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Pick of the Week #252 – The Unwritten #17

Show Notes

Pick your own Pick! Ron Richards went with the myriad choices of a choose your own adventure, and then we get sidetracked for most of the rest of the episode by Ron’s new obsession with Steve Rogers’ incredibly judgmental attitude towards his “peers.” We try to reign this one in, but it got away from us a little bit.

Running Time: 01:10:23

Pick of the Week:
00:02:10 – You might choose your own Pick, but Ron went with the page flipping masterpiece, The Unwritten #17.

00:12:51 – It’s not 2Pac’s new album, but rather a fun Marvel mini-series: 1 Month 2 Live #3.
00:15:16 – Sic Semper Tyrannis! History buffs will get a big kick out of Pale Horse #4.
00:17:12 – We’ve got a split decision on Thunderbolts #148.
00:21:16 – Conor is all caught up in the Nazi-kicking excitement of Time Bomb #2.
00:22:53 – Ron finds his shamanistic experience in The Heroic Age: Super Heroes. It’s a doozy.
00:34:56 – DMZ #57? Is that? Oh my. It’s Cliff Chiang!
00:35:20 – X-Factor #209 proves that there is still an X-Factor series.
00:35:42 – You do not want to be in Cobra. You do want to read G.I. Joe: Cobra #8.
00:36:31 – If you’re into that kind of thing, you should be into Hack/Slash: My First Maniac #4.
00:37:20 – CBGB #3. So that happened. But yeah… not so much.
00:38:13 – There’s nothing not wonderful about Mystery Society #3.
00:38:54 – Crisis in DC Universe Legacies #5!

User Reviews:
00:39:30 – ctrosejr is all praise and puppy dogs for Astonishing Spider-Man/Wolverine #3.
00:41:24 – thenextchampion blames delays for his lack of excitement for Joe the Barbarian #7.

Book of the Month:
00:45:20 – Conor tries his level best to get through talking about Locke and Key, Vol. 3: Crown of Shadows, our Book of the Month.

00:53:15 – Robert from Florida comes….. FROM THE PAST!!!

Giveaway Winners:
01:04:57 – Jonathan Crites and Hector Perez won the Blackest Night hardcovers!  Don’t miss all the other great giveaways!

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“The Choice is Yours”
Black Sheep


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  1. Cool show so far but just to throw my two cents in, Ron, definitley read Unwritten in trades. I got totally lost with the last arc as I read it in issues but I then went back and read it in one go and not only did I understand it, I really came to appreciate just how freakin’ good it actually was the whole time. It’s a superb, superb read and is just behind Scalped as my favourite book being published right now by Vertigo, if not by any publisher but it is seriously dense and a challenge to read in single issues.  

  2. No Morning Glories #2 discussion?  Bummer.

  3. Sweet! I loved Black Sheep bitd.

  4. Went long eh? NICE!

  5. Unwritten is just a weird series for me. The art has always been good, and the adore those covers. But the actual storyline? It’s just so boring for me, and I care so little about the characters. Two trades in and I still don’t root for anyone and some character’s ideals/missions is still confusion. Who are these people trying to kill the guy? Why is this girl, talking to books no less, such an important character in the grand scheme? (Granted it sounds like this issue explains some of the latter) So for me, it’s about 12 issues in and I just didn’t find myself caring about the main story.

    The two issues that breaks the format however; Kipling and Winnie the Pooh parody issues; were really well done. Really interesting and just a blast to read. So I would probably love this ‘choose your own adventure’ issue and I want to get my hands on it. But probably the next issue that gets back to the story would be boring as hell to read.

  6. Drunk Conor = Pro. 

  7. The Simmons kid was the one who got busted swiping art on his comic at Radical, Radical dropped his series.

  8. Engine engine number 9, on the NY transit line, if my train doesn’t get off the track, Pick IT Up! Pick It UP! Pick It UP! lol Man what a classic track haven’t heard that since my younger days when it first came out, lol. Love Unwritten def one of the best series on the shelves today. Locke & Key I am so happy to be BOTM!!!! SO AWESOME!!! Thanx guys another great podcast, another happy listener, keep it up!

  9. @ Robert — I actually love Quasar, especially the first 12 issues.

  10. I did a spit take at work listening to this episode. and I couldn’t stop laughing towards the end. People are looking at me strange right now.

  11. Ron showcasing Heroic Age: Super Heroes is sooooo funny; I got to get my hands on this!

  12. I am defiantly interested in how you guys feel about photo tracing/swiping.

  13. Can Judgemental Steve Rogers be part of the iFanboy Comic Characters Real World cast? Constantly clashing with Middle Management Red Skull when it comes to team dynamics.

  14. Robert from the email is like a real life Steve Rogers.

  15. Another Quasar fan here. Loved the Gru series.

    Ron. You just sold me on the Superheroes book.

  16. Picked up that Superheroes book on a whim last week, and only now am I enjoying it. God bless you, Ron Richards.

    Also, BIG UPS to Quasar! Eon was his boss until he died and was replaced by his daughter(ish), Epoch. I was at my LCS a few months ago and came across a pack of 20 old Quasar comics for 5 bucks. I am now all Gruenwalded up and loving every second of it. 

  17. Nice!  Almost all of my pull-list was reviewed on this episode.  Usually only 1 or 2 titles are on here.  Good stuff!  Thank you guys for doing this show and keeping me sane/entertained in my depressing time of unemployment. heh…

  18. Splendid show, chaps! I wonder which villain will be the equivalent of Judgemental Steve Rogers. Maybe Magneto – he loves those creepy muties.

  19. Bruce’s first mission after his return should be to haul up in the Batcave for a weekend and compile the DC version of Marvel: Super Heroes for the Batcomputer’s archive. With annotated notes to himself;

    Superman – Prone to mental breakdowns after slaps from embittered widows.

  20. On the character summary for Conor, drinking on the show is definitely a PRO.

  21. What did you guys think of Morning GLories? I was surprised not to see it as it was the pick of the week last time.

  22. I just think it’s funny that Steve goes on a peyote trip with a Native American shaman, but in his vision he sees the embodiment of the Roman goddess of truth.  Wouldn’t he see something more fitting?  Maybe that’s the peyote interacting with the super-soldier serum.  The whole thing is just freaky.

  23. @Suicidalkangarooz: It was quite good.

  24. Wow, I didn’t know half of the characters Ron was talking about and you still almost convinced me to pick up the super heroes issue… 😉

  25. Great show. The Superheroes part had me in stitches!

  26. the super heroes part was hilarious and so was the e-mail. classic episode. 

  27. Really great episode, mainly due to Ron loving the Superheroes manual. Steve Rogers on peyote-fueled dreamquest which leads to judgemental cataloging of heroes. Brilliant!

    Also, another big Quasar fan here. One of the first comic stories that really grabbed me as a kid was the Project Pegasus arc in Marvel-Two-In-One, which prominently featured Quasar. After that, old Wendell always had a place in my heart.

    Note to Robert (or other Quasar fans): Marvel Boy from Agents of Atlas is tied into the Quasar character in that Marvel Boy was the original wielder of the Quantum Bands. Quasar’s first identity "Marvel Man" was based on the Marvel Boy character.

    (I’ve always been drawn to the 3rd tier or z-list Marvel characters. Go Stingray! (anyone remember Skull the Slayer?))

  28. @jujoji – Hell yeah, Stingray!

  29. Wait a minute… Is Robert really Justin Robert Young from NSFW? Compatriot of Brian Brushwood?

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