex by Ryan Kelly

Batman by Dustin Harbin

Darkseid by Dustin Nguyen

Cyclops by Rafa Sandoval

Batman & Superman by Ron Salas


  1. Great sketch-up. That Sin City sketch is fantastic.

  2. The colors on the Batman Family sketch are fantastic.

  3. I love that Juggernaut flipped us off

  4. The Rocket Raccoon sketch is one of the best in a long time!

  5. Want to read that version of world’s finest.

  6. Wow that is a strong line up this week. I really dig that Batman design by Salas.

  7. How about the work by Ron Salas? WOW!. Also really dig Kelly’s Jonah Hex and Sandoval’s Cyclops. Some good stuff this week!

  8. The World’s Finest sketch is amazing! The new Superman/Batman in the DCnU.

  9. Strong Sketch up this week, as usual. I have a hard time picking a favorite, but the Rocket Racoon and Marvel World’s Finest stand out.

  10. Great stuff. It cracks me up that Stiltman’s body doesn’t make it into the shot.

  11. I


    that world’s finest cover. is this real?

    holy crap.

  12. Hello there gorgeous Jonah Hex drawing!

  13. ROCKET RACCOON!!!! THAT was one outstanding piece of art!

  14. Holy shit Ryan Kelley

  15. Weekly Sketch up wins over my heart over and over again. This week as strong as ever.

  16. Ryan Kelly was like “Hey guys, what’s up? Oh you think you can pin me down LOL fuck you look at this fucking drawing of Jonah Hex I just did.” and then he jumped out a window.

  17. I think this may be the best week yet. Everyone of these is outstanding. Rocket Racoon is probably the favorite but that is definitely by a narrow margin.