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Pick of the Week #8 – Hellblazer #215

Show Notes

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Running Time: 00:47:45

Pick of the Week:
00:01:36 – Hellblazer #215

00:11:05 – Lucifer #69
00:12:13 – Runaways #11
00:12:19 – Testament #1
00:12:45 – Ultimate Iron Man II #5
00:14:10 – Gotham Central #38 (from two weeks ago)
00:15:24 – Iron Man: The Inevitable #1

00:18:29 – Ron had a stressful week of buying comics.

00:20:12 – Infinite Crisis #3
00:20:36 – Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk #1

00:24:03 – Conor and Josh’s slightly less stressful week buying comics.

00:24:57 – The Flash #229
00:25:30 – Green Lantern #6
00:27:35 – Justice #3

00:28:52 – Late books plague the industry.

00:30:52 – Matthew in the UK wants to start reading independent comics and needs recommendations.

00:36:26 – iFanboy’s comic book Christmas wishes.
00:40:11 – The first look at the movie Ghost Rider.
00:41:39 – What happened to Garth Ennis?

“Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)”
Darlene Love


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  1. That was for the Penny Arcade fans.

  2. Heh.

  3. Put it on your wishlist, and pretend you’re a pretty girl. Some webnut might get it for you. But then, you’ll “owe” him….

  4. I can’t wait. I think i’ll get it for myself.

    I went comics shopping today:
    DMZ 1 and 2 (2 was a christmas gift fromt the clerk at the comic shop)
    Powers 14 and 15
    Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk
    XFactor #1.
    I loved Woverine vs Hulk and XFactor. I haven’t read the rest yet.

    I also got the issue of JLA that Patton Oswalt wrote in the mail today. I got it on ebay.

    The last issue of the Ultimates was fantastic. I’m surprised nobody mentioned it. Political commentary up the wazoo.

    I usually hit up the comic shop once a month, but the newest Daredevil and ExMachina books weren’t there yet, So I’ll probably be there again next paycheck.

    Are you guys gonna do a top ten comics podcast? I’d like to hear that.

  5. I Top Ten Comics Podcast is a good idea. We already have something similar planned, sort of a 2005 wrap up.

  6. Thanks for working on Channukah. From what I can gather Iron Man used to be a drunk and you three are funny.

  7. That’s badass when the clerk gives you free stuff.

    And here on night 4, we give mad shout outs to the Jews! Keep that oil burning!

    (I don’t know what that was, with the mad shout outs and all.)

  8. My girlfriend is Jewish. I said Happy Channukah. Then I went back to reading DMZ

  9. I just finished the stuff I bought this week.
    I really liked X Factor and Ult. Wolverine/Hulk.

    DMZ is … alright. I mean, It’s kind of provocative, but it’s also kind of contrived. The survivors of a massive war are punk rockers? What? You have time to put on your Buzzcocks buttons and dread your hair when people are shooting at you? Whatever. It’s a mini, so I’ll probably finish it because I want to know how it ends, but this is just another “Don’t trust anyone over 30” story.

    Powers was good, as always, but those two issues just moved the story along. Nothing stands out, there.

    I was given Box Office Poison for Christmas and I have Ellis’ Ocean book and the Demo trade on their way from Amazon.

  10. I just picked up the first 2 issues of DMZ too, I see what you mean by they’re contrived, but I like it – its a bit typical of Brian Wood, so you just have to roll with it…

    we all enjoyed Box Office Poison, hopefully you will too…and the DEMO Trade was my christmas gift to Josh and Conor this year, so it has my seal of approval 🙂

  11. To say I only enjoyed BOP is an understatement. I loved it. It spoke to me more than most comics I’ve ever read, but that also had a lot to do with the time of life it captured, and when I read it.

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