NYCC 2012: Image Comics Announcement Onslaught: Paul Pope, Chaykin, McCann/Lee, Gillen/Kelly, Hickman/Dragotta & more!

Today at the Image Comics panel at the New York Comic Con, publisher Eric Stephenson continued the barrage of announcements that we’ve come to expect from Image Comics at conventions.  This year, Stephenson announced a slew of new projects from some of the biggest names in comics. Here’s a rundown of the new series announced, along with the creative teams. We were lucky enough to wrangle some of the art presented along with some more info about the projects, which you can see below:

  • Midnight of the Soul by Howard Chaykin
  • Lost Vegas by Jim McCann and Janet Lee
  • Snapshot by Andy Diggle and Jock
  • Three by Kieron Gillen and Ryan Kelly
  • Surface by Ales Kot and Landgon Foss
  • East of West by Jonathan Hickman and Nick Dragotta
  • The End Times Of Bram And Ben by James Asmus & Jim Festante and Rem Broo
  • Sex Criminals by Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky
And in addition to the new series, Image announced the reprinting of a seminal work:
  • One-Trick Rip-Off by Paul Pope – The long awaited re-release of one of Pope’s earliest works is finally becoming a reality.

Here’s the art and added details that we were able to find out on some of these titles:

Midnight of the Soul by Howard Chaykin
Coming off the success of Black Kiss 2 at Image, the comics legend returns with a new noir series that is an adventure into a parallel universe in the 1940s and 1950s from Long Island to Times Square.  This looks to be another clear example of Chaykin doing what he does best.

Lost Vegas by Jim McCann and Janet Lee
Another entry into the world of science fiction in comics this year, the Eisner award winning team behing Return of the Dapper Men comes to Image Comics with this mini-series of interstellar gambling.

Snapshot by Andy Diggle and Jock
Already in print in the UK by the publishers of 2000 A.D., Diggle and Jock bring their new series to Image Comics for release in the US and in full color!

Three by Kieron Gillen and Ryan Kelly
A creative team union that we never thought would happen but are delighted to see come together, Gillen builds on his Image library of Phonogram with this story, drawn by Kelly is a grand epic of classic Greek/Thermopylae myth and may not be what you expect.

East Of West by Jonathan Hickman and Nick Dragotta
The team behind FF at Marvel Comics comes to Image Comics to bring this new series which is another sci-fi story, this time set in a dystopian future as a western with a plot to kill the President of the United States

Feel Better Now by Jonathan Hickman
In addition to East Of West, Hickman brought news and a new image of his long awaited book Feel Better Now, finally coming in March

Zero by Ales Kot, Michael Gaydos, Riley Rossmo, Tradd Moore, Nick Dragotta, Mateus Santolouco, Connor Willumsen and Morgan Jeske
The writer of Wild Children and Change gets a murderer’s row of indie talent for this series which follows a secret agent named Edward Zero.

The Surface by Ales Kot and Langdon Foss
This four-issue series is a futuristic fantasy story about a group of hackers searching for the Surface, a rumored  place away from the bustle of overbearing world they live in. But when they arrive in the Surface, they find out something else worth running from.

The End Times Of Bram And Ben by James Asmus & Jim Festante and Rem Broo
Coming off stints of working at Marvel and now on Thief of Thieves, Asmus is joined on writing by Jim Festante with artist Rem Broo for this tale of life after the Rapture.  Featuring covers from the likes of Jim Mahfood, The End Times of Bram and Ben is scheduled to come out in January, 2013


  1. Finally Feel Better Now is coming out & I am totally getting East Meets West, Hickman you are the best!

  2. Hickman’s output lately is pretty incredible. I hope he doesn’t get burned out.

    • agreed. I so love everything that he does, but it is always worth waiting for, so I feel like it would be fine if he just slowed down a bit. That said, if he is just hitting his stride and can do this stuff on a regular basis then I am not complaining!

  3. Small correction – Snapshot by Diggle and Jock is NOT in 2000AD – it is in the monthly sister title “Judge Dredd Megazine.”

    Great announcements. Image is killing it over the last few years and it looks like it’s gonna continue.

  4. How does Hickman sleep?

  5. iFanboy calls it East Meets West, Bleeding Cool calls it East And West, and the 2 covers call it East Of West.

    I’m confused.

    • We updated to go with what the art says, since that came from Hickman himself. We’ll get it confirmed but I’m 99% sure it’s East of West. Con is crazy times, man.

  6. Three and East of West are definitely the one I’m looking forward too.

    2013 is going to be a dark year for my wallet.

  7. I have been looking forward o Feel Better Now for hat seems like a year or more. And that Jock cover alone is enough to ake me want o buy Snapshot

  8. More Hickman is always good news. I can’t wait.

  9. Hooray! More Hickman titles that he can start and abandon. I mean god forbid he writes 2 more issues of SHIELD or that Secret comes out more often than yearly.

  10. Oh, man, Image is gonna get soooo much of my money.

  11. When I clicked the link, I didn’t think I was going to want to read ALL OF THESE.

  12. Midnight of the Soul and East of West for me.

    I’m already reading Snapshot (in the Judge Dredd Megazine, not 2000 AD. Same publisher though). Its pretty good.

  13. So, will East of West have a 6-page title? Seems to be where he’s heading. #saidwithlove

  14. Isn’t Pope’s “One Trick Rip-off” being rereleased by Legendary, with a bunch of older short stories added to it? Is Image doing just a straight reprint of OTR too?

  15. asmus (@jamesasmus) says:

    Hi, iFanboy. Not sure why, but this article didn’t include the announcement of my book (with Jim Festante, Rem Broo, and Jim Mahfood) The END TIMES of Bram & Ben. There are images and info on CBR’s coverage of the panel for those curious.

  16. Image continues to dominate the field with some of the most exciting output in comics right now.

    I’m on board for all of these, potentially, but especially (in order of excitement)…

    East of West
    Feel Better Now

  17. Silly question, is IMAGE slowly turning into an only established creators publisher? That is the word coming out of NYCC that they are going to be focusing on more properties by established pros over the little guys. I hope that isn’t so….

    however with that said

    I’m getting all of these haha.

    • I can’t envision that. It is possible, but then at least 2 writers on this current line up got their break at Image, so it hardly seems likely. I suppose the pros are just the ones with the most ideas and the best skill to get them out.

  18. Snapshot is one of the stories I look most foward to reading every month iin Judge Dread Megazine I’m conflicted that it will be in color instead of the B&W style it was in in the JDM I think Jock’s B&W art fit but I hope who ever colors it dosent ruin it. I would like to see coloring syle of Supergirl with Muhumad Ashar (Think thats how u spell his name) or The color syle of Red Hood would fit well with the art, and why is it going to Image? Did Diggle have a falling out with 2000 AD or is it a buisness decison to get the book a wider American audence and his Lenny Zero work 2000 AD is top notch right now also if no one is reading it.

  19. Can’t wait to find out more on Midnight of the Soul, when i talk to Howard Chaykin at fandays.

  20. How is Hickman going to right 6 books a month? Either the books are going to be late, the quality will fade or the dude is gonna die. Hickman you can’t die, fanboys around the world need you!

  21. Anyone know if East of West is a mini or an ongoing?

  22. That Midnight of the Soul poster is awesome. That’s how you pitch something.

  23. Great list. I need to read more Image. Starting now.

  24. Each of the above seem pretty cool; Three, East of West, Feel Better Now & Zero are very likely to be added to my pull list.

  25. I’m glad that Hickman is doing more stuff, but whatever happened to Secret? The first two issues were released this year, but it quietly fell off of the radar.

    • I believe @ NYCC, the man himself said Secret #3. “. . . should be out next month. ”

      Great word that, “should” 🙂

    • With all this stuff coming out, I’ve lost some interest in it anyway. Oh well, if it comes out, I’ll probably pick it up. Another book that fell off was Hardcore. There was a first issue, but not a word of anything since. It was written by Kirkman no less.