Weekly Sketch Up – 08.19.2011

Tellos by Eric Canete


Mumm-Ra by Dave Wachter


Dazzler by Reilly Brown


Daredevil by Mike Hawthorne


Spacegirl by Travis Charest


Creature from the Black Lagoon by Chris Burnham


Conan the Barbarian by Ryan Ottley


Brian from Spaced by Ben Dewey


Beast and Wonder Man by Dan McDaid


Betsy Braddock from 1982 by Phil Noto


Blacksad by Moritat



  2. love weekly sketch ups, thanks. big wheels rule

  3. You made it tough this week, but at the end of the day, phil noto is unfuckwitable

  4. Is Spacegirl from something? If so, I want to read/watch/play it.

  5. Some really good stuff this week, but my favorite has to be the Noto piece. I’m a sucker for the Dazzler one too, and Moritat’s is awesome. In fact, they’re all really good.

  6. I wish more “name” artists did Conan stuff. I fist discovered comics Conan when all the big names of the early 90s did covers for a few issues. It was good stuff.

    All around good week with the sketches.

  7. oh the SPACED bit is awesome!

    also, totally thought the Mike Hawthorne Daredevil was a Dave Johnson…

    I miss Charest on books 🙁

  8. I want a book entirely of Phil Noto doing casual moments from the lives of Marvel characters throughout the decades.

  9. I need to see more Travis Charest in my comics

  10. I’m now forced to ponder what New Wave/Post punk bands other characters in the Marvel Universe listen to.

  11. Loved that Betsy Braddock one. I figured her more of PiL fan.

  12. The Mumm-Ra sketch was awesome. And the one of Brian from Spaced made my whole month! My favorite show of all time!

  13. Oh Ryan Ottley, you always make me smile.

  14. Ma-Mutt!!!!!! So awesome. I’ve been watching the remake on CN and have to admit, it’s intriguing. Hope Ma-Mutt is introduced at some point, I always found him particularly funny.

  15. I was never a Thundercats fan but that Mumm-Ra is great.

    Also I heart Spaced.

  16. That Blacksad is fantastic. I’d love to see Ladronn do a Blacksad piece too. He is the master of anthropomorphism!

  17. By Crom!

  18. YES! YES! YES!

  19. Phil Noto you stole my heart with that T-Shirt of one of my all-time favorite albums Bravo! And Dave Wachter where has your art been all my life, magnificent!

  20. Each time you think you have Phil Noto pegged, he just gets better. The man is astonishing.

  21. Always with the “unknown pleasures” t shirts! I love Joy Division with every fiber of my being. Like, the band changed my life as a teenager. but for the past 5 to 10 years it’s been the go to band shirt for hip/indie girls in comics. It’s slowly turning into the new “Ramones” t shirt. I don’t want Joy Division to turn into a fashion statement for douchey teens(yeah, i know “to late”). But, why not a P!L shirt or a Neu! shirt, hell, even a new order shirt? But, i guess, I’m kinda over reacting…

  22. Wachter and Burnham…WOW!

  23. This might be the first sketchup I am not going to rave on Noto.

    That’s a great looking piece no doubt about it.
    But other than the title and the purple hair- not much says Psylocke.
    And I don’t just mean lack of costume- Betsy Braddock has some curves
    this girl needs a sandwich.
    Joy division shirt- props

  24. iFanboy should just change the title of this article to “Noto of the Week.”

  25. Betsy Braddock in a Joy Division T rules!