In Memoriam: Elvis Presley – Celebrating The King with Graphic Elvis

35 years ago today, Elvis Presley, also know as “The King of Rock-n-Roll” passed away.  Elvis Presley changed the way this country and the world viewed music and ushered in a new age of music and celebrity stardom with his decades of hit songs, entertaining live shows, hit movies and the public’s fascination with his life.  Today that fascination comes home to the world of comics with Graphic Elvis, an anthology celebrating the life of Elvis Presley by some of comics best talents.

Published by Liquid Comics, Graphic Elvis features the work of such comics all stars as: Paul Pope, Jimmy Palmiotti, John Cassaday, Steve Rude, Gilbert Hernandez, Michael Avon Oeming, Chris Eliopoulos, Ryan Kelly, Peter Bagge, Tony Millionaire and many more.  It even includes a story by the comics legend in his own right, Stan Lee.

To experience Graphic Elvis, Liquid Comics has released interactive apps that are available for purchase and download for iOS and Android. The “lite” version is free and features previews of sections of the book Graphic Elvis, an animated short and a few pages of Elvis’s personal notes.  A full version fo the app is available for $9.99 and unlocks all the amazing Elvis content held within.

If you’re interested in a hard copy of Graphic Elvis, Liquid Comics has produced something special.  A 12″, record album sized deluxe hardcover, limited to just 2,500 copies available to the world.  This baby is pretty and a must have for any comics and Elvis fan.  Listing for $195 dollars, Liquid Comics is offering a discount on this book to celebrate the anniversary of Elvis’ passing and you can get this bad boy for just $120, so don’t miss out.

If you’d like to get a taste of what Graphic Elvis has in store, you can check out a few pages of art from the book, including a page from Stan Lee’s story and some work by iFanboy favorite, Chris Eliopoulos:

And finally, no celebration is complete without revisiting this gem of a clip from an Elvis concert in 1972. Tom Katers brought this to my attention and I’ve been in his debt ever since. Trust me, you’ll want to listen (and watch the fantastic footage in this clip) to this:


  1. This will always make me laugh.

  2. Scott Snyder would love this.

  3. I got the free comic book day issue with some pages from this. It looks really cool, but it’s a little bit out of my price range.

  4. ‘Let me get out of this mood’ is now my go-to Facebook status. He’s still the King.

  5. Elvis is awesome.