PREVIEW: Hawk & Dove #8

In 1988, Rob Liefeld first took on Hawk & Dove, the superhero avatars of war and peace in the DC Universe, as the artist of a four issue mini-series. 24 years later he expands from the artist of Hawk & Dove to take over the writing duties as well.

Hold onto your butts!

Hawk & Dove #8

Written by Rob Liefeld
Pencilled by Rob Liefeld & Marat Mychaels
Inked by Adelso Corona & Jacob Bear
Lettered by Dezi Sienty
Colored by Mathew Yackey & Ross Hughes
Cover by Rob Liefeld & Mathew Yackey

Rob Liefeld writes and illustrates this intense issue as Hawk and Dove face down the mysterious Hunter!

Secrets are revealed and lines are crossed in an epic you have to see to believe! The race is on as Dove battles the Hunter’s lethal poison and Hawk desperately seeks a cure!

Could this be the end for Hawk and Dove?

Color / 32 pages / $2.99

On Sale April 4 2012




  1. What total mastery of the comic book art form!

    • Little early for a April Fools Joke, eh? Kidding.

    • Never too early. Actually I was expecting a more pimped out look from Hawk since the blub above says “as the artist of a FUR issue mini-series.” Would have gone perfectly with the Frank Miller inspired splash page and white ninja.

    • Funny thing is, I would say that the first full-page spread with Hawk leaping towards the swords below him is a rather cool image and maybe it’s because I’m looking at this with morning eyes, but I don’t see any major issues. It all kinda goes downhill in the second page where in the last panel we see Hawk getting stabbed through the chest but in the double page spread he’s jumping over the ninja guys without any sort of progression and kicking dirt on the shoes of sequential storytelling.

    • Ron corrected the spelling mistake. Kinda kills the joke now. and it went so well with my own typos too.

  2. “Could this be the end for Hawk and Dove?” <– write your own punchline here.

  3. Ergh…

  4. now if your comic doesn’t actually have an actual story (just a really long, poorly drawn fight scene) is it really fair to get a writing credit on it?

  5. According to the credits page (Image 3), Marat Mychaels is listed next to Liefeld as penciller.

    Also, what is ‘DC Lettering’ under the Lettered credits?

    • I’ve seen that in quite a few credits lately.

      I was wondering if, since so many letterers work for a lettering house or production studio, DC just decided to take that back in-house, to save money?

  6. Liefeld is a master at backgrounds…

  7. I think you are all not truly understanding the greatness of a man who can’t draw feet, or get his proportions of the body correct, & yet still only have three facial expressions to rely on!
    True….True greatness!

  8. These two characters were doomed from the word go and why oh why is DC still feeding this monster we call Liefeld? I know The Savage Hawkman has been bad also from the word go but why would they make it even worse? I think Rob can probably write a good story I just keep saying his art is well passed it’s prime and no one is impressed any more. Again, this is just how I am feeling and to take some good characters and just let them fall seems a waste. Why DC did not change the team on this book first to see where it could go instead of dropping it?? Seems odd that other books have gotten new teams and in some case more than one change. Oh well…. Hawk, Dove and soon too be Deathstroke and Hawkman RIP!!


  9. While all the boxes may seem bad monologues to self, there is a lot of truth behind their existence. Kenny Powers is full of this. He narrates to himself all the time. I bet there may be a whole lot of similaritites between the writer of this and Mr. Powers. Except K. Powers is a fictional comedic character meant to entertain us with an exagerated and humorous view of certain personalities that exist. And I’ll leave it at that.

  10. A great comic…if you enjoy shit.

  11. It’s easy to take shots at Rob Liefeld for any number of reasons but honestly, I love his energy, enthusiasm, and absurd sound effects. Except that’s clearly lacking here. I would love to see him on “Lobo” or “Warlord” or something that kind allows him to turn it up to 11. He’s wasted on a street level book like this and I’m glad it’s almost over.

    • Yeah, I’m not a fan of his, but I get tired of all of the thoughtless Liefeld bashing.

      He’s done more for comics than pretty much anyone who’s ever taken a potshot at him. He drew in tons of new, young readers twenty years ago, and many of those readers stuck around.

    • Well just for you, when he takes over Deathstroke…..LOBO’s in it!

    • I don’t think the problem is this being a “street level book”. A great writer or artist can make anything good. A terrible writer or artist can ruin everything. That’s what’s happening here.

      Rob has talent and did some cool fun stuff way way back in the day, but he’s so lazy and half assed and his work has actually gotten worse over time that it’s just a shame he sucks so badly now.

  12. I want to like this but the art is so bad it just brings me back to Heroes Reborn

  13. Looks like Rob Liefield toned down all the lines in his characters that make em all look the same, I’m gonna check this issue out for two reasons, to see how Robs style has evolved and how they end this series I never read but am familiar with the characters and what they’re about.

  14. Hawk and Dove has been okay…….and I like Liefelds art well enough… has a lot of energy. That being said…..I have been loving Deathstroke…..maybe my favorite of the new 52’s……I am very skeptical with Liefeld taking over, the current creative team was so good. I do worry it will lose quality. I guess I’ll see.
    Mildly sorry to see hawk and Dove go…it had some fun to it.

    • I have been enjoying Deathstroke also, but I just cannot read a book drawn by Liefeld. I will be dropping it. I may try Hawkman again because Bennett is on art duties but my expectations really couldn’t be lower.

  15. You know, the art wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for the stupid feet. I think he does it on purpose as his way of giving us the middle finger.

  16. Man, I just don’t understand why people keep on defending the guy. There’s just absolutely nothing that’s not terrible about Liefeld’s art and this only further proves it. Just atrocious stuff.

  17. I was getting the Hawkman book and enjoying it too with it’s new take on the character and a hope of seeing Hawkgirl sometime soon but as soon as Liefield was announced to be involved with it I dropped it straight away. Judging from his cover in this months previews I’m very happy I did. If heleaves I might take a look again but I think he will be the death nell for it as well as Deathstroke and Grifter.

  18. I want to like Liefeld. I do. But between his artwork and then hearing stories about him drawing at red lights while driving or even while ACTUALLY driving I just can’t stick with him.

    Anyone know if it’s true he’s been tweeting trying to keep people on the books that he’s about to be on?

  19. He’s created a good stable of characters in his time and while once liked his stuff in the early ninties and found it all looking the same after awhile, everybody resembled Deadpool but those pages above don’t have the same Liefield art I grew out of, checking it out….and drop Hawkman, put him on Earth-2 w JSA.

    • whoa whoa whoa.
      keep him the hell away from Earth 2.

      i don’t mind the guy, just don’t want him anywhere near my pull list.

  20. yeah. nineties should stay there.

  21. Liefeld is a guilty pleasure for me, bad anatomy and non existant storytelling and all….
    I met him at Heroescon a couple of years ago and he was a nice guy. I won’t follow him to a book I don’t read, but if he shows up on one I do read I am far from disgusted