New Shade! Variant Cover to Shade #1 by Cully Hamner

Have we mentioned we’re fans of the Shade? I’m sure it must have come up in one of our talks about Starman, but it’s true.

Thus it is with great excitement that we await the upcoming 12 issue series written by James Robinson, he who thusly imbued the Shade with his wonderfulness. In the spirit of that excitement, here’s a look at the variant cover for Shade #1 by Cully Hamner who will be providing interior art for that first issue, out on October 12.

Shade #1 variant cover by Cully Hamner

Are there more evil dwarves in our future? Or maybe something even better!


  1. This going to be amazing. What a talented bunch they got on this project. I have no willpower when it comes to something like this so I’m down for the issues and the big HC when its done. Hopefully, they match it to the omnibus set.

  2. I hope this is going to be good. STARMAN is my favourite series. Just a pity, that Tony Harris isn’t doing any interior art. Or even Peter Snejbjerg, who also did some great work on the book.

  3. Wow, I’m licking my lips for this one, Starman was one of the best comic runs ever, and the Shade stole the show for me throughout the series, it’s just a pity that James Robinson and Tony Harris have never really made up, as Harris’ art was just as important to the character development!

    • I really dug Snejbjerg’s take on the Shade though, he was dapper as hell. He was much more streamlined. Not that Tony doesn’t kick all kinds of ass.

  4. This cover looks dope!!!

  5. This will be fantastic. Can’t wait to see Robinson return to Opal City, and though I’d love to see Tony Harris, I’m a big Cully Hamner fan.

  6. Just finished the first Starman Omnibus and I totally see what the excitement is about! The Shade (so far) is the best part of a great book. Going to listen to that Booksplode I skipped a couple years ago…

  7. great art

  8. Man just when all my worries about the New 52 were finally settling.. Now I’m biting my teeth wondering about Shade (and by extension Jack Knight)…. Is Shade and Opal City part of Earth-2 now? Did Jack have a counterpart on Earth-1? *heavy sigh*