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2009 All Media Year End Roundup

Show Notes

It’s the fourth annual All-Media Year End Round-Up where Josh Flanagan, Ron Richards, and Conor Kilpatrick discuss everything they enjoyed in 2009 from movies, to television, to music, to video games and of course, to comic books. Enjoy!

Running Time: 02:10:00

00:02:15 – Up in the Air
00:08:12 – Star Trek
00:09:39 – The Road
00:11:34 – Up
00:13:53 – Away We Go
00:16:18 – Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince
00:18:19 – The Men Who Stare at Goats
00:21:02 – The Fantastic Mr. Fox
00:24:49 – Taken
00:27:00 – Funny People
00:29:35 – (500) Days of Summer
00:32:01 – Watchmen
00:34:22 – Inglorious Basterds
00:36:45 – In the Loop
00:38:51 – Adventureland

00:41:41 – Mad Men
00:42:43 – Glee
00:46:08 – Friday Night Lights
00:50:48 – It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
00:53:33 – Curb Your Enthusiasm
00:57:42 – Top Chef
00:59:04 – Bored To Death
01:02:59 – FlashForward
01:05:49 – Breaking Bad
01:09:46 – X Factor
01:14:51 – Survivor
01:17:02 – Community
01:19:14 – Psych
01:19:48 – Weeds
01:21:31 – Lost

Video Games:
01:25:16 – Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood
01:27:10 – The Beatles: Rock Band
01:29:15 – iPhone Games
01:31:38 – Batman: Arkham Asylum

01:35:01 – Passion Pit
01:35:52 – Ray LaMontagne
01:37:33 – The Big Pink
01:38:16 – The Beatles Remastered
01:38:59 – Pearl Jam
01:40:05 – Morrissey
01:40:58 – The Decemberists
01:43:54 – Glee Soundtrack
01:44:46 – Cut Off Your Hands
01:45:20 – The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

Comic Books:
01:46:53 – Batman and Robin
01:47:28 – Captain Britain and MI13
01:48:14 – Hellboy / B.P.R.D.
01:48:53 – Blackest Night
01:49:28 – Fantastic Four
01:50:08 – Invincible
01:51:04 – The Flash: Rebirth
01:52:08 – Nova / Guardians of the Galaxy
01:52:39 – Hellblazer
01:53:31 – Chew
01:54:19 – Wednesday Comics
01:55:12 – The Mighty
01:56:26 – G.I. Joe / Cobra / Origins
01:57:03 – Phonogram: The Singles Club
01:57:35 – Scalped

The Three Best People Working in Comics – 2009:
01:59:13 – Greg Rucka
02:01:13 – Darwyn Cooke
02:03:37 – Geoff Johns

“Last Christmas”
Glee Cast


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  1. You’s didn’t see Hurt Locker? best film of the year imho, ah well I look forward to your thoughts and ramblings

  2. I don’t see Avatar and Sons of Anarchy up there either. I think Josh and Conor would really enjoy SoA (it’s run by one of the main guys who did The Shield).
  3. I really was wondering how you guys were gonna pull this off with Murmur and that explains that

  4. yay!

  5. Wow, can’t believe it’s been a year already…

  6. RE: Avatar – we recorded this before any of us got to see it – tune into a future episode of the Murmur podcast for thoughts on Avatar.

  7. @ron excellent!

  8. No Dr. Who. I know there was a that discussion in that murmur podcast, but still that show is too awesome for a single discussion. Also, You guys need to get your game on man. Call of Juarez is the only ‘major’ release you guys played. That’s inexcusable. Left 4 Dead 2 4-pack is on sale on steam for $28 per copy. Since its a Source game, it will run fine on your laptop if turn everything down. Also, Braid is only $2.5. Very good game, especially at that price.


    further thoughts after listening to the Podcast.

  9. Flash Re(ally Late) Birth.  EVS on a monthly title!  HA!!! 

     My top 3 of 2009

    Geoff Johns

    Matt Fraction 

    Ed Brubaker

    Biggest disapointment of 2009

    Grant Morrison  The end of Final Crisis & Batman & Robin.



  10. Up sound scene I hate to say was in Natural Born Kisser’s (simpson’s ep)

  11. I really liked Away we go too…..

  12. Actually the one show I’m sad you didn’t talk about is White Collar, I enjoy every single episode without fail

  13. I was hoping to see Modern Family discussed.  I think I saw a tweet of Conor’s implying that he watched it. Easily the funniest show on TV.

  14. i love you guys. i love listening to your podcast.

    but you listen and watch some really terrible stuff. "the x factor?!" "the glee soundtrack?!" WTF

    i still love you though

  15. Super happy Ron came around on 500 days.  Might have been my most favorite of the year in terms of enjoyment.  I must have watched that trailer a million times…..

  16. And for the millionth comment, I fucking hated Inglourious Basterds.  Words cannot express how much I didn’t want to have the reaction that I did, but I couldn’t help but be offended by the film.  Before I get into that, to me it just felt like an Indiana Jones movie, with a great Indiana Jones villain but devoid of Indiana Jones.  Also, for me when one chooses to do the sylized sillyness it shouldn’t be mixed with brutally realistic scenes of horrible genicide.  I kinda sorta checked out of the movie once the bad guy busted out the gigantic pipe……

  17. Not having direct tv for FNL is killing me…..

  18. Also, between midnight run and heaven can wait Charles Grodin should get some love…

  19. Wow, nothing about Sons of Anarchy?  Many, myself included, consider this far and away the best show on TV right now.  Way above Mad Men, which I watch as well, but SAMCRO just grips you by the shorthairs each and every week.  If you guys are not watching it you must start.

  20. I’m fairly new to Ifanboy, and I was a little thrown off by not having the regular show, but…FUN! This was fun as hell!


    You guys can take something like Up in the Air and make it interesting lol


    Happy New Years, guys!

  21. The way in which you guys talk about Geoff Johns can be reiterated about you three. I mean y’all have such a passion for everything involving entertainment. I go to a Military school and thus am in a bubble but there is never a failing in being well informed as far as entertainment goes because of the dedication and passion y’all have. Thank you for a good year and I hope that next year doesn’t leave someone with need for dentures.

  22. I’m happy that you guys still love Lost.  I was getting worried that I was the only one.

  23. NO DEXTER?

  24. Seasons greetings.  Great show guys. thank for keeping us informed of what’s hot in 09. Though Ron has lost points as a human being; X-Factor!!?! what are you smoking?!?!


    And no mention of Southland. Top quality show that was cancelled for some reason, you Yanks!!!

  25. @peterPanic – TNT has picked up SoutLAnd for its second season and TNT has been putting out Leverage which has just been fantastic

  26. Great Things You Guys Left Out:


    Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Animation may not be Pixar quality, but its a fun movie with a great performance by Bruce Campbell as the creepy mayor.

    I Love You, Man. I assure you, it is way better than the trailers made it out to be. Very funny and very touching movie, albeit a little cliched.



    This was the year I caught up on my old TV. Finally finished The Shield, the best TV show of all time. Also, after much insistence of friends and the intrawebs, finally checked out House. My initial impression was stupid hostpital procedural, but now I am nursing a serious man-crush on Hugh Laughrie, brilliant actor. Gratutious Sherlock Holmes refrencing is nice as well. Also gave Dr. Who a shot after a surprisingly brilliant third series of Torchwood and instantly fell in love. great show. Also checked finished the whole 36 episodes of Josh’s last year’s reccomendation, Peep Show, over a week. Thanks Josh. Current shows that should’ve been discussed.

    Royal Pains. Its a great mixture of Burn Notice and House. It sounds gimmicky, but its not. Its very fun.

    White Collar. Another USA show, same Burn Notice-y formula. Still Matt Bomer is a great leading man and has great on-screen persona. The mid-season cliffhanger was complete bollocks

    Castle. C’mon! no love for Mal Reynolds!

    Dexter. Last season of Lost was my favorite season of any TV show. It was easily surpassed by recently wrapped up 4th season of Dexter. Even the ever-annoying Jennifer Carpenter gave a brilliant performance in one episode.

    Supernatural. From Horror x-files to urban fantasy epic, this is one hell of a ride. 

    How I met your mother. Still my favorite American sitcom.


    I am slowly getting back "into" after not caring for the past 2 years. Thanks for religiously pimping the Decemberists on twitter, Ron. It is exactly the type of thing I wouldn’t have tried.

    Depeche Mode – Sounds of the Universe Yes, you heard it earlier in the year and thought ‘meh’, but it is SOOOO better on the second listen.

    Mastodon – Crack The Skye I used to be a huge metalhead. But I got bored very easily. Because it is a genre that has stagnated in this decade. But there are still bands that are doing great metal, few as they may be. Mastodon is one of those bands.

    Converge – Axe To Fall These guys dont know how to stop. One of the most consistingly brilliant bands of the decade.

    Mos Def – The Ecstatic I am not a huge Rap listener. The last Rap album I loved Mos Def and Talib Kweli’s Black Star 11 years ago. Its nice to see Def has only improved in the past decade.

    Still haven’t listened to the new Between the Buried and Me, Dream Theater or the Dear Hunter. I would also like to express surprise at the Pearl Jam record. It has no right to be as good as it is.


    What else? Torchlight is still on sale at Steam(http://steampowered.com) for 10 bucks. Best video you’ll buy for ten bucks. And where was the love for Unwritten.

  27. everything you just mentioned sucks. happy new year!

  28. that was a little harsh, sorry

  29. How come there is no mention of DID YOU HEAR ABOUT THE MORGANS, are you telling me that you guys have missed out the amazingness of COUGAR TOWN! What about that board game MONOPOLY!

    Im just kidding. Love the end of the year wrap up show.

  30. @edward

    I don’t suck. You suck.  :p

    Happy New Year to you too man!

  31. Great podcast as always. The only things I’ld add as good this year are The Hurt Locker, Moon, and The Shield.

  32. @davidtobin100: THE SHIELD ended in November of 2008. We talked about the finale in last year’s YEAR END show.

  33. Enjoyable show as always gentlemen.

    I was also a bit shocked that Modern Family wasn’t discussed. Cause that has quickly become one of the best comedies on tv. Oh well, what can ya do?

    I would add a few other things to the comics section for my own tastes. Including: Brave and the Bold, Deadpool, Incredible Hercules, and Thor.

  34. Really? I’m living in the past! 😉 Only got the last season on DVD here in Ireland about two months ago. 

  35. God I miss the Shield.

  36. I love these guys comic book opinions, but I guess I’m not entirely interested in the other stuff. Not to say they don’t have good taste but it can be a tad bit insular at times, especially on the music side. And too bad there was no podcast talk. Would have loved to have heard something about Precious, Hurt Locker, Sugar, True Blood, Delocated (tv), Freddie Gibbs (music), St. Vincnet (music), and other stuff. But there is only so much time.

     Oh, and in terms of comedy, although it’s not new it is new to these shores thanks to Adult Swim, check out The Mighty Boosh. Best stuff going.

  37. Oh Leverage and Better Off Ted were also great this year

  38. I got to go to The Hazards of Love show in Portland this summer and it was beyond awesome.  Can’t agree more with the comment on that.

  39. Listened to some of Ron’s suggestions for music.  Very nice, my friend. Big Pink and Cut Off Your Hands are fantastic, hooky pop.

  40. some awesome movies that didn’t make the list: Hurt Locker! Hurt Locker! Hurt Locker!, Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans  and Herzog’s other movie, produced by david lynch and starring the awesome crazy guy from revolutionary road: My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done?

     And Miyazaki’s beautiful beautiful little mermaid adaptation Ponyo. I will never look at water the same way after seeing that movie. 

     My favorite movie this year was Where the Wild Things Are. It was pure, unrestrained, absurdist emotion. Pushes all my 9-year-old buttons i didn’t know were there. The "that’s-not-fair-you-pushed-me-too-hard-i’m sorry-i-pushed-you-too-hard-don’t-tell-your-mom" buttons. Pushed ’em with a rocket-finger.  

     and best show of the year: Jesus Lizard reunion! 

  41. NPR’s "Live Songs from All Songs Considered" podcast have a podcast of the Decemberists playing the entire new album in Texas. Podcast is dated March 19th 2009 if anyone is interested.

  42. Great great show! I remeber listening to this show last year…wow has it really been a year.

    Keep up the good work guys, and love the recommendations, especially the music recommendations from Ron.

    Now, it’s time to pick up Cobra Origins, and start Invincible in trades.

  43. No Mention of the Hangover? One of the best mindless comedies of ’09(Love the gay asian gangster!!! and MIKE EFFIN TYSON!!)

    Thank You Mr. Flanagan for bringing to light yet another solid work from Pearl JAm!! I’m NEVER disappointed with anything Eddie & Co. put out!

    Finally, any love for the year AMazing Spider-man had?

  44. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    Not as rotten as an actual hangover, but goddamn if it didn’t leave me just as restless. But wtf do I know? I went and saw Halloween II three times! I hated all the scumbag characters, but the opening scene in the hospital was sublimely macabre, real horrorshow! Loved the Moody Blues soundtrack in that scene. I like movie’s with big scary sons-of-bitches, so I’m psyched for the 2010 Predator film.

  45. I appreciate this podcast.  You have given me some good suggestions over the eons.  Looking at the above list I have one nagging question.

    How do you find the time to consume all of this media?

     I don’t mean that in a snarky way (it’s an honest question).  Between reading prose and comics, watching television and movies, listening to new music, plus all the time you put into your podcasts and websites, I am marveling at your ability to get through it all (presuming this is just one small segment of "life").

     Do you feel nagging pressure to clear the DVR queue?  Do you wake up thinking, "today would be a mighty fine day to read the Captain America Omnibus"?  Do you ever feel like you are sacrificing potentially more important things in life due to your hobby (i.e., opportunity cost)?  Perhaps this could be the subject of a future article (if not already done).

     Thanks again for a great podcast (appreciate all the time and effort you put in for the rest of us).

  46. @zenman – Doing iFanboy was Conor’s and my job this last year, so we read a lot of comics on company time. 😉  And honestly, I barely go to the movies anymore.  Probably a 10-15 movies this last year tops.  But really, back when I had a day job, I thought I spent a lot more time watching, listening and reading.

    But then again, I’m about to have a baby. Let’s see what next year is like.  Netflix will be important.

  47. @josh – Thanks for the answer.  I was not aware of that but now it makes sense.  Yes, I agree that Netflix may become a life saver on those nights of baby sitting in your future.  Congratulations in advance on the family addition.

  48. You know I respect the hell out of you guys and you are consistently one of my favorite podcasts but saying something as silly as there are no complaints about Blackest Night… First off this is the internet so there will always be random haters but there are also legitimate complaints as well. I shop at Atomic Comics in Scottsdale, AZ and I can tell you that to a large degree the reaction to Blackest Night these days by both customers and staff has become negative. The manager of the store is also my co-host on a weekly Video Podcast reviewing comic books so I get a fair share of details of how meh people are becoming to it. Generally the comments are (and I agree by the way) that the event is overly long and stuffed with filler and that the plot developments are derivative of Johns previous work or ridiculous even by comic standards. Not to say I hate Johns or anything (I agree about the quality of Secret Origins and the Supes line in general and I am salivating for Batman: Earth One) but when you guys made that comment, my left eye started twitching uncontrollably. Good year in review and great year of podcasting in general. I look forward to another year of supporting this excellent show with my membership fees.

  49. Don’t you guys know you are supposed to do this podcast 24 hours a day so you can talk about every single movie, tv show, album and comic that came out during the year? That way we don’t have to put up with all the "What, no mention of (fill in the blank!)" comments in this thread.

    That being said, Happy New Year everybody! 


  50. @muddi900

    The new BtBaM was killer. And in direct constrast to your statement, I got a bit bored of ‘Crack the Skye’ myself. I love Mastodon and the album is great, but I just preferred ‘Leviathan’ and ‘Remission’ over the new one and find myself going back to those two more than it. 

  51. You said Kevin Spacey hasn’t made a good film in the noughties. What about moon ? That was great !


  52. Netflix is sending it to me as soon as I can get them to!

  53. Sam Rockwell is the star of MOON, is he not? Isn’t Kevin Spacey just a supporting character (and it’s just his voice at that, right?). Ron’s point was he hadn’t *starred* in anything good in the 00s. Not that he hadn’t appeared in any good movies.

  54. Well it was just his voice. But I would say ‘co-star’. I see your point. I apologise. I thought Moon was one of 2009’s best films though.

  55. I’m surprised there was no mention of The Unwritten from Vertigo.  That’s been a surprise hit for me, and I think it’s one of Vertigo’s strongest books at the moment…behind Hellblazer and Scalped naturally. 🙂

    Great show as always guys.  Let’e hope 2010 is even better than the awesome 2009! 

  56. i’m still dealing with the Glee Soundtrack

  57. Inglorious Basterds was the best movie I saw this year until I saw "Brothers."  Holy crap that was a great movie.

  58. I’m with you on 95% of the comics and half of the movies.  But the musical selections.  Wow!

  59. Can I please get a re-up of this ep lads? I can’t d/l it or play it…

  60. Try this. I don’t know why the link up there doesn’t work.

  61. Thanks,Josh.

  62. You guys listen to much underground music? Just wondering…

    Like Hella, Six Finger Satellite, Boredoms, Labradford that sort of thing…

  63. Nope.

  64. @Josh: lol. Well… uhm, you should give it a shot someday. 🙂

  65. Best line of dialog of the year: "You wrote a bad song Peter!"

  66. I hope you continue and do a media round up for 2010.  Sort of a neat way to end the year.  Just a few things I’ve enjoyed this year: Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Mad Men on AMC, Movies: The Ghost Writer, How to Train Your Dragon, and I’d have to think about the other catagories. Sometimes I think I should get out more (probably a New Year’s resolution 😉

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