Weekly Sketch Up – 12.02.2011

Atomic Robo by Evan “Doc” Shaner


Catwoman by Rafael Albuquerque


FF by Dan McDaid


Inspector Gadget by Christopher Mitten


Inspector Gadget by Moritat


Kirk and Spock by Garry Brown


Dusk Til Dawn Salma Hayek by Mike Hawthorne


Jesse, Cassidy, and Tulip by Ryan Kelly


Rocky and Adrian by Cliff Chiang



  1. That Catwoman sketch…I could’ve sworn I was wearing pants when I started reading this…

  2. Ryan Kelly’s Jesse and Co. is incredible! I’d really love to see him take on some of the action in that series and give us somethign dynamic instead of just the pose. Tease!

  3. Selma Hayek needs more boobs

  4. I’d read that Christopher Mitten Inspector Gadget book.

  5. Cliff Chang continues to blow my mind. He is such a fantastic communicator of story and emotion. He can boil down something to it’s exact purpose. Beautiful line work as well.

  6. That’s two more Inspector Gadget sketches than I had expected to see

  7. Did Selina steal that from Indiana Jones?? I’ll bet Indy was dumb enough to throw her the idol in exchange for the whip.

  8. Wow. Helluva week.

  9. Oh Cliff Chiang, where have you been all my life?

  10. Omg, Rafael Albuquerque with Bat…verse = Zoro fighting Skinner Sweet? Awesome line-up, liked Evil Inspector Gadget and Catwoman.

  11. Hell of a thing, Spock’s death.


  12. that catwoman panel is awesome

  13. I’m not reading Catwoman but Rafael Albuquerque needs to be drawing that book. The Kirk/Spock piece is quite haunting, I like it a lot . Also I now really want to read a Rocky comic that looks like that except what could it say that the films haven’t.

  14. Her name is Satanico Pandemonium, not “Dusk Til Dawn Salma Hayek”. 😀

  15. I love the lighting and the tone on the Catwoman pic, but….something’s not adding up quite right on the pic and I can’t quite put my finger on it.

  16. Catwoman picture is fantastic! Its sexy and yet even though shes burglarizing it makes me feel at piece! Just a very super sexy drawing great lighting and she is just in her natural element.


  17. I’d love to see a full color Satinico Pandemonium by J.H. Williams lll, yellow n white albino python, her caramel complexion w blood, bats n fire……..poster size.

  18. Or Ben Templesmith.