Earth Two: Jim Lee Saves His Best Superman Design for an Alternate Reality

DC Comics has released Jim Lee’s design sketch for the Superman of Earth Two, a key figure in the publisher’s “Second Wave” of New 52 titles.

Has Lee learned from the backlash to earlier New 52 redesigns and all that piping run rampant? It looks like Kal-El’s string theory cousin has found a compromise between more traditional and modern costumes, with a bold new take on the classic S shield. Looking good. Here’s hoping Huntress or Powergirl managed to smuggle the pattern to the mainstream DCU.

Similar to other alt Supermen like the last Kryptonian of Kingdom Come and the previous Earth-Two model, this new iteration is defined by the loss of Lois Lane. Here’s editor Pat McCallum:

“What would you have to do to teach Superman to kill? He’s endured the loss of his home world, and now the Last Son of Krypton must weather the death of his soul mate Lois Lane. Just how far can you bend the Man of Steel before he breaks?”

Well, at least if he does break, he’ll do so in style.

Look for debut issues of Earth 2 and World’s Finest in May.


  1. Nice. Very reminiscent of All Star Superman–makes me think of both the Super Lois costume and I believe the Absolute Edition’s back matter featured some Quitely sketches (maybe it was a Morrison sketch?) of a very similarly oversized and reoriented S logo. When worlds inevitably collide, hopefully Clark will take some fashion tips from his alternate self.

  2. I really like this. Much more so than the nDCU version. I like the pointed cape and redesign of the “S”. I also really dig the way he threw a little yellow in the belt. It gives a nice little homage to old suit. I must say though, I’m still a little shocked that the costume doesn’t reflect how Superman will look in “Man of Steel”.

  3. I have to say, I like this look a LOT more. There’s just something inherently wrong about Superman having a collar. Who knew something so relatively small would bug me so much?

  4. Yep. This costume is superior to the one we got in the main DCU.

  5. I like that a lot. If only it had a flamboyant collar…

  6. so it looks like it’s clark, bruce, & diana.
    still gonna get the book, though.

    personally, i like both suits very much.

  7. reminds me of supergirls costume in the nDCU, they should have him change to this

  8. I don’t get it – shouldn’t he be really old?

    He doesn’t look old. How come he isn’t old?!

    Earth-2? The hell, you say… That ain’t no Earth-2 I recognise…

    • What about the idea that Superman doesn’t age like an earthling? I think the animated series had that aspect. That Superman would look the same when he’s 80 as he did in the present day.

    • @Spike1138: It’s not the Earth 2 ANY OF US recognize. I get that you were joking but I wanted to point that out. Minion’s point is valid (kryptonian aging), but there’s more to it than that. We don’t know if the JSA roster will be gray haired yet either (though they look more or less the same in the preview images). Everyone’s going into this blind. Hell, Batman and WW may not even be Bruce and Diana. It’s part of the fun.

    • I thought it had been suggested that it ISN’T Bruce under the cowl. Which I found quite intriguing.

    • @Metamorphic: It hasn’t been suggested either way, DC has been very coy about it. The biggest suggestion that it’s not Bruce has probably come from readers.

    • It would kind of be cool if it wasn’t Bruce. I mean this is Earth 2 so why not change it up. Also the escrima sticks on the variant cover really lead me to believe that it might be Dick under the cowl again. That would be awesome because I did like him as Batman before.

    • @Conor Kilpatrick: Thanks! I wasn’t sure that anything official had been announced. Serves me right for listening to the ‘ol rumour mill!

  9. much better without the collar

  10. I like it. Though it’s got those sharp angles that really aren’t necessary (he’s Superman, he doesn’t need to intimidate you with pointys), it’s definitely got less fascistic undertones than regular new 52 supes.

  11. The more I see these character designs the more excited I get . A Superman who kills along with a Batman who kills, Earth 2 does not sound like the ideal place to live if you’re a criminal.

  12. Far better design than the New 52 look with that silly looking armor, but what I could care less is that Earth 2 seems to focus on another variation of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. So us the Justice Society, Jay, Allen, Ted and the rest.

  13. The N52 design doesn’t bother me as much as it seems to bother the majority here. My only complaint about it would be that it wasn’t enough of a departure from the original. By that logic, I certainly agree that this is a bolder direction. But I like them both.

  14. I’m starting to be bothered by all of this Earth-2 killing talk. Batman and Superman killing? What, is Earth-2 the X-TREME 90s!!!!11!! universe now? The no killing rule for those two might grate from time to time (especially when it’s the Joker Batman refuses to kill), but turning them into the Punisher isn’t the answer. Still hoping this will be a good title though.

    • No one really said anyone of them is going to “kill” except that they’re going to be pushed to their limits.
      This is probably DC’s attempt to start up controversy and buzz.

  15. love this design. can’t wait for earth 2. it’s gonna be fuckn’ awesome

  16. Great… Now I want to read the Earth 2 stuff…

  17. I’m moving to Earth 2. If only because I hate that collar, too.

  18. I can’t wait to see DC One Million Superman in the Earth-2 series. But seriously, that design really is no better than the DCnU version. Jim Lee has either got to start taking some critism or do more than one sketch for these things

  19. I’m looking forward to E2 and WF much more than I was looking forward to the New 52.

    That said, I’m noticing that in all of these solicits, we’re seeing “darker” versions of some of our heroes, including, apparently, both a Batman and a Superman who are killers.


    21st Century Schizoid Man.

    Oh well, have to read it before I pass judgement.

  20. I just realized this is another DCnU Supersuit with a giant arrow pointing at the crotch. I think Jim Lee is trolling us.

  21. This looks so much better than the actual look.
    Also, Conor thanks for pointing out “Similar to other alt Supermen like the last Kryptonian of Kingdom Come and the previous Earth-Two model, this new iteration is defined by the loss of Lois Lane.”

    Just saw a fan rampage that DC is treating their most famous female character badly cos they’re killing her in Earth 2.

  22. This looks good. cant wait to pick it up