Psylocke Joins ‘X-Men 3’!

Psylocke has been added to the cast of X-Men 3.

She’s being played by Meiling Melancon, who played “Chinese Slavewhore” on one of Conor and Josh’s favorite shows, Deadwood.

She probably won’t have the British accent, which is too bad, because that would be hot.

In the movie, Psylocke is… evil? What?

Was there a bigger comic book sex symbol in the early 1990s then when Jim Lee drew Psylocke? I think not. Back then, I always thought that Charlotte Lewis would be a great Psylocke.


  1. It seems like they have a big book of characters and what they look like, and they’re just grabbing when and where they need them, with little regard to their character backgrounds.

    Now that could just be the disgruntled fan in me who is still steaming at the scars on Nightcrawler or the scales on Mystique, or that Pyro was a teen in Xavier’s school and not a baddie from Austrailia…

    But I’ve been a fan of Psylocke from before the Asian makeover, back when she wore a bathroom floor rug as a cape…so I hope that she is done justly in the movie…I doubt it though

  2. Are you kidding? Nightcrawler was the best thing in X2!

    It’s never going to be a literal translation. If it was, it would fail.

  3. Conor is right.

    Loosen up. Comics don’t translate direclty. Never have. You didn’t hear us bitching about Batman Begins because it wasn’t a literal translation, did you?

  4. Loosen up, RON. Geez.

  5. haha, you may have a point, maybe I should loosen up…

    but to conor’s point, Nightcrawler was great in X2, I didn’t say he was bad – I just didn’t like/see the need for the scars…

    I’m not asking for lteral translation, but I’m also saying, don’t change stuff for the sake of changing it. Even Conor, who posted this, questioned her being evil…

    Plus – you would absolutely freak out if in Batman Begins 2(or whatever they call it) they made Gordon a villain.

  6. I’m not questioning the notion of being upset if they make a hero into a villain, more the stuff that doesn’t matter like Nightcrawler’s scars or Pyro’s age and nationality.