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Because Scott Kurtz Won’t Talk to Me…

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I’ve asked Scott Kurtz of PvP fame for an interview a couple of times now, and he’s yet to agree…...

iFanboy’s Back!

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As you may have noticed, we’ve been down for a little while. There was some unexpected server issues that caused...

Marvel Alters Ratings System

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Diamond announced that Marvel Comics have revamped their ratings system, again. They’ve slimmed down to just 4 ratings: All Ages,...

“Felicia” Makes Her Final Statement

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This seems to be the biggest quiet rumble in comics I can think of. Over at Rich Johnston’s Lying in...

Trade Paperhack: The Return of iFanboy

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josh_small2.jpg Why do we do iFanboy? What was the point? Has anything really changed? Josh gets mushy.

Little English Girl Scared By Hulk Penis

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In one of the most bizarre stories in recent memory, The Sun is reporting that a six year old girl, who was given a 12-inch Hulk doll won at a carnival, was stunned to find the doll to be anatomically correct underneath his purple pants.