Six New Titles For DC Comics, Replacing Six Old Titles (UPDATED with 3x More Liefeld!)

UPDATE – 01/13/12
The DC Creative wheel keeps spinning and today it landed on Rob Liefeld. While many would assume that Liefeld was done with The New 52 after Hawk & Dove got canceled, he warned folks on his Twitter that there was more to come and boy did it come. Turns out Rob Liefeld will be sticking around DC Comics for a while as he takes the helm on three titles.

First up, Liefeld will be writing and drawing Deathstroke, as of issue #9. No word if it will expand on the work already done by Kyle Higgins and Joe Bennett, but Liefeld does tease his upcoming plans with enthusiasm:

“Deathstroke is tasked with the greatest challenge of his life, taking on the most dangerous prey in the galaxy…LOBO!”

In addition to Deathstroke, Liefeld will be plotting both The Savage Hawkman and Grifter.  No word on whether or not the existing creative teams will remain and work with Liefeld as he plots the books.  Liefeld dropped a not so subtle hint for fans of Grifter and the Wildstorm universe with this comment:

“Familiar faces emerge warning Grifter that nothing can prepare him for what is coming. His true destiny is revealed and a reluctant hero emerges to lead a strike force of human allies that will deliver the ultimate DEATHBLOW to the impending invasion.”

Liefeld joins The Savage Hawkman and Grifter as plotter as of issue #9 in May on both titles.

This May, DC will add six new titles

* BATMAN INCORPORATED – Writer: Grant Morrison. Artist: Chris Burnham. The acclaimed ongoing writer of ACTION COMICS, Grant Morrison, presents a fresh take on BATMAN INCORPORATED, in which the Batman brand is franchised globally in preparation for a major international threat.

* EARTH 2 – Writer: James Robinson. Artist: Nicola Scott. The greatest heroes on a parallel Earth, the Justice Society combats threats that will set them on a collision course with other worlds.

* WORLDS’ FINEST – Writer: Paul Levitz. Artists: George Perez and Kevin Maguire. Stranded on our world from a parallel reality, Huntress and Power Girl struggle to find their way back to Earth 2. Perez and Maguire will be the artists on alternating story arcs.

* DIAL H – Writer: China Miéville. Artist: Mateus Santoluoco. The first ongoing series from acclaimed novelist China Miéville, this is a bold new take on a cult classic concept about the psychological effects on an everyman who accidentally gains powers to become a hero.

* G. I. COMBAT – Writer: J.T. Krul. Artist: Ariel Olivetti. Featuring the return of a classic DC Comics series, THE WAR THAT TIME FORGOT, along with rotating back-up stories and creative teams – including THE UNKNOWN SOLDIER, with writers Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti and artist Dan Panosian; and THE HAUNTED TANK, with writer John Arcudi and artist Scott Kolins.

* THE RAVAGERS – Writer: Howard Mackie. Artist: Ian Churchill. Spinning off from TEEN TITANS and SUPERBOY, this series finds four superpowered teens on the run and fighting against the organization that wants to turn them into supervillains.

Dial H cover by Brian Bolland

In doing so, DC will also cancel six titles, so we still end up with a straight 52, which has been a hell of a marketing term for them. Readers can say goodbye to the following titles with their eighth issues:

Blackhawks, Hawk & Dove, Men of War, Mister Terrific, O.M.A.C., and Static Shock.

DC does suggest that some of the characters from these canceled series will appear in the new titles.

As you look over the titles, you’ll see a similar trend to that of the first 52, in that there are plenty of resurrected titles from DC’s past; titles that don’t necessarily indicate a singular character. You’re also seeing names we’re mostly familiar with, shuffling around known DC writers, and people from EIC, Bob Harras’ past at Marvel.

Me? I’m seeing James Robinson working on Justice Society with Nicola Scott on art, and I’m fine with anything else that DC wants to do, because that makes me plenty happy.


  1. wow, interesting news. sucks about OMAC it was kinda fun. I like that they are bringing back some old school titles, if in name only. 52 is still A LOT of titles to have though….but i guess marketing is the thing here.

    I’m interested in a lot of these replacements: Batman Inc, Earth2, World’s Finest, perhaps The Ravagers.

  2. OMAC was one of my favorite books from any publisher. I think the only one of the new books that sounds interesting is Ravagers, but I’ll probably try them all out.

  3. Damn it! I just started collecting OMAC! Game over, man, game over! Damn damn damn!

    What? A new Dial H series? Yes!

    man, omac. that’s just f’in’ great…

  4. Reading that China Miéville will be doing some comics work is the best news I’ve seen this week. Can’t wait to see him work in the field.

  5. Another ongoing Batman title seems unnecessary. How about just putting Morrison on Detective?

  6. Meh

  7. O.M.A.C. was deactivated! 🙁 Screw you people not buying good books, screewwwww you! 0_o

  8. I am annoyed that OMAC is getting cancelled because it si simply a fun book to read.

  9. I’m so sad O.M.A.C. is ending, I can’t even gather up enough strength to complain about Howard freakin’ Mackie.

  10. i’m interested in all the new books except g.i. combat. most of the cancelled titles sucked, except omac. i was hoping that they would give static shock a new team instead of cancelling it entirely.

    • I too was hoping that they would give static shock a new team instead of cancelling it entirely. Love the SuperHero but the book was hard to get into, I was looking foward to Hardware too.


  12. noooo not O.M.A.C. i just assumed because I read it that it was doing well 🙁

  13. I wonder what this does to the trades for these titles that have already been announced. Will they just collect the first 5 or 6 issues of these series, leaving the last 2 or 3 to never see the collected light of day? Will they be canceled too?

    • I would imagine they would change the trade paperback to include the entire run, depending on when the trades were set to be released. I know that some of the trades were not going to come out until November of 2012, which would be plenty of time to change the number of issues collected.

    • My guess is we may never see the trades. If they didn’t sell well in issues, DC may not feel very inclined to collect them. I guess time will tell in that area.

    • I think Neb gots it right, we may never see the trades, DC has been dropping trades recently, I wanted to buy SuperGirl good looking corps but it is chopped.

  14. My first reaction is, “NOOOOO! Not O.M.A.C.!” I would have thought that the series had done well enough to warrant a longer run.

    My second reaction is, “Yea! World’s Finest! Wait, it’s not a team-up book a la Brave and the Bold? Huh? Oh, Huntress and Power Girl are attempting to get back to Earth 2? That should be cool and makes a ton of sense.”

    Third reaction: “Dial H! Aw yeah!”

  15. Will miss OMAC but would happily trade it for more Batman Inc or Earth 2. Ravagers will most likely be the New 52 version of Gen13 with Rose Wilson. Hopefully it’ll be a bit better than the other Wildstorm refugees. Glad to see DC are still trying out different genres, not just straight superheroics. The only thing that saddens me is that there isn’t a New Gods book in the new titles. I’d love to see Morrison and Burnham on that after they finish with Batman Inc.

    • Why not a straight-up Gen13 book? Doesn’t DC own that property?

    • Yup, and it didn’t sell the last time they tried it, with name creators.

    • Right on. Thanks, Josh.

      Ravagers (pronounced Rave-Agers) is actually about a bunch of former Titans and other young heroes from the late-90s who, now in there 30s and 40s, fight the one-set of neurological disorders from scarfing too pills club drugs, crystal meth addictions, student loan debt, marriage, kids, online dating, and keeping up with all things current with an air of confidence/disdain.

      #1 issue will feature a holo-reflective cover (a.k.a. a mirror).

    • I think Gen13, as a title, turns people off because it seems a bit too 90s Image; all “attitude” and little substance. Having character names like Grunge and Burnout didn’t help either. It’s a shame really as there where some good runs, Adam Warren’s, for example, was great. I would imagine DC are trying to use some of the characters but avoid the 90s stigma (although, “Ravagers” sounds quite 90s too, to be honest)

    • So does the creative team.

    • True, but from what i’ve seen, Ian Churchill has a way better style now, more Mike Wieringo inspired. Not seen any of the actual pages but it looks like a massive improvement based on the covers.

    • If you like Curchills new style (wich is actually his old style, he had to change it to get work back in the 90s) you should check out his creator owned work, Marineman from Image. It’s a lot of fun.

  16. Does anyone know about the Batman Inc story? Is it going to continue on with that Morrison has already done in that title? Or is it a new arc? I heard a while back that the Batman Inc would be continued, but I didn’t know when.

    • I’m pretty sure this is just continuing the story that Morrison was doing previously. If you picked up Leviathan Strikes a few weeks ago, the new series will pick up on that story thread…which in turn tied into the issues before. I don’t think that DC is overly concerned with new readers on this title considering how well it sold before the whole reboot. My guess is 98% of the people that will buy it will have been from the customer base of the previous series.

  17. Kind of wish they switched the titles between Earth 2 & World’s Finest but other than looks like an interesting new crop of titles.

    I think 2 of the 6 will go past 8 issues but that’s just me.

    • I agree that “World’s Finest” is a strange choice for a title given the description of what’s in the book. Perhaps after PG and Huntress get back to E-2, they will change the nature of the book to be more of a team-up book on E-2.

    • “I think 2 of the 6 will go past 8 issues but that’s just me.”

      thats the most frustrating thing about comics right now. The publishers replace one failure with the exact same formula and expect dramatically different results.

    • I don’t know why DC would do this but I kind of like the idea of there only being 52 new DCU titles coming out every month and have a handful of those titles be limited series.

      There’s no shame in writing a limited series. If anything those of us who are collectors will likely feel that knee-jerk obligation to buy all the issues regardless of their quality.

      Also, limited series for familiar characters or series (Gotham Central, Checkmate, Xombie, the Authority) would be easy sells to older fans and lapsed readers.

    • @ctrosejr: World’s Finest works for me as a title. Since they’re from an alternate world, they might be viewed as the finest heroes of Earth-2. Or it’s just a sexist “Dayum gurl! u fine!” kind of thing.

      @wally: I’m not sure there are as many formulaic “replacements” as you think.

      Men at War –> G.I. Combat: MIlitary stories in a fantastical world. Yes, that sounds like a straight-up replacement.
      Hawk & Dove –> World’s Finest: Yes, both have B/C-list leads with cult followings, but World’s Finest already seems to have more of a focus than Hawk and Dove ever did.
      Blackhawks–> Dial H: Yeah, they’re both revamps of classic titles, but the concepts are so different. Dial H could stick in a way that Blackhawks did not.

      So we’re losing three solo C-list character titles (OMAC, Static, Terrific – all three with ethnic minorities in the lead, for what it’s worth), and we’re getting a book starring a flagship character (Batman Inc), a team book featuring some fan favorites (Earth 2), and a teen team book spun out of another teen team book (Ravagers).

    • Yeah, “World’s Finest” makes sense to me since those two work as female multiverse versions of Supes and Bats.

    • @ken–yes i get what you are saying, but i’m basically saying its a restaurant with 20 hamburgers on the menu changing the type of cheese and calling it a new thing. I dunno if its good or bad, but we see a lot of these B-list books come and go for short stints and they never really do very well. Thats almost an editorial strategy or something these days.

      i like the potential of the titles. some sound really cool, but when Smasher called less than an 8 issue run for most all of these, its kind of a safe bet at this point. I was also talking about that type of thing.

    • @wally: Sure. I think it’s fair to suggest that Marvel and DC have serious problems launching truly new concepts these days. Even when they try, audience cynicism (like Smasher’s) bred from years of poor concepts or poor executions hobbles fan interest in these books. And if a book is good, by the time it gets buzz, it’s too late to save (see OMAC, Thor:The Mighty Avenger, Captain Britain and MI:13, or Bryan Q. Miller’s Batgirl to a lesser extent). As a result, the publishers double down on known properties assuming that’s all the market will support.

      I think it’s a cycle that is turning Marvel/DC into “nostalgia farms” that either aren’t interested innovating or are unable to do so. And I don’t mean that as negatively as it sounds, since I’m exactly their target market — I really love what I’m reading these days from DC and Marvel. But it is a negative, because the current target market is too firmly entrenched to “save the industry” (I don’t like/agree with that phrase, but it’s expedient and I gotta wrap this up).

    • @ken–“nostalgia farms” thats a perfect label….it really fits for whats going on right now, and something that frustrates me. Actually the other day i was reading some of my books and i was thinking “all of these comics are exactly the same but just have different costumes”. I dunno…there is a formula at play across all aspects, and personally its getting stale for me. Need to reassess what i’m reading i think.

      Its not about new ideas, its about repackaging and revitalizing old ones. It seems like Deadpool is the most recent, most successful “new lead character” we’ve had from the Big 2 in decades. It is what it is right?

      Whats sad is, we the fans won’t really support a new character. If Batman debuted today, he’d be cancelled after 6 issues in all likelihood.

    • Are we more shocked that OMAC got canceled or that OMAC was really good?

      I think near all of us who followed the 52 announcements over the summer put OMAC on the plank.

    • I’ve drifted pretty far off-topic in this sub-thread, but after my “nostalgia farm” comment, I just wanted to add – to be fair – that Marvel’s recent moves with the Ultimate Universe show me a willingness to at least try something “innovative-ish” with it’s brands. It’s early days, but Miles Morales is a great next step for the Spider-man concept.

      Back on topic, I’m totally on board for Batman Inc (again, an example of an attempt to take classic concepts to innovative territory), Earth 2 and Dial H will be game time decisions for me.

  18. *other than that

  19. Argh, so many good titles gone, so many bad ones remain, and some crazy choices to start anew…

  20. WHY OH WHY,,,Damn I love OMAC-I hope they put him on a team or stil have him pop up every now and then. Earth-2 and Dail H sound like something I might be into so that’s a plus.

  21. Sad about O.M.A.C. but totally agree on the cancellation of all the others.


    Really not interested in reading anything by J. T. Krul, the dead-cat-as-a-weapon writer or books from people in Bob Harras`rolodex.

  22. Tough on OMAC. Never picked it up but a real shame to see a fun, acclaimed book go away. On the flip side, really looking forward to Batman Inc. HAIL LEVIATHAN!

  23. I was wondering when that jsa book was coming out!

  24. Hate to see OMAC go, but I’m looking forward to Earth-2, World’s Finest, Dial H and G.I. Combat.

    I tried Men of War and really wanted to like it, but it didn’t work for me. With the likes of Gray & Palmiotti, G.I. Combat might have a ‘fighting’ chance with me.

    • I was excitied when I heard about this! I was even going to give Krul a shot….but Ariel Olivetti is my least favorite artist ever. I can’t stand the coloring and the general static 90s esque computer generated images of her art. SSSSIIIIGGGGHHHH. We’ll see.

    • Very curious about the unknown soldier backup. I wonder if it’s based on the Joshua Dysart characterization because if yes then I’m on board.

    • I’m actually a big Olivetti fan on the right book; I thought his runs on Cable and Namor were great, but Iron Man 2.0 was not a good fit.

    • Agree wholeheartedly about missing OMAC. But I am also excited about Earth 2, Dial H and world’s Finest. As for the other canceled titles… they were actually on my list to drop. So I guess it balances out a bit.

  25. OMAC was the best thing going -I am so upset!

    China Mieville is the best thing going – I am so happy!

  26. I remember a few months ago when Didio claimed on his facebook he was confident that OMAC would reach 17 issues. I hope 18,000 isn’t the new cut off number cause a bunch of things will follow! I have a feeling this isn’t just low sales on all six cancelled and more of a no one seems to care about some of these.

    I don’t understand the OMAC cancel though. Surely it has the potential to hold steader numbers than all of these new books outside of Batman, Inc.

  27. Excited by what a new-comer can do with Dial H, the 2003 series was pretty interesting (too bad only the first six were collected, but you can find the entire run at conventions easily).

  28. Hm. Over at Marvel, they’re making a Captain America “team up” book with arcs that last several issues. Over here at DC, there’s a love for done-in-one-or-two team ups ala Brave and the Bold. While I didn’t collect the latest version until Straczynski, I admired the format. Does anyone know why it was canceled, though? Sales (in other words, the done-in-one format WASN’T successful)? Making room for another book? Straczynski?

    • I believe the answer is: Straczynski and a dose of low sales (of course). There was a Lois Lane / Adam Strange team up that was solicited but never published. I assume that Stracynski got too busy with the Wonder Woman and Superman relaunches. It’s a shame because he was so well suited for that format. Those issues of Brave and the Bold were some of my favorites from the last 5 years.

    • Yeah man, that Brave and the Bold stuff was awesome. The Batman/Brother Power the Geek was probably my favorite one

  29. OMAC wasn’t my cup o’ tea, but my sympathies to those of you who were really digging it. It certainly seemed to catch on around here.

    I’m not currently reading a single one of these, so no big loss for me. I’m really excited for Earth 2 and to see what GMo does with Batman Inc.. Might check out World’s Finest. Especially at first since I assume it’ll tie into Earth 2 at some point. As cool as it would be to have Barry Allen discover Earth 2 again, Power Girl and Huntress make a whole lot more sense. Can’t wait.

    Looks like I’ll need to make room in my pull bin. Sorry Batgirl and Grifter.

  30. Here’s hoping Static will join up with the Titans. And hopefully a Lobo title at some point since O.M.A.C. was canned.

  31. I really love the idea of a Huntress & Power Girl book. I remember those characters had a team-up in an issue of SUPERMAN/BATMAN which I really liked. Looking forward to this one.

  32. Ok, let’s play PUMP IT / DUMP IT. Which 6 titles would you have added (PUMP) and which ones would you have dropped (DUMP).

    Excited about 4 of the 6 added, so I’ll start with:
    + Batman, Inc
    + Earth 2
    + World’s Finest (but I probably would have called it “Infinity, Inc.” which makes about as much sense.)
    + Dial H
    I would have also added:
    + “Spoiler” written by Bryan Q. Miller following the adventures of Stephanie Brown in the Nu52 Universe.
    + “New Gods” featuring the Fourth World Characters, especially Mr. Miracle and Big Barda.

    – Blackhawks
    – Hawk & Dove
    – Men of War
    – Static Shock
    – The Fury of Firestorm
    – Red Lanterns

    I would also attempt to resurrect / fix Mr. Fantastic and Captain Atom with new writers and artists.

  33. Huh. They’re really starting to step up the Wildstorm involvement in the DCu. Not too long ago, it was revealed that Helspont will be the villain in Superman, and now we have this book The Ravagers, which sounds it’s going to be the next incarnation of Gen13 (especially since it’s highly probable that Caitlin Fairchild will be one of those NOWHERE escapees).

  34. That OMAC cancellation really hurts but it’s not all that unsurprising. There’s a lot to be excited about in those new books though. A LOT! My darkhorse is the Dial H book, the last series is a completely underrated gem and with Miéville writing it, im pretty stoked. He’s been looking to write comics for a while now and how can you NOT be excited for Brian Bolland?!?!

  35. Looking forward to it. I haven’t read any of the titles that were dropped but it sucks that omac is going with it because I heard a lot of good things. I’ll probably be picking up Batman inc, Earth 2 and maybe the Ravagers. It’s weird that it’s called Earth 2 though. Why don’t they just name it JSA?

  36. Earth 2. That was a great TV show.

  37. The loss of OMAC makes me sad.
    The World’s Finest and Earth 2 books make me SO HAPPY

  38. OMAC was truly a niche book in a throw-back style – some loved it – but not surprising that it was cancelled. Didio had to or he would get heat for favoritizing his title – I love the idea of Earth 2 over the JSA – allows the writers to go in various directions – including the JSA but not exclusive to them! Love the fact that Maguire is drawing Power Girl (not as excited that Perez is – he is a great artisit, just not as good at Power Girl as Maguire)

  39. I am very happy that we at least got eight great issues of OMAC. I’ve stopped viewing all comics as “ongoing” instead taking them on as a arc by arc basis. I’m not sure if that makes sense.

    Dial H for Hero, Earth 2 and Worlds Finest all sound great.

  40. Maybe S.H.A.D.E. and Brother Eye can reach a truce and O.M.A.C. can end up palling around with Frankenstein occasionally?

  41. For all those sad for OMAC, I’m sorry. I really think you should jump on Frankenstien: Agent of S.H.A.D.E. Wacky big ideas and fun fights are being other up, with great characterisation and art. It might help full the void.

    Im sad for Blackhawks and Men of War. When they were first announced they should like great projects, I just don’t think they reached there potential.

  42. DIAL H sounds kinda interesting… think I’m going to check that one out.

  43. Blackhawks just started off way to slowly, but I still have the G.I. Joe titles from IDW

  44. Wow, I guess I was the only one who had high hopes for Mister Terrific. It was mediocre so I’m not suprised it was cancelled, but the potential is still there.

    • You’re not but short of Green Arrow Mr. Terrific’s character suffered the worst from the reboot.
      I’d actually argue that Mr. Terrific was worse but Green Arrow is more well-known.

  45. The China Mieville news is huge. If I remember correctly, one lament that I heard (and I think justifiably so) when the original 52 lineup was announced was a lack of cross-genre name. There was nothing identifiable outside of comics. Well, now they’ve got it. I’m a big fan of Mieville’s work and I think that he definitely has the sort of imagination and talent to produce some unique work. Very exciting.

    Too bad about OMAC, as it was a fun book, but I wonder if it, along with those other 5 cancelled books, ever really had a long-term plan? Maybe this is part of DC’s plan to keep rotating the books that are on the shelves. That’s a much better idea then leaving a title to wither, stagnate and die.

  46. Out of all books to cancel, OMAC?! That was my favorite DC title. Its the best Hulk book out there. I’m intruiged by Dial H tho.


    *edited cuz you broke the page*

  48. The DC reboot has been pretty unexciting for me so far, and this announcement doesn’t really change much of that. Ah well.

  49. I really liked Men of War and the idea of normal people in the military in a metahuman world. Maybe they’ll have something similar in G.I. Combat. Earth 2 sounds like it could be fun. I hope it’s an updated version of the old JSA, starting from scratch in the present time.

  50. I want three of the new but none of the ones I have now are being canceled. Awkward.

  51. I’m really, really surprised that OMAC didn’t sell well enough to justify a continued run.

  52. DC is publishing a Brave and Bold title, its kid friendly and kind of fun. I read the Robin issue and thought that what they are doing with the title was perfect. So looking forward to Earth 2 and World’s Finest. I read that The Huntress Mini will lead into this, and I wonder if Shade plays in that universe as well considering we had a 1940’s Vigilante guest star in issue in #4.

    • It looks like Batman: The Brave and the Bold is canceled after next month’s issue. It wasn’t to be found in March’s solicits.

    • That’s a shame.

    • Robinson has said many times that it takes place in the regular Earth 0 DCU. Having a gunslinger Vigilante doesn’t negate Superman as being the first “Super” Hero. In this new universe Batman predates Superman. Be he is a mortal .Vigilante is a regular guy who can shoot well.

  53. Of the titles canceled, the only one I’m really disappointed about is OMAC, as I was really starting to enjoy that one and its blatant nod to the “old school” way of comic storytelling. I tried the first issue of the rest (except Men of War) and found them all lacking, so I can’t say I’m sad to see them go, although I was hoping for more from Mr. Terrific and Static Shock.

    Of the new titles….
    – If we haven’t already, I think we’re barreling over the edge of Batman exposure with Batman, Inc.. I think they should consider cutting Batman: The Dark Knight at the very least since it seems to be the weakest of the four Batman-centric books that are already out now (excluding JLA, JLI, Batgirl, Batwoman, Catwoman, Nightwing, Birds of Prey and Teen Titans, which have a Bat-presence in them).

    I’m sure Batman, Inc. will be good, but for me, it will likely come at the expense of another Bat-title I’m already picking up (Batgirl and/or Detective Comics most likely).
    – Earth 2 and World’s Finest — YAY!! However, Newsarama is reporting that World’s Finest will star Helena WAYNE… Wonder what this means for Helena Bertinelli (who I thought was starring in the current Huntress miniseries). I’ve always found Helena B. infinitely more interesting than Helena Wayne, but that could be a by-product of my relative (WAY relative) youth.
    – Dial “H” — Squee!!
    – The other two titles? Meh… War comics just tend not to interest me, unfortunately, and I have to draw the line somewhere. Howard Mackie on Revengers could be very hit or miss for me, but since I haven’t really been that intrigued by N.O.W.H.E.R.E.’s presence in the DCnU, I doubt that will change much here.

  54. OMAC!? Oh fuck you DC. Fuck you in the face. For another title with J.T. Fucking Krul even.

    Seriously guys, I’ll trade you OMAC for Savage Hawkman. I mean, that nearly kills any interest at all I have in any DC titles.

  55. OMAC. My heart breaks. That, and FRANKENSTEIN are my two favorite books. Having said that, I’ll be adding all but RAVAGERS to my pull–new UNKNOWN SOLDIER and HAUNTED TANK stories are most welcome.

  56. Earth 2 and World’s Finest might be interesting.

  57. Well, DC nets a win here from me. I lose one book (OMAC) but easily gain 2 (Batman Inc and Earth 2) and possibly a 3rd. Maybe OMAC’s not so much cancelled as getting rolled into Frankenstein or JLI after the cross-over? (I can hope, at least)

  58. China Miéville ? Cool.

  59. Besided OMAC, I can’t say I’m the least bit surprised by the books canceled. I wasn’t compelled to read beyond issue 1 on any of them.

    I’m a bit curious how the Huntress in this new book will compare with the one from the current mini? Are they the same? Cuz the current series is using the Italian Mafia origin which would suggest earth 1. And a Huntress wanting to return to earth 2 would suggest the daughter of alternate Bruce Wayne. Are these going to be two different characters? Or is the Helena Bertinelli from the current miniseries going to realize a ecret origin? Also, what about the Karen Starr from Mr Terrific? I’m not reading that. But is she going to be this same Power Girl? So many questions! Here’s hoping it all makes sense.

  60. Nice batman inc is back again I’m excited for that… Could care less about the rest and after 4 issues of omac I just didn’t love it like everyone else did and I never read the other titles so this isn’t a major loss to me!! Everything’s coming up Neeks

  61. You can grab any issue, and not HAVE to know anything, but there’s a running story for those that have been reading since #1. It’s loaded with DC history. It’s a blast to read. It’s gorgeous to look at. It has great character moments. Kevin Kho is a likable sadsack. It was the return of crazy Jack Kirby ideas, and if you don’t like crazy Jack Kirby ideas why are you reading comics son?

  62. The Haunted Tank and the unknown soldier, I used to read those as a kid. What do you think is the chances of them releases those at a $.50 cent issue price like when I was a kid?

  63. Looking forward to Earth 2 & Dial H but it sucks that O.M.A.C got the shaft. *sigh*

  64. I’ll sure miss OMAC but I’m happy for the 8 issues of fun I get to read. I’m really looking forward to Batman, Inc. and Earth 2 so it’s a net gain (even though I already knew about those two).

  65. Worlds Finest sounds like a concept I would like, I just haven’t read anything by Paul Levitz I’ve enjoyed.

  66. Batman Inc & Earth 2 YES,

    Dial H written by China Mieville, edited by Karen Berger? yesyesyes.

    World’s Finest with Power girl, yes at least for the Maguire arcs.

    GI Combat sounds cool but JT Krul is a bit of a hack, i’ll try the first issue.

    Ravagers? the generation X-ification of the Teen Titans by Marvel old boys continues. no thanks.

  67. So whats going to happen with the Frankenstein crossover? I’m upset. I really liked O.M.A.C.
    I have no desire to read alternate Earth titles and I don’t really like Powergirl as a character. May try Dial H, Ravagers and GI tho.

  68. Scott Kolins!!!!!!! At least they found a place for him in the new 52. Too bad Haunted Tank probably won’t find Barry Allen at the helm….

  69. Nothing surprising about any of the cancellations. G.I. Combat is something I read as a kid so nice to see that come back.

  70. before I clicked on this post i kept thinking to myself: ” Not OMAC, please not OMAC.” and then BOOM! There you go. Being a first time buying in weeklies this sure does hurt.

  71. kinda disappointed.
    didn’t care for any cancelled titles, but i wanted bman:DK replaced with Batman Inc.

    no joke, i was thinking about a world’s finest comic coming out, with each issue spotlighting the relationships that a-list superheroes have with each other. (gl & flash, flash & batman, superman & batman)

    really disappointed when i read further and saw its c-list heroes.

    also, i’ll just say it.

    i was kinda overwhelmed with buying four, but now i’m going down to just batman & robin. only bat-book i really love.

    earth 2? aight. i’ll get first issue.

    (five damned batman comics.. grumble)

  72. On the ACELA and the darn WiFi keeps dumping me so I have to type fast here….
    (3rd attempt here)

    Anyone has been reading the teasers knows that O.M.A.C. is joining a team and that we aren’t losing him completely. I am amazed to see that O.M.A.C bit it before Cap. Atom. Cap. Atom is awful and deserves to be dumped. I am also very surprised see that Frankie isn’t on the list, glad, but surprised. I just feel that it’s rather ineffectual to replace titles with titles of the same genre if they aren’t working in the first place….hence G.I./Blackhawks. Does that really work? Next thought, there are 52 slots to fill, how many need to be ‘whored’ out to Bats and Supes before the other titles are allowed to maintain for a while?

    Am excited by the J.L.A. title though!

  73. I’ve been reading Blackhawks and Men of War and will miss those, but I’m in for 5 of the 6 new ones, which is more than I was reading of the 6 cancelled books.

    VERY excited for Dial H to return, as the concept has been interesting and entertaining in the past. But MOST of all I can’t wait for Earth 2! Join in with me:

    “JSA!!! JSA!!! JSA!!! JSA!!! JSA!!! JSA!!! JSA!!! JSA!!! JSA!!! JSA!!! JSA!!! JSA!!! JSA!!! JSA!!! JSA!!! JSA!!!”

  74. Sign me up for Earth 2 & Dial H if you please!

  75. Not to diss Dial H, but hasn’t this concept been explored last year, by a number of limited series and on going titles, and reissue large format books(Watchmen re-release)

  76. other than jsa these titles seem just as medicore as the ones thier cancelling. a lot of it seems redundant, g.i. combat AND men of war? does men of war even sell good? Ravagers IS teen titans by the description, i could care less if anyone wants to turn them to villains, just a general yawn all around i’m afraid. at least hawk and dove are gone.

  77. Blackhawks, Hawk & Dove, Men of War, Mister Terrific, O.M.A.C., and Static Shock all cancelled, imagine that. I for one am not surprised by any of these. I tried them all and the only one I am still reading at this point is Hawk and Dove and thats only hoping they would have got Rob and artist because he is writing a good title however; the artwork really was boring me to tears and his style just seems out dated. Then the rest were obvious the only ones missing from that list are Blue Beetle and Captain Atom and that would probably take care of all the titles that I myself have no use for. The characters have been either hard to follow or they tried way to hard to change them when a little tweek would have been more than enough. No tears here!
    The new titles I will have to agree with most; another dang Bat-Title?? REALLY?! No need I say, lets give another DC character a shot that deserves it not another Batman title. I like Bats however, there are more than enough to go around and it seems for some reason DC needs to get this Bat-Incorporated stories told. No thanks, bag em an tag em!!
    JSA INDEED!! They need their own title and always have since the very begining; like the great grandfather of all super hero groups. Ravagers and Worlds Finest round it out for me as far as intrest in the new titles and should be dam# good, I am looking forward to reading those.
    I do feel bad for those fans that have grown attached to one of the New 52 titles that are getting cancelled, my sympathy is with you.


  78. “Blackhawks, Hawk & Dove, Men of War, Mister Terrific, Static Shock.”

    Not surprised at all.



    Also, DC needs to stop giving JT Krul work. Such a flat and boring writer.

    And holy shit at World’s Finest. Finally, some Peej action.

  79. OMAC can’t end!! It has been brilliant!!! NOO!
    Okay, I’m done complaining. Excited for pretty much every new title.

  80. I like the idea of Earth 2, much more a JSA fan than a JLA guy. And it means that it could resemble what earth 2 was like before crisis, with a Superman (please no armour) and Batman, makes sense given that Powergirl and Huntress are key players.

    And I’d love it if they included The Golden Age as continuity.

  81. OMAC, Blackhawks, Men of War and Static Shock I can understand as all 4 of them have been in the bottom 6 for all 4 months.

    But Hawk and Dove have not been in the bottom 6 once and Mister Terrific has only been there for the latest 2 of the past 4 months but i can see why it’s cancelled since it’s fallen while others have risen.

    Voodoo, I Vampire or the recently entered into the bottom six last month Captain Atom should probably have been cancelled before Hawk and Dove considering it hasn’t been in the bottom 6 at all. Voodoo and Vampire have risen out of the bottom 6 since but surely Captain Atom falls under the same as Mister Terrific.

    Oh well Earth-2 and world’s finest should be interesting. I’ll give batman inc and ravager a try and I don’t care about the other 2.

  82. Losing Omac sucks. It was the only book I didn’t wait a month to save a dollar on. I am excited for Batman Inc. and putting China Miéville on such an open concept book is a brilliant move. All DC needs to do know is have Catherynne M. Valente write something (possibly a Dreaming anthology) and I may forgive them for canceling Omac and ruining Hawkman.

  83. While I’m bummed to see OMAC getting the axe, it really isn’t that surprising. It was one of, if not ‘the’, lowest selling DC book since the relaunch. Interesting they didn’t want to give the books a full year at least like they normally do though. But I guess you need to keep the money flowing and letting sagging titles continue won’t help.

    But hey, we get to have one bizarre comic replace another and I am so down for Dial H. I don’t know a thing about the creators but just the fact that a superhero based on a rotary phone is going to exist again makes me happy.

    I’ll definitely try the other titles down the line although probably not at an ongoing rate. Well expect for G.I. Combat because a book by J.T. Krul and Ariel Olivetti is my definition of hell… make the the shittest level of hell you can think of.

  84. Well, I lost OMAC only to gain Earth 2 and Batman Inc. I guess that’s kind of okay, except I was really starting to enjoy OMAC! And by all indications, we were going to be seeing Desaad and maybe some more New Gods soon since Didio has hinted Brother Eye is connected with Mother Box and New Genesis! Oh well.

    Coincidentally, the original O.M.A.C. by Jack Kirby was also cancelled after 8 issues. But let’s just hope this series story doesn’t end abruptly as the old one.

  85. NO! Not OMAC! I have to admit, though, Earth 2, World’s Finest and Batman Inc are clear buys. Dial H is really intriguing, too. China Mievelle at DC? Awesome. The other two are… blegh. JT Krul and Howard Mackie!? That nearly cancels out the other 4 books being fairly interesting.

  86. Earth 2 and World’s Finest both sound interesting.

  87. Disappointed by OMAC’s cancellation–it’s one of the few genuinely fun comics out there–but I can’t say I’m surprised. The sales numbers were never great. I hoped they would get better, see more of the storyline and Kirby-like art. (At least we still have Avenging Spider-Man)

    And if everyone would join in…


  88. I already dropped Hawk & Dove as well as Mr. Miracle after 3 issues. I’m pretty happy with my comics budget right now, but I just might pull the trigger on Dial H For Hero.

  89. So, back in the ’80s, DC decided that having lots of multiple Earths created a confusing shared history. They combined them all with the Crisis On Infinte Earths story and everything was right with the world. Then, in the mid ’00s, a bunch of current DC writers with a serious silver-age nostalgia jones broke the DCU into a “Multiverse” of 52 parallel realities (which, thankfully, they did almost nothing with). Now we get Earth 2, a concept that COULD work in the current (Earth 1?) DCNU if the writers and editors tried hard enough, but instead we’re going to be introduced to “a parallel Earth”. My question= How long ’til Crisis On Infinite Earths Part Deux?

    Also, how long ’til Bobbie Chase and Carl Potts get their own books?

  90. I was fairly cautious that reading a Dan Didio comic was going to be like borrowing a Donovan record from your high school principal, but OMAC was one of my favorites of the re-launch. Sucks it’s cancelled, but I plan on enjoying it to its bitter end.

    Also…Howard Mackie? Haven’t read that name in a while. It invokes images of Wolverine/Cable/Ghost Rider/Punisher crossovers.

    Dial H is such a bizarre concept, even for a super hero book, that I will definitely give it a shot.

  91. While I’m extremely bummed to see O.M.A.C. go I am really looking forward the first three titles in that list of replacements.

  92. Adds: Wow cool.

    Cuts: Wow, that was fast.

  93. I wasn’t reading any of these, so it’s no loss to me. But hopefully they find a way to re-use the minority characters lost from these books. Maybe stick Static on the Teen Titans or Ravagers, put OMAC with Frankenstien, and forget this Mr.Terrific existed and focus on the Earth 2 version. Also I hope that DC doesn’t give up on its genre books and keeps making war books, science fiction, and horror books. I for one am definitely going to be checking out Dial H when it comes out.

  94. Hiring China Mieville is the first truly fresh, inspired decision DC has made with this relaunch.

    If any body can add something new to comic writing, I think Mieville among the absolute best candidates. CAN’T WAIT.

  95. I have no idea who China Mieville is so pardon my ignorance. (Not the first time)

    But a quick glance on wikipedia says he is like ‘H.P Lovecraft’ and he is a part of ‘weird fiction’…..So that means no one on the podcast is interested? Boom!


  96. Chine Mieville?! HOLY CRAAA….

    ..Well. Didn’t one of the three (Josh, I think) thought they should bring in an established author to reinvigorate the line? Here we go.

  97. I’m sorry to see Static go he’s a great character with a lot of potential, but this current version was cliché. The B story (sub plot) was bizarre and didn’t seem to fit the character.

  98. This China Mieville acquisition is a major point of celebration, but it’s even better that they’re giving him a title that he can completely make his own. DC previously made a huge mistake with Jodi Picoult on Wonder Woman by pigeonholing her into a book with really strict guidelines, and so her run was completely lackluster and forgettable. I’m very glad that DC is accommodating Mieville’s vast storytelling range.

  99. I’m aware that Kirby had nothing to do with it, but it a FANTASTIC homage to his style and vision. I know Giffen started out aping Kirby, but the ideas and character designs he brought back with OMAC just knock it out of the park for me. Mokkari, Build-A-Friend, Sarge Steel, the crazy villains, the Kirbyesque technology designs, the crackle. I eat this book up every month.

  100. On one level I have to hand it to DC. The cuts were fast and appropriate. Looking at the sales figures from December, the bottom eight books of the nu52 were (diamond sales units):

    8. Hawk & Dove (18,014)
    7. Captain Atom (17,917)
    6. The Ray (17,799)

    5. OMAC (16,534)
    4. Mr. Terrific (16,167)
    3. Static Shock (15,763)
    2. Blackhawks (15,129)
    1. Men of War (14,977)

    On some level, I am surprised the positive buzz around OMAC could not save it. On another level, I am surprised it was it was as good as it was to begin with.

    The Ray and Captain Atom will surely be in the next wave of replacements. Blue Beetle, Voodo and I, Vampire will also likely be in the next wave of cuts.

  101. and now i’m hearing/seeing DC unveiled their new corporate identity….its kinda rough.

  102. Okay, I’m going to ignore my personal problems with Rob Liefelds art and the fact that he’s bringing Lobo of all characters back. And that this news really isn’t helping that idea that DC is just going back to the well rather than moving foward. Ignore all that.

    I just don’t understand why they’re giving a writer whose book didn’t sell another book to write and two more to plot. Is there something that I’m missing?

    • I wasn’t buying or reading, but I thought Sterling Gates wrote the bulk of the first Hawk and Dove arc? And in any case, while I don’t know enough to say if Hawk and Dove suffered from poor execution or were just crappy characters, I’m not sure you can always blame the creators for a bad book — some characters just don’t connect with readers.

    • Incriminating images of DC execs.

    • Ach, he’s writing of issue six, my mistake.

    • Hawk and Dove was a prime example of “too many new 52 books” for me. I can only buy and read so much. Never even gave it a shot…just never loved the characters that much.

    • Rob Liefeld has infectious energy, a solid following and a pretty remarkable track record, all things considered. I am not saying he is the very best the industry has to offer, but if he can catch lightning in a bottle again, it might worth taking a gamble on him.

  103. I for one am tremendously sad that ” OMACtivate!” may never be uttered again. most fun phrase in comics.

  104. i’m willing to give a Liefield Deathstroke book a shot. I’m enjoying the book currently so thats enough to get me to try at least one issue. I dunno…i haven’t touched a Liefield comic since i was in middle school so this might be interesting.

  105. oh good. more liefeld. more pouches. more gritted teeth. more poor anatomical understanding. more comic book plots that came straight out of a fifteen-year-old’s hard on. i am happy. i am so so happy. this is exactly what comics were missing.

    rob liefeld is the anodyne we needed to recover from our national nightmare of brian k vaughan’s boob cover. hooray dc, thank you, and good job.

    • but how do you really feel? this time try it with a little passive aggressiveness

    • Hey now, I for one can enjoy a story that comes from a 15 year olds hard on. I know you’ve forced me to sound creepy but I’m just sayin!

      I will not be reading this, but I want to defend 15 year old hard on stories, well I mean that come out of a 15 year old, just forget it!

    • Oh no! OMAC is by Dan Didio, it’s going to suck. Let’s all rip on it before we come out and not buy it because he writes it. Wait, it’s good? And it was cancelled b/c of a bunch of idiots who wouldn’t even try it because of the name on the cover?

      Seriously, this anti-Liefeld shit never gets old.

  106. I’m with you Tom. I don’t hate OMAC ( I’m actually still picking it up), but I was continuously dumb-founded by all the people claiming it to be a comic book revelation. Still, I’d rather not see it cancelled.

  107. I Guess I can now drop Deathstroke, forget ever coming back to Grifter, and continue to wait for a reboot of this horrible interpretation of Hawkman. These last three announcements are fucking stupid.

    OOOOOHHHH God I just read that he will be the creator to introduce Deathblow to the new DC universe. FUCK all this shit, I am beyond words…………………………..Please just continue to put out new Batman books and stop trying new things (if tha’ts what these are).

  108. Now that DC have given Lielfield writing duties on three books can we please agree that DC has no idea what the hell they are doing?

  109. Kyle Higgins and Joe Bennett were doing some nice work.

    I loved OMAC but you really only need the first issue. And maybe the Frankie one.

  110. If the goal was for me never to read those books ever again then congratulations DC!

    Also, DC’s new logo is terrible.

  111. I love the Dial H cover by Bolland. Reminds me of a Doom Patrol cover. Awesome.

  112. I was moderately enjoying hawkman and deathstroke. I guess I don’t need to worry about doing that any more.

    “Liefeld ran Hawk and Dove into the ground? Let’s give him three more books!!!”

  113. I’m not really sure what Liefeld plotting a book entails. I know I’m not into his artwork. In plotting capacity I assume the scriptwriter and artist he’s working with would make a large difference. But none of those titles interest me anyway.

    I was reading Grifter but I didn’t like the recent artist change and the Wildstorm books seem to be floundering overall. I assume DC’s vision for those has changed since September.

    • I am not really up on my Liefeld either, but I do know that his original Image work Youngblood keeps getting “re-released” with “all-new dialogue!” meaning they kept the art and tried to fix the horror that was the writing in that title. If that doesn’t erode your faith in Liefeld, then nothing will.

    • @KevinAB, Liefield didn’t script Youngblood, that was Hank Kanalz. Liefelds contributions are intact.

  114. Oh China Mieville on Dial H? He’s pretty good …for a COMMUNIST

  115. Bye, bye Grifter. Hello Dial H and/or Earth 2.

  116. Blerg. I was on the fence with Grifter anyway.

  117. Liefeld? LIEFELD?!?!?!!? W. T. F.

    Seriously, I thought that Grifter and Voodoo and Stormwatch, the Wildstorm books, had really strong openings and teased that the integration of that universe with DC proper could actually work. Now though, it’s like they’ve just written off attempting to reboot that universe by melding into this one and instead done everything they can to return it to the early 90s when it was pretty much horrible. I mean….really?!?!?!

    I mean we all know Jim Lee’s original WildC.A.T.S. run was the most celebrated in the history of the title. The later, more story focused runs such as Alan Moore’s and Joe Casey’s were completely forgettable and no one ever mentions those when they discuss what was good about WildC.A.T.S. Nope, not at all.

    • Wildcats was actually a really good book for most of its tenure, at least I thought so, and Joe Casy’s vol. 2 run gets a lot of acclaim.

  118. Howard Mackie? Liefeld on 3 more books? DEATHBLOW? Whatta’yaknow, I guess you CAN go home again (but, in this case, why would you want to go and do a thing like that?). I thought the ’90’s ended 13 years ago. Oh well. So when does Badrock join the JLI?

  119. I’m excited for the new titles, but I’m really disappointed that Liefeld is going to be on more titles. I thought H&D getting canceled meant we were done with him. I wonder if Dial H will use reader submissions like the old series? Probably won’t work anymore, but it would be nice to try…

  120. Seriously? SERIOUSLY?!

  121. Why the hell are they putting Liefeld on three books? That’s just too much Liefeld.

  122. Is the Universe playing some sort of sick joke by having Liefeld take over a character he “ripped of”f to create Deadpool?

  123. Is the Universe playing some sort of sick joke by having Liefeld take over a character he “ripped off” to create Deadpool?

  124. What dirt does Liefeld have on DC?


    “One of the key artists who helped to the define a generation of comic books, Liefeld is perhaps best known for helping to found Image Comics.

    “It’s great to have Rob contributing to DC COMICS-THE NEW 52 in such a major way,” said Eddie Berganza, DC Entertainment Executive Editor. “Rob’s always been seen as EDGY, both within the comic book industry and by his fans. That’s a great vibe to bring to these particular books. We really want to push boundaries, and Rob’s the guy to do it.”

  126. Interested in Earth-2 and World’s Finest.

    Not interested in anything Liefeld.

  127. Well, there’s something for everyone I guess.

  128. Well, I guess I’ll be dropping Deathstroke and Grifter with issues #8.

  129. You know Rob Liefeld should have been on Deathstroke from the beginning, I would think a Higgins/Bennett Hawk and Dove would have at least been decent.

  130. grifter-drop
    batman inc-add

  131. Seriously, what the hell? I wasn’t picking up any of the three books and they all had mixed reviews at best but putting Liefeld on three books makes me nervous for what’s to come.

  132. Well, at least we know that Deathstroke, Savage Hawkman, and Grifter will be the next three to get cancelled.

  133. i almost want to get issue 9 of deathstroke, just to see how bad it is. he already has the belt of many pouches and the shoulder blades (?) with pouches on them. i want to see how many pouches he can fit on lobo!

  134. I bet coloring Liefeld pages is like signing up to be a patient for a hemorrhoid relief drug trial. The shit we do for money!

  135. Wishes Lobo had received his own comic.

  136. And people thought Savage Hawkman couldn’t get any worse.

  137. DC is really putting salt in the wound here! They cancel O.M.A.C., one of the most acclaimed title of the New 52 by fans, and now… THIS! Rob Liefield on 3 titles… WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU DC!? 0_o

  138. The thing that I was most excited about, with the New 52, was the integration of the Wildstorm characters into the DCU proper. Over the last two months that enthusiasm as absolutely been killed.

    I don’t have any particular hate for the new writers of Stormwatch, Grifter, or Voodoo(well maybe just a little for Jenkins), but I really wish we could have seen where Cornell, Edmondson and Marz were planning…

  139. hating on liefeld TAKE A DRINK!
    bash the 90s, TAKE A DRINK!
    [insert company name] doesnt know what they are doing, TAKE A DRINK!
    “why did they cancel [insert low selling but “critically” acclaimed blogosphere favorite]” TAKE A DRINK!
    “why does [insert very popular character] get another book when [insert not particularly popular character] doesn’t have one.
    abstractgeek complaining about all the complaining, TAKE A DRINK!

    we are only really missing:
    why doesnt [insert low selling indy darling creator] get a shot at a book, they only ever hire their friends.

    Come on people, its the weekend, lets get drunk!

    • Oh geez if I played that game I might need a trip to the hospital for alcohol poisoning.

    • Holier than thou and smugly above it all post. TAKE A DRINK!!!

    • all holier than thou smugness aside, im starting to like the idea of an ifanboy drinking game. one for listening to episodes.

      every time hickman, remender or snyder is mentioned take a drink
      everytime someone says josh hates fun take a drink
      middle management skull, post coital thor, down the rest of your drink
      things like if the ifanboy pick of the week matches the community pick take a drink,

      etc etc, we could devise a solid list.

      i think it could be fun, ive done them with star wars and star trek, and had a good time.

    • Hey man. I’m not going to argue against any excuse to drink. 😉

    • Whats interesting is that I was expecting to see a ton of anti-Liefeld comments… but if you scroll back and look… the first comment is 01/12, the first anti-Liefeld comment doesn’t appear until 01/14 and practically near the bottom of the list. I’m pretty amazed, I wanted to crap all over him IMMEDIATELY upon seeing the headline.

      But seriously… look at Deathstroke above and… ugh. It speaks for itself.

  140. I don’t like Liefeld’s art but, in general, I don’t understand the bashing. Criticism is OK but scorn is not. Even if he’s going to do someone’s favorite book: any character you love might end up being handled by a creator you dislike. That’s life. I don’t like his product, I don’t buy it. At the end of it, there is still ha man who has to cope with the hate:

    • What a self-serving crock that is.

    • I thought that article explained quite a bit. Ive always been one to joke about Liefeld .. mostly because i heard he went to war with Erik Larsen and Todd Mcfarlane. Ive since seen that Todd and Erik think that all that drama was overblown. Fact of the matter is Cable is one of my favorite characters and I read a lot of the “Extreme” line as a kid.. and liked quite a bit of it (disclaimer …. i was a kid.. ha).. Anyway.. all this negativity is kind of ridiculous and mean considering we are supposed to be the most holy comic site on the web. Yes.. i havent read any Liefeld stuff since Heroes Reborn…but Im currently reading Deathstroke and will continue when Liefeld jumps on. I have almost zero problem with his art.. and I realy dont know anything about his writing ability. So i will wait and see. That link opened my eyes a bit. Ya its self serving.. but that doesnt mean it isnt true. Ive only met like 2 people in my life that werent “self serving” 99.9% of the time. So by saying hes being self serving with that post you mean hes acting like a human being right?

    • I think the hate comes from shame, from those of us (notice I say us, as in, I am more than willing to admit it myself) who fell into Liefeld’s hype back in the day.

      When you think something is great and you like it… and then over time it begins to lose quality, you begin to ask, “What happened?”.
      But then, someone comes along and answers that question with, “It was like that all along, go back and look for yourself”, and then there’s that moment of revelation that it was never as good as you thought it was. People feel ashamed because they’ve been fooled.

      On top of that…Liefeld was making bank, made that dumbass Levi’s commercial with Spike Lee… there’s an attitude where a lot of people think Liefeld got more than he deserved. When you look at all the great artist that were probably struggling at the time, it seems unfair.

      But you’re right… bitching and bashing doesn’t do anything to change it. But when sales fall of cliff and nose dive into dirt, Liefeld will be off somewhere else.

      And seriously… the image of Deathstroke above… its not good. NO, I can’t draw worth crap, but that Deathstroke is mediocre at best. Liefeld… still drawing shoulder pads like its 1994.

  141. I’m pretty sad over the loss of OMAC. This is not totally unlike losing what I loved so much about Deathstroke, either. I really don’t mind Rob Liefeld, but I really liked Deathstroke as it was.

  142. Well I am done with deathstroke. sucks I just started liking it again

  143. Earth 2 JSA and Worlds Finest w Huntress and Power Girl on Earth 2 also, I’ll take it!

  144. OMAC should stay well before Resurrection Man, a guy that…wait let me guess resurrects himself every issue, DNA you are better than this. Really liked Cornell on Stormwatch, hope it stays strong w new writer. As for Liefield, I gotta hand itbto the guy fir taking on a hell of a workload, he’s drawn Grifter w Wildcats right and am actually curious to see chis take on Hawkman cause the character is so outside the box of the types he usually draws. Shock em Rob.

  145. I can already see Liefield destroy the awesome plot points in Deathstroke already at work. That cover art already means he is changing his new DCU costume into a pouch filled monstrosity.

  146. Kind of fitting that on the longest night and the coldest 24 hours of they year (here in north america).. were getting some of the coldest comments.

  147. I don’t like liefields art for the most part, but the hate he is getting is a bit over the top. And I don’t understand this 90s hate stuff. Should a writer be forced to quit after so long? People bitched bout booth and lobdell in tt and that book has sold huge. All of lobdells books have and they’ve been met w mostly praise. Deathstroke is clearly what rob has waited his whole life to draw and write and I hope u guys can at least give him a chance. Hell, his stories for grifter and hawkman sound exactly what each character needs. Remember when u all hated didio? Now he’s the selling point for dc universe presents.

    • Well in my defence i still dislike to Didio. I don’t owe Lielfeld anything. I don’t like his art and writing and I’m entitled to. I’ll vote with my wallet and not support it. You can do as you please.

  148. I was going to drop Grifter anyways, which disappoints me because I had high hopes for it (Loved Jake Ellis). Dial H and Earth 2 sound pretty great though.

  149. Love the ideas for all the new titles but GI Combat and Ravagers…. and Ravagers is one I”ll still at least check out! Might give Hawkman and Grifter a one issue re-try. I really can’t stand Liefeld’s art, but Hawk & Dove’s story was growing on me. With no Hawk & Dove to grab, I’ll probably also consider dropping Blue Beetle, Red Lanterns, and Batgirl to support any of the new titles I find myself passionate about. While I’ve liked those books, none of them have me thrilled each month, and there’s not really any reason to continue them if I’m not passionate about them and there are better books to replace them with.

  150. OMAC gone!? What is wrong with DC? Classic Kirby style and lots of fun. Right up there with Frankenstein Agent of SHADE. They should have combined the two titles at least, seeing as they just had a cross-over.

    I’ll pick up GI Combat becaue it seems close to the old Weird War Tales, but as for the rest, I can’t bothered. Like we need another Batman title. This global franchise idea is lame considering he is supposed to be the Dark Night detective striking fear into criminals. Picture it:

    Crim: “Who are yoooou!?”
    Batman: “I’m Ronald Mc… err, Batman”.

  151. I am in a quandry! I don’t know whether to make the obvious choice and drop Grifter (the only one of those books that I’m still reading) or whether to keep buying it and just not reading it in the hope that it keeps Mr. Liefeld busy and away from any books I’m really enjoying.

    DC must have lost their mind.

  152. Rob Liefeld; I just don’t get it! Hawk and Dove was a good title just his out dated and unfeeling artwork is what seemed to doom that title. I can’t figure out why DC why they would let Rob do anymore artwork?? His story telling however, is pretty good; Hawk and Dove I really thought with a better artist or more modern artist that title would have been better.
    Bringing LOBO back in the pages of Deathstroke should be fun, fun, fun! I was wondering when the main man would pop up, although I am not crazy about Rob Drawing this title!
    I am really growing tired of all of these Bat-Titles, I do not need all of these books to enjoy the Bat or some of his supporting characters. It just seems DC really has some sorta of bug up thier a%# with this Batman Incorporated book and they need to get it in print. All of the Bat-Titles they have out now are very, very good and I can’t see how they could not get it out through those?? I personally think this Bat Inc. title was not very good before the reboot and I just arrrggg….. Just not for me!!
    Grifter, Grifter, Grifter, one of the titles I picked to be huge in the New 52 and the character Grifter I think could have been one of the biggest in the New 52; I still do!! I hope Rob is only on this title for plotting only and no artwork, sorry just ain’t digg’in his artwork although I think he can plot and tell some great stroies.
    Rob can do artwork and write for Savage Hawkman I think that would be perfect for him, well know DC character who’s reboot has really crashed and burned from being badly written to just confusing and at some points just very bad artwork. With Rob it will be a huge artistic improvement and even I will not mind his outdated artwork, the great news is this title will have someone who can write and plot some kick a#% stories!! Hawkman deserves better and I think this maybe the start that he has needed. (Rob if you are reading this, you are a way better artist then I however; your writing and plotting skills I think are an asset to DC and thats where I think your career should be heading. Maybe a few covers here or there, just really the day to day artwork inside a title I do not think so.)


  153. Look what you’ve done people! I was going to drop Deathstroke, and make casual jokes about Liefeld as I have for years, but noooooo. You all had to go on this crazy, crazy hate wave! I mean I can hate and snark with the best of them, I am a professional! I bash charities! I bash people that give money away to charities! But this! This is out of control.

    Not only will I continue getting Deathstroke, giving it at least a few issues. I will never, as long as I live, make another Rob Liefeld joke, even when it’s deserved. Also the quote where he bought the Conan sword…. SO!>!> Who the hell doesn’t want to own the fucking Conan sword!?!?!? And everyone that loved Arnold Schwarzenegger said things about him being president when he first won the governorship, that doesn’t make you a nazi homophobe or something.

    Good lord!

  154. If they announce an Arm Fall-Off Boy book I’m gonna plotz !

  155. FINALLY! Something with Power Girl! Even if it’s Earth 2 I’m still going to be hopeful!

  156. Way disappointed about OMAC, it was so surprisingly good. I was enjoying Blackhawks a lot, too.
    I agree with the rest of the cancellations, and am excited about most of the new titles.
    Why oh why won’t they keep OMAC OMACtivated?