Exclusive Preview: DEATHSTROKE #12

This week, the Terminator faces off with a Czarnian slayer! That’s right, the epic showdown between Deathstroke and Lobo! But before the interstellar mercenary can tussle with Earth’s deadliest assassin, he’s gotta put up with the petulant Primus, a vengeful little gnat who just can’t let go of the past. Will there be enough Lobo left for Slade to slice and dice?

DC Comics was kind enough to send along an exclusive preview of this week’s Deathstroke #12 from writer and artist Rob Liefeld!

Written by Rob Liefeld
Art by Rob Liefeld
Cover by Rob Liefeld

Color/32 pages/$2.99

• The final battle with LOBO by new writer/artist ROB LIEFELD!

Now, how’s about that preview?


  1. I liked the Deathstroke ongoing… especially the art… and I am not an Anti Liefield guy… I just don’t dig that Lobo part… I think there is a break in how the character is written for the last 2 issues… and I dunno, the whole story seems way too dettached from the rest of the DCU… Lobo is like a MEGA Killer and so on and the means to destroy earth… I dunno… seems to far fetched (did I say that about a comic… oh well)… I’d call Superman or someone…

    This is just too simple… “bad guy escapes – go fetch him – fight – win/lose”… maybe there is a twist I am missing, but I dunno… the sales of Deathstroke so far must have been terrible if they try a new direction so far removed from the first 9 issues – which weren’t the best comics ever made, but I thought that Slade was handled nice… and teh art was great

    And Lobo is “mega smart” and all… huh? No, I don’t think that take is something I am really digging for Lobo… he has no edge, no profil… you could have used ANY character for the villan part… Lobo is just wasted here…

    but hell, I am still gonna buy it 🙂

  2. I like Deathstroke and Lobo can be funny in the right setting but when i’m looking at the preview pages there is no way i’ll try this. i know, it’s getting old to bash liefleld, but the facial expressions and the (missing) backgrounds are rdicilous.

  3. @Fludi – you’re right, this Lobo is suddenly interchangeable with a host of other New 52 plain-talking serial killing villains. Vandal Savage, anyone? Why did Liefeld/DC remove Lobo’s personality?? It was the only thing that made him interesting! And don’t even get me started on how LONG this story took to put Lobo/Deathstroke on the same page…

    • Lobo is like a cult character who has his haters and fans… now it just… “a dude with white skin and no motive”… he is just like a fart in a bus… annoying for ten seconds, forgotten once you’re of the bus… and really terrible if you gotta stay on…

  4. Terrible art. In the second image, first panel…what the hell happened to Lobo’s body?

  5. I don’t understand how Liefeld still can’t improve his art a bit…

    This is just terribly bad.

  6. D-List indeed.

  7. This whole review was poorly written. You refer to Primus as “a vengeful little gnat who just can’t let go of the past.” A vengeful little gnat? Seriously? I can’t even see how that description is in any way pertinent to the rest of the issue.