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iFlashback! August 4th, 2004

Get ready to see books with long and ridiculous titles. There were like four of them that came out this week, nine years ago.

Exclusive Preview: THE SAVAGE HAWKMAN #0

Return to Thanagar!

Rob Liefeld Done at DC?

The outspoken creator takes to the internet in an airing of grievances.

Exclusive Preview: DEATHSTROKE #12

Lobo vs. the Universe!

EXCLUSIVE: Cover Commentary with Rob Liefeld: Savage Hawkman #11, Grifter #11, Deathstroke #11

Get a sneak peek at what to expect this June from Liefeld and DC.

PREVIEW: Hawk & Dove #8

Rob Liefeld takes on story and art!

Heads Up: Image Comics Previews – May 2012

What to look for from Image Comics in May!

The iFanboy Letter Column – 02.03.2012

Not-quite-leading-man Jeffrey Dean Morgan moderates our letters for the week: the return of fantasy to comics, buying print vs. buying digital, and Rob Liefeld!

Review: Prophet #21

Sometimes when you throw up, you have to poke around in it and find a device you need to save humanity from alien oppressors.

Six New Titles For DC Comics, Replacing Six Old Titles (UPDATED with 3x More Liefeld!)

Didn’t find what you were looking for the first time out? Maybe Rob Liefeld is the answer.