Weekly Sketch Up – 08.12.2011

Silver Surfer by Yildiray Cinar

Yojimbo Tribute by Mike Allred


Joker by Tony Moore



Ava and Marv by Ryan Stegman

X-Force by Declan Shalvey


Atomic Robo by Robert Atkins



The Doctor by Mitch Gerads



Farewell Stephanie by Dustin Nguyen



Power Girl buy Chris Samnee



Robert Mitchum by Kevin Nowlan



WWII Wolverine by Travis Charest


  1. Damn is Moore’s Joker sweet.  Love the smaller eye.  That always works with crazy people.

  2. Anything that Mike Allred draws is magnificent

  3. Yet another reason to love Travis Charest. If only Marvel could get him to do and interiors project. Maybe an OGN. Oh, to dream.

  4. This is the best Weekly Sketch up in a while! Love pretty much all of these.

  5. Wow lots of goodness this week!

  6. @SpiderTitan  I don’t know, his Toshiro Mifune looks more like Benicio Del Toro.  Nice Bruce Willis, though.

  7. holy crap, I’ve not seen any Charest since his godawful 90s stuff. Dude got some skills in the last 20 years!

  8. The Doctor image done by Gerads is impeccable. Totally captures Smiths Doctor.

  9. Wow, what a great group!  Ryan Stegman continues to blow me away. 

  10. Great sketch-up this week.  I love Allred’s Eastwood, I can’t believe it didn’t occur to me that Tony Moore would do an awesome joker, and Atomic Robo is the greatest.

  11. I would buy that Batgirl print for my daughter this very instant.

  12. Another great week for Sketch-Ups!

    My Favs this week are Moore’s Joker and Charest’s WWII Wolvie.

    Also props for Nguyen’s Stephanie “Batgirl” Brown farewell! Can’t wait to see what she’s up to in the DCnU. And always enjoy seeing some Sin City love, esp. Marv.

  13. I would get that Tony Moore Joker…I knew that it wouldn’t scare the beejeezus out of me every single time I looked at it. I can just picture me stumbling around  the house half-asleep in the middle of the night and then seeing this looking right at me.

    …I think any grown man would piss himself at that point. 

  14. *If I knew it wouldn’t scare the…

  15. Wow. Those are all beautiful. And yeah, that Joker is terrifying.

  16. Ryan Stegman. Wow.

  17. That Joker is amazing. Really really amazing. I also love that Atomic Robo. I’d love to put that on my wall.

  18. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a self-aware atomic-powered robot punching Hitler clear across the page.

  19. That WWII Wolverine must have taken forever to ink! Excellent use of shading to indicate depth

  20. The process of making that Silver Surfer art is phenomenal! Also, that WWII Wolverine has got to be one of the best ever sketch featured in this column! Everything else also looks great! This is really one of the best batch of sketches so far!(at least in my opinion)

  21. That silver surfer is amazing

  22. Another great week.
    you religiously follow twitter so we dont have to josh thank you.

     Yildiray Cinar is the man

  23. just awesome stuff!!  

  24. Is it possible to have Declan Shavley on Uncanny X-Force?  Pretty please?

    Also, that Atomic Robo piece is great.  Everyone should be reading that book!

  25. God damn I miss Travis Charest’s art. I definitely think they should work Declan Shavley into the X-Force rotation instead of Brooks.

  26. That Doctor Who piece is fantastic. I like the Power Girl and Batgirl ones too. You can never go wrong with Samnee.

  27. Super Detialed stuff this week! 😀

  28. They are all good, but If I had to choose one, I don’t know…. Both Tony Moore’s Joker & Travis Charest’s Wolverine slay me! 

  29. Boobays are too small. 🙂 You know what I mean.

  30. All of them are great.

  31. @lifesend  I thought he looked like DiCaprio. 

    Great collection this week.

  32. Love the Stephanie piece. Gorgeous.

  33. That’s officially the best Allred art I’ve ever seen.

  34. What movie had Bruce Willis in the Yojimbo role?