EXCLUSIVE: Cover Commentary with Rob Liefeld: Savage Hawkman #11, Grifter #11, Deathstroke #11

As May approaches, so does DC Comics’ “Wave 2” of new books and creative teams on many of the New 52 comics. One group of books that will be affected are Deathstroke, The Savage Hawkman and Grifter, with Rob Liefeld taking over plotting/writing duties, along with art duties on Deathstroke.  We got the the opportunity to unveil the covers to the 11th issues of all 3 titles and spoke with Liefeld, who provided commentary on each cover.

Join us as we get a glimpse as to what to expect from Rob Liefeld and DC Comics this June!

Deathstroke #11

The most dangerous man on earth hunts the most dangerous fugitive in the galaxy! After being held prisoner on earth for the past several years, the last Czarnian, LOBO has escaped and Deathstroke has been engaged to stop him at all costs. Deathstroke is joined in his hunt by ZEALOT and the mysterious OMEGA MEN, bringing a separate and dangerous agenda that further complicate Slade’s mission.


Savage Hawkman #11

 XERXES! IRONSIDE! ST. BASTION! PIKE! Carter Hall/Hawkman is attacked by an array of deadly new foes, each seeking to obtain and control the powerful Nth Metal! Carter journeys overseas, across Europe, determined to discover the truth behind his destiny and the true origin of the mysterious Nth Metal.

Grifter #11

Cole Cash has spent his entire life running from the secrets of his past. A new breed of Daemonite assassin has been unleashed in order to eliminate his threat to the Daemonite Empire. The arrival of the woman known as Cheshire and the mercenary forces under Deathblow’s command seek to enlighten Grifter and awaken him to his true destiny in the war against humanity.


  1. three titles that will be ending very soon…

  2. It’s so sad that these titles are somehow alive and yet OMAC had to disappear.

    Also, Bleeding Cool pretty much said outright these are going to get cancelled in a few months for new mini-series coming out. So enjoy these while you can.

  3. I’m getting so sick of all those same mad faces Liefeld always draws, and i’ve only been reading comics for a couple of years now…
    I just can’t understand how he is so popular..

  4. About time Lobo showed up

  5. Maybe when these get cancelled they’ll give Liefeld six new books, and it will just keep growing from there until the 52 is nothing but gritted teeth, poor anatomy, and gigantic laser guns. I sure hope thirteen year old boys have lots of leftover allowance to blow. Also, that Lobo looks goofy.

  6. Is Lobo’s foot really huge or Slade’s head really small?

  7. That it’s odd looking Lobo. He is in “Wolverine” stance. Give Lobo his own monthly comic!

  8. I wanted to like these books so bad but gave up on them around book 6. I borrowed a friends Grifter and it seems to be turning a corner. If the other books are the same it’s probably too little too late.

  9. Someday, Marvel will hire Rob Liefeld to write and draw a Sentry book. That day will produce the best comments page ever on iFanboy.

  10. Surprise, surprise. Liefeld still can’t draw feet, can’t use correct proportions, and still can’t line up a hilt with a blade. The more things change, the more they stay the same, right?

  11. I am pretty curious about all 3 books. I guess I’m excited about the inclusion of all the wildstorm characters.

  12. I think I see Grifter grimacing underneath the red cloth…

  13. been waiting quite a while to see lobo and this is what i get? thought he would pop up in red lanterns since he has that ring. the red lantern lobo would be badass.
    this? i don’t know ’bout this.

  14. More Liefeld?! Everything looks so generic! Deathblow?! Zealot?! When did Jim Lee buy Time Warner, and what dirty secret is Rob Liefeld holding over his head?!


    Sorry. Sorry about that.

    Anyway, call me in 2020 when this nonsense is over.

  15. It’s the Savage HAWK-VERINE!!! Nice rip-off claws…

  16. Grifter has been pretty good so far. Not great, but good. Same with Deathstroke.
    I really, really wanted Savage Hawkman to be good. It just isn’t.
    And while I’m not a Liefeld hater, I can’t say having him attached to these three titles is making me any more optimistic.

  17. Hawkman was the biggest disappointment of the relaunch, I struggled but gave up at #5. Say goodby to these titles

  18. Commentary for any Rob Liefeld drawing I’ve ever seen:


  19. How small is Deathstrokes’ head, why are DC endorsing
    this contrived shit, Liefeld has already lost one title, three
    more heading for the big chop!?
    It just seems there’s a lot of editorial mistakes going on &
    this year is certainly going to be a trying one.

  20. aw yeah, liefeld the clean-up man. like the garbage man is a clean-up man. he takes the trash and gets rid of it. catch these three titles on the way to the dump. that said, i’m probably going to grab deathstroke just how bad it is.

  21. For better or worse if you see a Liefeld cover you know who did it right off the bat, he has his own style unlike 85-90% of comic book artists. I don’t hate on him, he created some great characters from my childhood and he really is a nice guy. He can draw a billion times better then I ever could, and he helped start one of my favorite comic book companies next to DC ” IMAGE’,-He’s cool in my book.

  22. I’ve been enlightened, and have discovered a mysterious agenda and dark secrets.

    I’m going to undertake the desperate mission to awaken to my true destiny and avoid these at all costs.

  23. I was crazy about Lobo in my younger days…but with everything I hear about Liefeld I think i’ll rather stay away.

    • I wish I could add a differnet slant to what the majority of posters are saying, but I can’t. I have never been a fan of anything Rob Liefeld has done. It’s not a knock on him as a person, I just don’t care for his drawing style.

    • Sadly I think all the comments above are simply what they’ve ‘heard’ just jumping on the Liefeld ‘hate’ bandwagon.

      I personally find the incessant Liefeld bashing, abhorent, repetetive, boring and akin to bullying.

    • rob? come on, admit that it’s you. we all know it is!

      kidding aside, i don’t think there’s anything wrong with the liefeld hating. to reiterate a point already stated in this thread, this is more a criticism of his drawing and not of him as person. if you look at what people are saying, they’re pointing out there’s a lot of gritted teeth, poorly proportioned body parts, badly drawn feet, and the same body model (like, for example, wolverine) represented over and over again. let’s keep it in perspective that there’s nothing wrong with expressing a descriptive criticism and that something may not be to one’s taste. even if it happens to be pointed out a lot, by a lot of different people.

      and in the interest in not prolonging the argument and beating a dead horse, i can also accept that there is a good chance more than a few people disagree with me.

    • Avatar photo Lincolnwrites (@Lincolnwrites) says:

      Question: Who grimacing while they are unconscious?
      Answer:: Any character drawn by Liefeld.

      I have to agree with The Flasher “I was crazy about Lobo in my younger days…”
      I’m at the point where Liefeld’s art is joke/ insult to the industry. He’s popular and helped usher in a change to the industry but it’s time for him to put the pen down and move on.

      And NodNolan, if you think honest criticism of a person’s art is “akin to bullying” then you must have been home schooled. Disagree, that’s fine, it’s your right but let’s be real. He’ll never read this. He’ll never be effected by our comments and he’ll continue to make (and get paid for ) comics long after theses posts are gone.

      And that Logan Hall…I mean WolverHawk…Sorry, Hawkman cover. COME ON! If this was 1992 that cover would ROCK but after checking the calendar I’ve come to find out it’s 2012 and it stinks. It’s splash pages for shock value and not what a comic book should be…. Great art to go along with a great story.

      Lastly, until Rob Liefeld takes an anatomy class and relearns to draw he’s going to get criticized, he’ll still be the butt of jokes in an industry that he helped change… and for that I feel for him. He’s got to get better

    • The thing is… he has gotten better. I don’t know if he’s using a new inker or a finisher or what, but those covers are about 1000 times better than 90’s Liefeld.

      He really is a nice guy, and he totally changed the industry (for the better at that), but the dude is not a great artist. Better than me, but far from the best.

    • Look I’ve been into comics for about 22 years now & I have no issues with what Liefeld has done in the past for example help setting up Image, but the past is the past & I’m afraid his ideas & art style are very dated!
      The fact is the industry wants & desires are not what Liefeld can provide, he’s to out-dated. (Sorry)

  24. I have been saying since the reboot and seen his name pop up, Liefeld’s artwork is out dated and I will say that it is possible he can still write a good plot or story. I just think DC is making a large mistake with this mans artwork, I guess he was close with someone or has some naked pics of someone. Sorry, I guess that was just mean however; I just can’t see how they are giving him another three books, I think thats right three more. The worst part now has really hit me, and hit me very hard; Lobo the main man is going to be just a f#cking mess for his first appearance into the new DCU and I have had about enough!! Lobo is one of thee best characters DC had and now he is going to be destroyed, wrecked and just all around f#cked up!! If this is a Jim Lee design, I think he really does not have any cares about a character like Lobo and if he let Liefeld design it than he really must hate Lobo. Well, thats it for me DC has officialy lost thier minds letting Liefeld run free in thier offices and I wish them luck recovering these next set of characters. I too can say he was ground breaking, way back in the late 80’s early 90’s it’s 2012 and no he can’t even draw feet let alone understand the concept of proportionate (me and my bad spelling, sorry or maybe that was right?) drawing. I just do not get it…….?? I am sure he still has a lot a fans out there and I am sorry for knocking him, it maybe my own opinion however; it looks like the masses have spoken. Good Luck with RL and his wacky world of art. No I can not draw as well as him or as fast as him but, I can draw pretty decent and it takes me a long, long time to do one drawing and I will say with practice and paitence I think one day I could be very good. (KEY WORDS PRACTICE!!) He would still probably be 10 times better then me I will admit and the big thing is I am the customer and DC is supposed to provide me and everyone else a good product. Yes, I know we do not have to buy it if we don’t like it routine however; what if it is some of your favorite characters?? Some of us would keep buying and following them but one day that will end…………….?


  25. @RileyArmpit32 if his stuff is outdated and not what people want, why did DC just hand him three tittles to oversee?
    please answer that for me if you can.

    The fact is that Liefeld, being the polarizing figure he is, gets a lot of hate for the same reasons people are always harsh about an artist…he doesn’t draw like JIm Lee, or Jack Kirby or whoever. The fact is the man comes in and say what you want, brings a ton of energy into every tittle he works on. Love him or hate him (as the majority seems to enjoy) the guy still has something to say in the industry as both a writer and artist.
    You have the final say so by not purchasing the books, and that’s a more mature way to make this arguement than complain about his lack of drawing feet or HAWK-VERINE comment (which was funny)

    • Well fine maybe I’m wrong, but hasn’t Hawk & Dove just been cancelled & wasn’t he on it from the start.
      Look as I tried to say before this isn’t personal & I was being mature about it, I just feel that his style of art has never modernised to the current climate, I don’t know what’s going on at DC but to be honest not a lot of good things that’s for sure (I’m not the only one feels that way), I think these 3 titles seem to be not the best sellers, so DC are taking a risk by trying something different but Liefelds’ hey day is long gone & I think it’s a risk that they will regret, sales do matter & these titles sales are going to plummet over the next few months, unless they haven’t already & this is a last gasp to save these titles!

    • Nah, you don’t get off that easy…and no way are you wrong.

      You seemed to make be the most mature look at what was going on, and when someone who has been in the hobby over 40 years hears someone in there 22 years has something similar to say without resorting to childish tirades, I want to know why.
      See you being a fan for 22 years means you were there around the birth of Image, and Liefeld was one of the original seven and it seems like a lot of the hate he gets stems from people jumping on a bandwagon. I wanted someone with your experience to let me know if I am out of touch with my beloved hobby now.
      I will explain…I don’t think you are wrong in anything you said, and you explained it beautifully. I think something is amiss with DC today too. Someone with half my time in the hobby agrees with me. I was thinking maybe i was not seeing these books as what they are…and they are now glorified video games on paper. And I apologize if that maturity thing came off at you, it was a jab toward the poeple on here who hate him for no reason except it’s fun to hate on him, not you.

      Apology accepted?

    • @5150 – Well you have taken Eddie Van Halen’s nickname as well as mine; it is a pretty cool nickname isn’t it??
      Anyway, I have been reading and not just collecting comics for over 30 years and I hate to say it Rob is still pasted his prime as an artist and needs to work on improving it if he plans to continue on, and that seems to be the majority out there’s feelings. I do not hate Rob at all and that is a very strong word to use. I think he has some fine writing skills for sure just not the art. I enjoyed when he arrived on the scene and brought us some real cutting edge material and a new art style and now it is just out dated sorry my friend. I do like the passion you bring and I respect that however; I do think there is really something amiss at DC and giving three more failing titles to Rob after the end of Hawk and Dove seems… well strange and almost like they have already been slotted for the grave….???? I maybe way off but; thats how I am feeling and I wish Rob nothing but the best.


    • I understand what you mean about people getting on the bandwagon of crowd following hate, but I do think a lot of the other members are familiar with his work which is why I think they’re just as annoyed about DC promoting him three more titles!
      But in all honesty I hope that he finds his niche market & who knows from one of these titles he could make a success, but hey let’s not allow any animosity over this it certainly isn’t worth it!

    • @fLASH923
      I use the name when I play guitar in my band onstage, and if it’s good enough for you and Eddie, then it’s good enough for me.. I am still scratching my head over him getting three books, and you don’t know how relieved I am that I am not the only one scratching my head over the new DC in general.

      Thanks for the answers and I will try to go easier on my haterade, but being German it;s hard to do lol

  26. I was enjoying Deathstroke but I guess that is shot to hell

  27. Listen to this week’s Ink Panthers Podcast for some discussion about Rob Liefeld, the man and his work. The panthers make some interesting points about his art style