DON’T MISS: Starman #81 (Blackest Night) with James Robinson

The Last Days of American Crime #1When they announced the resurrected titles for Blackest Night this month, we were all shocked to see Starman #81 as one of the books being resurrected.  The legendary run of Starman by James Robinson was one of the best comics of the 1990s, and one of his personal favorites.  We never thought we'd see another issue, so the idea of how Robinson planned to return to Opal City and why was one of our foremost questions.

Ron caught up with James Robinson to hear about Starman #81 and in the conversation some interesting bits of news and information came out:

– Robinson would like to do a comic series, perhaps a mini series, focused purely on the Shade, a character he developed in detail in the run of Starman

– In the upcoming issues of Justice League of America, the character Mikaal (also from the Starman family) will assume the mantle of Starman

So take a listen to hear that as well as all the reasons why you should pick up Starman #81 in comic book stores this week!

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Starman #81

Writer: James Robinson
Art: Fernando Dagnino and Bill Sienkiewicz
Cover: Tony Harris

$2.99 – DC Comics

Listen to iFanboy Talksplode: Don't Miss #9 with James Robinson

Total Running Time: 16:02

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  1. I am halfway through the second Omnibus and loving it, also loving Blackest night and looking forward to this tie-in. I was a little bummed that Harris wasn’t on the interiors but now that I am into Vol. 2 of the Omnibi I see that he was in and out on interiors in the original run anyway.

  2. I can’t wait for this issue!!! So excited!

  3. Wow that I really love that cover. Can’t wait for this issue to come out.

  4. I’m only through the third omnibus.  Will listening to this spoil anything from the original run?

  5. Looking forward to listening to this.  It’s the only title I ever wrote letters to, even had a few published.  It is probably the single title that is closest to my heart, every time I re read it, it catapults me back to that time in my life – can’t wait til Wednesday…

  6. @AMuldowney the podcast doesn’t spoil anything. In fact I asked James specifically if new readers to Starman could read this and he said absolutely. So give it a listen

  7. Terrific, thanks!

  8. Cant wait. THe shade is one of my favorite under used characters


  9. The fact that I can walk into my comic shop tomorrow and buy a new issue of Starman makes me very very happy

  10. I was thinking about getting the Omnibuses, but Tony Harris draws such wonderful covers that I want to own each of them individually. Its a little tough finding the older issues, but im slowly trucking along with them. I’m only at the very beginning of the series now, but I’m loving it so far, as the tone and dialog are great. So yeah, I’ll be definitely getting this issue.

  11. Top interview Ron, I’m really looking forward to this book. And a kinder, gentler James Robinson is what the world needs now.

  12. When I first saw this this morning … and particularly when I read the words, "and reveals some plans for returning to Opal City … " my first thought was, "Yeah, okay … I can listen to this now and be half an hour late for work. No problem!"

    But alas, reason took over. So it’s off to work, with plans to check this podcast out later this evening (or over lunch break!)