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James Robinson is Writing a He-Man Comic for DC

Skeletor on the throne of Grayskull? Man-at-Arms is up in arms!

Earth 2: The New Jay Garrick Revealed

From the Golden Age to the sewer.

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Men of War #7 by James Robinson

Can George Saint, S.A.S. slay a leopard and cut off a Taliban money source for good?

Earth Two: Jim Lee Saves His Best Superman Design for an Alternate Reality

The latest fashions from the House of El.

EARTH TWO Looks Second to None

This is gonna be like a North Dakota/South Dakota tourism nomenclature debate isn’t it?

Cornell Off STORMWATCH, Nicieza Off LEGION LOST and More Changes to DC Comics’ Creative Teams

Please place your keys in the bowl.

GUEST REVIEW: Shorthand Reviewed by James Robinson

DC Comics writer James Robinson wants you to check out this indie book

New Shade! Variant Cover to Shade #1 by Cully Hamner

Less than a month until we get new Shade!

FanExpo11: Jill Thompson, Gene Ha, & Darwyn Cooke Join James Robinson’s THE SHADE

Some big name artist will be telling tales of The Shade!

FanExpo11: DC Announces JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA with James Robinson and Nicola Scott

BREAKING NEWS: Coming from Toronto, the team we know and love is back, and it’s not what you expect! UPDATED!