I couldn’t think of any puns involving ‘300’

So, 300 is actually filming. I had no idea.

Great story. Great comic. Great graphic novel. I’ve got my fingers crossed. Ten bucks says they leave out the gay stuff.


  1. I liked the comic alot, I heard rumblings about the movie, but didn’t know it was already im production.

    Add this to the watchlist!

  2. Well, I knew the movie was in development, but I had no idea they had actually started.

    Looks like they are going in the direction of the live action actors/CGI environment style of SIN CITY. I’m not sure that’s appropriate for this particular story, but we’ll see.

    Dominic West!

  3. There was gay stuff in ancient Greece?

    For a little more info for the curious…


    the Director most recently did the Dawn of the Dead remake, which wasn’t actually that bad, except for that there was no point to it existing.