Earth 2: The New Jay Garrick Revealed

It would appear that Jay Garrick, Alan Scott and Al Pratt (Atom if you’re nasty) are getting the Cocoon treatment in James Robinson’s Earth 2 series from DC Comics. Newsarama has posted an interview with the writer, who offers a few new tidbits about the strange new alternate reality he claims is a completely new iteration of the Earth 2 concept.

Here’s what the new, younger Jay Garrick looks like as he races through the rat-infested sewers of the mirror world. This is also the cover for Earth 2 #2.

I’m going out for a walk.


  1. What the fuck is he wearing!?

    I don’t even want to think what Alan Scott is gonna look like.

    ….What the fuck is he wearing!?

  2. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    The good news is that there’s no way Alan Scott can look worse than his most recent living-lantern mascot costume.

  3. Is that Antman’s helmet?

  4. Wow, way to spoil a classic DC costume!

    But then that has been the New52’s modus operandi so I can’t say I’m surprised.

  5. Is Jim Lee designing the Earth Two costume too? If so, he should stop. Just stop.

    • No, Jim Lee is only incharge on designing the big 7. Everything else was designed by their respective artist most of the time. Jim Lee just overseas it.

  6. oh my, that looks awful, he kinda looks like Marvel Boy

  7. It’s an interesting design. Let’s wait to see what the book is like before we freak out, shall we?

  8. I really think DC’s starting to poop the bed with the new 52

  9. Avatar photo Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    I’m already pumped for the original costume’s revival in three years.

  10. Did Jim Lee do this one too? Would someone at DC PLEASE take his pencils away? And pens. And crayons. That bloody stump of a finger too.

  11. I was looking forward to this title. My enthusiasm is somewhat dampened.

    Terrible, terrible, terrible costume.

    Did I mention it look terrible?

  12. Yikes. The lightning bolt up the leg in particular is a huge misstep. I’m trying to imagine it working from different angles but it ain’t happening.

  13. It’s silly because it’s trying to ape off the original design.

    It’s a full piece but the bottom is blue (like his jeans), and the top is red with the lighting bolt (again like the old). Plus the helmet he’s wearing is kinda similar to the hat….But then you have the lighting bolt go down the side of the leg….and put the design all together and….yeesh it’s ugly.

  14. I don’t think it looks great, but I’ll reserve judgment until we see it in context of the story (or at least a straight-on full figure pose).

    But can DC ever really win with fans on this kind of thing? They get crapped on by one camp for retreading old concepts instead of doing something new, then they get crapped on by another camp for at least attempting to take a classic concept in a different direction?

    • hipsters gonna hip.

      costume’s alright.

    • as usual ken, you raise some interesting and objective points. it’s really a no win scenario for dc like you said.
      it seems to be so cool these days to just take a shit on everything new dc is trying.

    • True points all, Ken… but there is such a thing as going overboard.

      I’m actually okay with a lot of the redesigns. I generally try and keep an open mind with respect to things like this. But this is one time where I honestly feel like this costume is just plain bad. Not because it’s not the old costume, but because the design of it just seems overwrought.

      I’m still looking forward to Earth 2… but I’m not looking forward to seeing this particular costume. I’m willing to have my mind changed though.

    • I think the recent podcast on “Justice League: Doom” made a good point in this area – there is a way to update the costume without throwing the baby out. Like the other costumes so far, this is just overdone with linework, which will make pencilers’ jobs more difficult, or someone may just Vinnie Colletta the extra lines away. Do we really need the ribbed sides and the raised portions around the shoulders and neck? Yes, it brings the style in line with the other costumes, but that isn’t necessarily a good thing.

    • it doesn’t throw the baby out. red top, blue bottom and a yellow lighting bolt and a silver helmet. that’s the basic blue print. the more i look at it, the more i like it. awesome cover with the rats and all.

  15. I like the fact that they’re at least trying to be iconoclasts.

    We’ll see if any of this succeeds at all.

    I wouldn’t mind an all-different Earth-2 if it was well-written.

    I’d even be OK with all of the costumes and characters being radical departures from anything we’ve seen before.

    But I agree that some of these costumes have some really weird elements to them.

    I still see the Supergirl artist struggling with that costume.

    What the hell is up with those trunks? Is that a codpiece? A shield? But how does it…?

    They should let the title artist do whatever they like by issue 6, if ya asks me.


  16. Yeah, there’s nothing good about that design. Sorry. It’s just a mish-mash of what was there before. They would have been better off with a clean slate.

  17. Thats a 90’s costume all it needs are pouches lol

  18. Bash me all you want, but I like it and am eager to read this series. Sometimes, characters older than our parents must be rejuvenated for a new generation, I tip my hat to DC for the bold move.

  19. Rats

  20. There is a reason why the Mercury/Hermes helmet design has lasted two millennia.

    Just saying…

  21. Awful.

  22. There are so many crybaby fashionistas on this thread I’d find less on the Project Runway blog. You’re all so so terribly disappointed with the New 52 but, let’s face it, it didn’t have a shot with you from the very announcement of it. If a comic isn’t exactly what you want, it’s garbage and the whole medium is in decline. You’re the same whiny brats of this hipster generation that can’t accept difference, abide patience, or rise above your own gluttony. But yet none of you are making comics. Hmmm.

    • I’m making comics.

    • Nice way to generalize. Just because someone thinks that costume is hideous doesn’t mean they automatically hate the DCnU. I think it’s hideous and I’ve been very satisfied with most of the new verse, aside from the JLA and Superman.

    • @ Fanraeth
      you mean 90% of the changes?
      very little else changed.

      @ Josh
      you writing Earth 2? could’ve sworn i saw robinson on there.

      @Mace has a point.
      everyone annihilated me when i said i hated bucky being cap & dick being batman, saying i was afraid of change.
      now those same people are freaking out over the change of an outfit. not the character, an OUTFIT.
      we change clothes everyday, boys & girls.
      i think jay deserves a new outfit after over half a century.

    • I think that’s a little harsh. I’m reading more DC now than ever and loving a lot of it and think the stuff I’m not reading still looks pretty awesome. I can love the new 52 and still think this costume is weird looking. I’m still gonna try the book out because I’ve always loved the character. He doesn’t stop being Jay just because I don’t like his outfit. And I have the right to say I don’t like it.

    • I am not writing Earth 2. I just want to confirm that it’s only a rumor.

    • Nothing else changed? Really? I don’t think there’s a single hero in the verse who transitioned from the old to the DCnU without some change. Everyone at the very least got de-aged.

      Has anyone been calling people who like the costume names? Because I haven’t noticed it. Can we try to stick to complaining about/praising the costume without turning into stereotypical fanboys tossing around insults like “crybaby” and “whiny brats”?

    • I also make comics, but this costume doesn’t do it for me. From the looks of it, it seems that they’ve added a spoiler to sedan. Just unnecessary. I will say that we need different artists to design different costumes, because one guy doing it all himself will undoubtedly make some redundant choices (v collars anyone?).

    • Ya, and with numbers declining the way they have been there are not too many of us are buying comics either…

    • @Josh, What about Earth 3? You’re still writing that, right?

    • @josh
      you have comics on the stand? i had no idea. what’s the title? i’ll be sure to pick up an issue at my LCS and check it out.

  23. Very excited for this book, great writer, great artist and a whole new world to explore. i decided not to speculate to much about this book and just let it unfold before me, every panel will be a surprise, and I love that!

  24. I’m much more disappointed at the de-aging, I found Jay Garrick’s age and experience to be part of his charm. He and Joan were adorable. If I want read a mid-20s superhero, I have endless of choices. If I want to read an older, experienced hero, I used to have the Jay, Alan, and Ted, but now I just have another mid-20s superhero.

  25. I can’t wait to read the “Top Ten Terrible Character Redesigns of 2012” in December, because we’ve just seen at least one of the top five. Yikes.

  26. good god.

  27. Hasnt he been de-aged before? This just doesn’t look good. It looks like a bad Impulse design. Its missing a collar though.

  28. I think it’s pretty cool.

  29. Get rid of the weird fins and shrink the lightning bolt and I’ll dig it. Honestly, I kinda dig it like this. The bolt is all that really bugs me, and that’s more from a how to draw it standpoint more then anything else.

    No it’s not the JSA kind of look, but the way Robinson is describing it it’s not going to be a JSA kind of book either. I’m game for this, though that maybe the space in my list opening up from Hickman finishing his FF run talking.

  30. A big part of the reason why I was excited about Earth-2 coming back was the idea that this was going to be a universe where the heroes have aged and matured. Since it seems instead everyone has been de-aged, a la the universe we already have, I’m less enthused about Earth-2. I wish DC would quit pandering to this idea that the comic book-reading demographic is incapable of taking interest in older characters. I doubt any serious comics fan took a look at the previous incarnation of Jay Garrick, went “Eww, he has WRINKLES!”, and put the book back on the shelf.

    • DC isn’t looking to reach only serious comic book fans. Only targeting serious comic book fans has kind of been the industry’s biggest problem.

    • I don’t think the casual reader is age-phobic either.

    • @Fanraeth: Based on?

    • Based on not thinking the majority of casual readers are that stupid? Plenty of people, casual and serious, love Magneto and he’s got to be pushing a century now. If Jay Garret being elderly is enough to scare someone off of the Earth-2 book, I’m not sure how they got past the idea of this being an alternate universe from the main comics verse.

    • @Fanraeth: That would run counter to the conventional thinking in most popular media that younger audiences want, for the most part, to watch younger characters. That’s why Disney Channel and Nickelodeon don’t tend to feature TV shows starring adults. That’s why most new cartoons these days usually feature kids as main characters.

      I’m not saying it’s 100% right or wrong, but that’s the conventional wisdom. I think there is probably some truth to it. JSA never really sold all that well even when Johns was writing it.

    • Conor stated, “DC isn’t looking to reach only serious comic book fans. Only targeting serious comic book fans has kind of been the industry’s biggest problem.”

      It may be true that DC wants to reach ‘new readers”, but a recent study/survey showed that of those who are reading the new 52 are lapsed or current readers of comics (overwhelmingly). JSA is not the ideal comic to go after new readers.

      As a huge Flash fan I must say this new Jay Garrick outfit is worse than bad breath from an under-cooked steak that was consumed two days ago.

  31. I’m intrigued. Golden age in the modern age

  32. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Still looking forward to the book. I think the new costume is pretty ugly, but the main disappointment is the de-aged characters. I just liked old Jay as a concept.

    Plenty of old Jay comics though, I suppose. I just kind of wish they’d gone with Wally for this. Probably because I have no real affinity for Wally.

  33. I don’t love the design, but to be fair that’s a pretty terrible cover. Perhaps it’ll go down easier once we see it from various angles.

    I remain excited for the new Earth 2.

  34. I think it looks okay. To be honest, despite having read Johns’s entire JSA run, I don’t know much about Jay other than he’s an old guy who runs fast and has that helmet. This actually has a science vibe to it that speaks to his personality more.

    • Yeah, the scientific aspect was what got me intrigued.

      Maybe there’s some stuff about him from way back in the old days that’s worth going back to.

      To Google!

  35. I also remain excited for EARTH 2! Even though yeah, we keep getting info about it that’s mildly disappointing. lol

  36. Look, DC, Jay Garrick’s costume is simple. REALLY simple. He wears a red shirt with a lightning bolt on it and blue pants. Besides the lightning bolt, the most complex thing about it is the helmet. Even then, it’s just one of those Mercury helmets. It’s not complicated.

    So, what possessed you to take one of the simplest costumes in DC history and make it one of the most complex and insane?

    Mostly it’s the helmet that gets me. The rest is pretty good, and harks back to his old costume. The lightning bolt is a little much, but the rest isn’t too bad, and I see that they’re trying to make it a full body suit and more like the other Flashes. So… I’ll let that pass, and that part may grow on me.

    But the helmet. I don’t understand it. Please take that off. It’s atrocious.

    • I always thought the tin helmet looked a little goofy. Yeah it was a nice nod to Hermes, but it still looked strange to me nonetheless. However, i like that much more than what they went for here. They should’ve just ditched the headgear entirely if they were going to go in this direction. yuck

  37. Jim Lee is the coked out Tony Montana of DC comics. Up all night tweeting away, too powerful for his people to stop, not thinking clearly or making good decisions.

  38. Here’s my thing, as I expounded on Twitter earlier:

    It’s not about whether Jay Garrick is young or old.

    It’s not that I fear change.

    It’s not that I think Jay’s previous outfit was the height of fashion.

    It’s simply this: DC has a legacy — and that’s one thing that makes ’em unique. And the thing I always liked about the Golden Age heroes, whether they were post-Crisis “old men” or vital Earth-2 counterparts, was that DC was able to utilize these concepts to give us a touchstone to the past. To the look and feel and mindset of the 1940’s comics.

    And I’m a little bummed that we lose that. Because this Earth-2 is just, from what I’ve seen thus far, “Another Earth” where things have happened a little differently. And that’s coo. I mean, I’ve read and love many a What If? or Elseworlds tale. And I know James Robinson is GREAT when left to his own little world (his SHADE miniseries is largely its own sandbox, for example).


    I miss the sense of legacy, and I miss the touchstone to that era that comics — like no other medium — had built uniquely into its fictional history.

    That’s all.

    • Yes, that’s exactly it, daccampo. I feel like the DCU used to be an awesome car that was both new and classic at the same time; that it had features which thoroughly pleased both sensibilities. I’m a bit worried that’s over.

    • Agreed. This is the thing I bitched about the most when the New 52 was announced – throwing away the years of legacy.

      I was excited about Earth 2, but now not so much.

    • Very true. What made the JSA unique was its legacy, and I know many readers younger than my 45 years thought that the book was cool, that some even loved Jay, Alan and Ted. If the issue was age and that World War II was over 60 years ago, you could have done what Smallville did. Place them about 30 years ago.

      I thought it was cool seeing sons and daughters pick up the legacy. I found Robinson’s interview even more bewildering, that Earth 2 has that fuzzy 5 year time line too.

      DC. Give us an Earth that gives us the JSA we want.

  39. Looks like an Elseworlds Annual redesign.

  40. Or maybe a future Flash from the Mark Waid era.

  41. Just another to reason to use Pandora as a ‘back door’ to return to the old DC Universe. Worst case, perhaps those mutated rats will eat away Garrick’s Flash suit and he will have to return to the original get-up.

  42. I think the costume is alright. Just the lightning bolt thing looks stupid as hell. Never read any Jay Garrick or JSA so whatever. I’ll give it a shot.

  43. Eh, as much as I love Jay’s old design it was inevitable that they would change the costume. This costume does kind of mesh the old with the new. Red top, blue bottoms with red boots, and a metal hat. But the whole costume looks like it’s one thing and the old army mercury helmet is now a full on helmet which kind of makes sense since it’s easier to stay in place.

    Do I like it right now? Not that much, but I knew something like this was coming and I’ll grow to get used to it. As long as he’s still the old Jay, I’ll be happy.

    Now I await to see Green Lantern, Hourman and maybe (since it’s Robinson) Starman.

  44. I’m not sure that this Earth 2 title is very new Dc reader friendly although I’m interested I’m kinda getting turned off of the series from all these previews. Anyone else feel this way?

  45. Why bother making Earth 2 if it isn’t going to be Earth 2?

  46. Talk about weird bookends – Sheldon Moldoff, the Golden Age great who drew the first image of Jay seen by readers, passes and a couple of days later this appears.

    I’m not mad keen on it …

  47. @thehangman Jay got a new outfit – well he swapped the lightning jeans for a plainer model 😉

  48. one of my biggest beefs with comics and cartoons is that the characters often wear the same thing all the time. i wish they would go through a rotation of costumes and clothes. i realize that iconic characters often wear the same thing so that they are very recognizable to the general public and especially to children for marketing purposes.
    i love new costumes even if they’re not to my tastes. i like variety. this costume design is not at all bad. just different.
    if i want/need to see the old jay costumes, there’s about a few thousand back issues that i’ve never read that can fulfill that need.

  49. I dislike everything about these changes.

    I’m not going to cry like a bitch about them and I’m still going to read Earth 2

    but I don’t like them.

  50. I understand DC is trying to reach a wider/different/younger audience and that’s fine. It makes sense. However, that also means things will come along that are clearly not for me. This is one of them. I was looking forward to Earth 2. Now I’m not.

    Perhaps losing interest over a costume is an overreaction. But this is a visual medium and the look of the characters affects my enjoyment. That costume looks terrible in my eyes. I liked the Mercury theme and simplicity of the old costume. But more so (as Paul said) I like old Jay and the other aged JSA members as a concept. They’re they old vets. Their experience and wisdom helped give JSA that family feel. I get the feeling they’re changing this group of characters to the point where they could just be different characters.

    So again: I get it. But I’m out. That’s an ugly costume 😛

  51. I’m still getting Earth 2 but some of these costume designs have me shaking my head. Have we learned nothing from the 90’s? the best costumes are the simplest costumes when it comes the superheroes. I have a feeling alot of the redesigns are going to look really dated in a few years.

  52. If the bolt down the leg was toned back some, and the helmet tweaked /re- worked, I think it would be great. It isn’t as awful as I first thought. I went back for a second and third look at it. Jay was in the same get -up for decades, it took me an afternoon to warm up to this look.

  53. He doesn’t look anything like my statue…

  54. And the majority of the Earth 2 costumes I think turned out great so far. We will all miss Power Girls chest window, but come on it was really difficult to defend that look.

  55. Uhg, why couldn’t they just use the Kingdom Come design? Red blurry lightning with that classic helmet is beautiful running across the page.

  56. DC wants to reboot things, I think they really stepped in some doodoo! Jay Garrick and the rest of the JSA should be exempt from this,as they are supposed to be the classics. The costume we are looking at is easy to see that well, it is not very appealing. I don’t like it and not that the classic turtle helmet was the coolest thing but, that really worked and you knew who he was; ICONIC! Maybe it is the helmet or whatever he is wearing, the rest of the costume from what I can see seems fairly similar to the old one. Oh well I guess we will see what happens as always.


  57. This redesign isn’t working for me. His classic costume cohered for me because it evoked the mythological Mercury/Hermes while retaining a casual look that fit Jay’s personality perfectly. I’m still very much looking forward to Earth-2, and I hope the other changes will be more to my liking.

  58. JFC!

  59. Years ago, there was a storyline in “Flash” that featured Flashes from alternate earths. Some of the more interesting designs used what looked like an interesting take on a bike or a speed skater’s helmet. I’m not even sure what I’m looking at here – it’s just hard to tell what the thing is. If they’re going for something like that, fine. If I were running at supersonic speed, I think I’d want a helmet of some kind. I don’t care for the design of the costume, but then, I don’t like any of the New 52 costumes except for Aquaman.

    I guess my biggest “pick” is that a lot of these characters look outrageously angry about *something* almost all of the time (e.g., the redesign pic for Shazam). I’m sure it’s supposed to come across as exciting, but to me, at this point, it’s just monotonous.

  60. Every time they roll out a new costume design from the new 52 I always feel like Bob Newhart in his failed third series “Bob” where he plays a silver age comic creator who’s character, Mad Dog, get revamped by a Grant Morrison/Frank Miller- type creator. It all just feels like new Coke to me.

  61. Avatar photo 36crazymet (@themikeylamb) says:

    Personally i’m not a huge fan of the costume, but i’m still going to check out the book.

  62. I’m just not a fan of goggles; Kid Flash, Catwoman, whoever, I just don’t like them. Other than that, I’m not bothered nor surprised to see this. Oh well.

  63. Is the purple lady the bridge to parallel universes? I wasn’t sure if someone brought this up already.

  64. This design feels like more of a mash-up between the Earth-3 Johnny Quick and the Earth-2 Jay Garrick. I’m not ready to dismiss this redesign out of hand yet. There’s no context for this image and we have no idea what the presentation on Earth 2 will be like. For all we know this is what he looks like in his younger years and his older look will be something else entirely. We can’t really do a retread of what came before with Earth 2, or we run into the same issues as we had before the relaunch: how do you have 1930s-40s era heroes with children and proteges are that are in their 20s in 2012. Let the storytellers tell their stories and reserve judgement till then.

  65. I don’t hate it at all, but It’ll take a bit to get used to it. If I could just have a pic of Jay standing still to get a good look at it.

    It’s a good attempt at merging old with a fresh twist.

    Seriously, if anyone wanted him to wear that other thing on his head, you’re holding to hard to an old look. I found the helmet a bit silly, but overlooked it because Jay Garrick is awesome.

  66. He’s now the mascot for Gatorade.

  67. Avatar photo Arrrggghhh (@Arrrggghhh) says:

    I’m not interested in a new Jay Garrick; This seems like just another Flash character to help diminish the relevancy of Barry Allen.
    I would rather see an Earth-2 that’s current timeline was 60-70 years behind Earth-1’s present time.
    Maintain the legacy of the JSA with a cool new retro look set during WW2.

  68. For the most part, I like the costume. I like the helmet except for the horns, antlers, feelers, what are they? I like the way the red and blue meet, and I like the lightning bolt on the chest… up until it starts going down his leg. If it stuck to his chest, I’d be all for it, but it’s been turned from a logo into a go-faster-stripe and just looks silly.

  69. I can’t even put into words how disappointed I am with this book and it hasn’t even come out yet…

  70. I dunno, this costume looks okay, but for me one of the great strengths of the Jay Garrick Flash’s costume was that he was basically wearing street clothes (jeans and a red shirt) with a cool helmet. It real made him stand out from the rest of DC’s Golden Age heroes, whose costumes tended to be more ornate and elaborate and helped illustrate that he was a reasonably down to earth guy (with a cool helmet). Personally I would have liked a modernization of a design keep the street clothes asthetic, but update it from the 1930s to the present day. Instead DC opted to make the costume more, for lack of a better word, “superhero-y”, which in my opinion makes it stand out less from the multitude of other bright spandex suits in comics.

    That being said I don’t think a single costume design is a good reason not to read a book, especially one like Earth 2 which seems to have a large cast of characters.

    • Sorry I just re-read the other comments for this article and realized that few if any posters had attributed this costume as a reason they wouldn’t read Earth 2, so I guess my comment should read “… is a good reason to pre-judge a book…”.

  71. Yes the costume is horrid. But my question is why is he running through a tunnel full of angry rats with his mouth wide open?

  72. Is he hoping to become patient zero for whatever disease these rats have?

  73. FINALLY someone gets what Jay Garrick is all about. It’s not speed. It’s RAT INFESTATION. I know I’m not the only one who remembers the epic tale of a young scientist desperately trying to improve the water quality in a down and out tenement building going so far as to experiment with HARD WATER. It was that commitment to URBAN LIVING CONDITIONS that turned him into the Flash, and I am glad DC has enough integrity to maintain that firm commitment to back story and continuity. NOW IF ONLY WE CAN GET A NEW 52 LOBO!!!!!

  74. Are we really doing the “NOT MY JAY GARRICK!” thing?

    Considering the huge reboot that took place last year I find it funny that some people still think that anything is sacred. Anyway Jay’s old costume was hilariously dated so it’s not surprising that they would want to change that but this isn’t a good design imo.

  75. Ooppha. This costume hurts my eyes. There’s just so much going on, design-wise.

    I can understand some of the changes, they all seem to serve a purpose.

    “Jay runs with a dish on his head. How does it stay on? It needs straps. Maybe something to protect his eyes from all the wind (ok, he has a speed force generated aura, but still). He should have some ear wings like Barry’s costume, let’s slap those on the helmet as well. He’s got a really cool lighting bolt shirt…let’s make that longer”

    Any of these changes alone might have been enough. It would tweak the old costume just enough, but would say “different”.

    All of these changes together, though? Hurts my eyes.

    He looks like Jay Garrick’s douch-ier great grandson or something. A character that Jay Garrick shows up to tell “Listen, kid…settle down a bit”

  76. The new design of captain Marvel is way better… But let’s be honest, the worst still Wonder Woman and Power Girl…

  77. Does he have antenna…

  78. As a long time JSA fan and a traditionalist at heart…I’m not sure I like the costume but am looking forward to the series as I need my Earth 2 fix…

  79. oh god. not sure how i feel about this. I love jays tin helmet :/

  80. The Justice Society’s role for the last twenty years has been an older role , more like the mentors that many of the newer heroes needed . Now the boneheads at DC seem to think that making them younger will attract the TWILIGHT crowd . I cannot beleive that they are that stupid , but then again they did seem to believe that giving Rob Liefeld three books was a good idea , so I should’nt be surprised . Thanks guys for making my comic buying fix cheaper , all you have to do is keep making crap and I will be able to pay all my bills .

  81. No. Just….no. Jay has been the moral compass of DC. He’s even been described as the one hero that everyone in the DC Universe trusts. The helmet envoked the speedsters’ ties (image-wise) to the Greek gods. To Jay, it was a tribute to his father going off to fight in WWI. Changing that into THIS monstrosity is borderline blasphemy. Some people are outraged that Superman has no red shorts/underpants anymore??THIS angers me waaaay more….

  82. Who in the world designed this. I know Lee handled seemingly most of the redesigns, but this is a huge misstep.