Weekly Sketch Up – 08.26.2011

Batgirl and Robin by Adam Brian Cabaret


Elektra by Moritat

Flash by Michael Cho

Kitty Pryde and Colossus by Kevin Mellon

Link by Robbi Rodruguez

Link by Ryan Stegman

Mary Jane by Phil Noto

Dazzler by Paolo Rivera

Patch by Nic Klein

Nick Cave by Frank Quitely

Legion of Super-Heroes by Dave Wachter

Superman and Krypto by Paul Guinan


  1. That Paolo Rivera Dazzler is stunning

  2. Dear Michael Cho, You Are Amazing!

  3. I like the retro Dazzler piece, but I also really like the Superman one.

  4. look at that cheeky nick cave sketch, whoever sent you that link is awesome

  5. Nick Cave! Very cool.

  6. That Legion of Super-Heroes sketch has made me sad this morning. But it’s awesome.

  7. Wow. I think Kevin Mellon’s Kitty and Colossus is the first sketch-up piece I didn’t care for.

    Robbi’s Link made up for it.

  8. Ryan Stegman for the win.

  9. The Flash runs like Usain Bolt. It’s all about those long strides.

  10. That Dazzler is awesome but I keep seeing Mila Kunis when I look at it…

    That Flash is gorgeous though. I’d hang that on my wall.

  11. Love the Flash and Robbi Rodriguez Link.

  12. Totally love the Dazzler one!

  13. Elektra & Flash are wonderful – also really like Phil Noto’s MJ.

  14. I scarcely post on here (evidenced by my remarkably dated icon) but I actually started hyperventilating when I saw that Frank Quitely illustration of Nick Cave. I also teared up. Yes, I am getting very emotional about this and it is okay because OH MY GOD FRANK QUITELY JUST DREW NICK CAVE.

  15. The Quitely Nick Cave is SO EPIC!

  16. I’d like to see All Star Samurai illustrated by Moritat. Anyone? Anyone? No, just me huh?

  17. Looks like you’re getting some good feedback on the old Nick Cave sketch there, Josh

  18. All so good… wish I could make music like these guys sketch.

  19. I don’t know what it is about whoever colors Phil Noto when he does issues. But I love his sketch work infinitely more. Wish he could do a book in that style.

  20. Rivera can sure draw boobies!

  21. Ha, a great round again.

  22. Another reason why I look forward to Friday. Love the Batgirl and Robin.