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REVIEW: Infinity #1

An emotional roller coaster from a divisive writer and a superstar artist.

REVIEW: Molly Danger, Book One

Jamal Igle has Kickstarter’d a new book into the marketplace. Does Molly Danger make the world safe for all ages?

Movie Review: ‘Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox’

Flash in the pan.

REVIEW: Genius

Get ready to have your mind blown.

Movie Review: ‘The Wolverine’ (Spoiler Free)

An atomic bomb and a murdered bear spur Logan on a much needed (totally painful) Japanese vacation.

REVIEW: Superman: The Unauthorized Biography

Spoiler warning: eventually he loses the red shorts.

Movie Review: ‘Man of Steel’ (Spoiler Free)

Guys, he REALLY wants that Codex.


A comic book legend returns.

Review: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys #1

Post-apocalyptic, post-superhero pop-art.

Movie Review: ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ (Spoilers)

Neither as fun as its predecessor or as affecting and operatic as its chosen model, Star Trek Into Darkness frequently dazzles but ultimately struggles to engage. Thing is, it’s not caught in a tractor beam. It’s locked one on its past and is attempting to tow.