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  1. I am really undecided on this. I am loving the X-books right now, Ive always liked the "New Mutants" style teams, I like Guggenheim… but I hate the art. Like really hate it.

  2. Yea. I love the "New Mutant" concept and tweeking the titles that Marvel is doing right now because I just got into comics a week or so ago and it’s making it very easy to jump right in.

  3. I’m just reading the first issue to see what this is about. Odds of me being impressed enough to read #2: not very good. But still…

  4. I want to start reading more X-books. Is this a good place to start? or will I be totally lost having not read Messiah Complex?

  5. It’s hard to say given the mystery around the title. We really don’t know anything about it except for the lineup on the cover.

  6. @brandon2 — which ones are you reading now, and what kind of background do you have with Xmen?

    This is a new title, so it will presumably be a jumping-on point, but might not be the best, depending on what you want.

    I’m not planning to read it, because I suspect it will give me rage, but that’s my issue.

  7. @brandon2 – It seems to be a continuation of New X-men in the Post-Messiah Complex era. Reading Messiah Complex would help a lot, or at the very least reading up on the effects of the crossover.

  8. Huh, I did not expect so many comments on this book already.  I guess good or bad, people are going to give it the one issue try.

  9. I will give the first issue a try. To be honest, I was getting tired of New X-Men, so I am not expecting much out of this one. I just didn’t really connect with the characters.

  10. I’ve dropped all the X books except Astonishing and First Class.  I am going to give this book 3 issues to impress me.  I hope it does.

  11. I’ve been reading Astonishing and First Class.  I think I’ll flip through this before I pick it up.

  12. @brandon2 — This one might be confusing if you haven’t been following ‘New X-men,’ as it seems to pick up a lot of the characters from that book.  Either ‘uncanny’ or ‘xmen:legacy’ is probably at a better jumping on point (at least if you’re willing to go back a couple issues).  On the other hand, if you like teen teams, it could be a fun one.  Hard to say since the creative team is new to these characters!

  13. There’s something about this book that’s striking me the wrong way.  It’s not the writer, I love Marc Guggenheim’s work for the most part. I’m not a fan of Paquette’s art. His art has never been very good from what I’ve seen. And then the concept. What’s the point of Cyclops turning kids into soldiers? He doesn’t need to. There are plenty of X-men running around doing nothing for him to choose from.  I’ll still read the book because I’m a such a huge fan of the X, so I hope I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  14. @shogunt — Agreed about the redundancy.  Hence my comment above that I’m probably going to skip this one because of the rage.  I can see that the school concept was hard to maintain, but it seems like there are going to be some ridiculous characterization contortions in order to make this premise work.   I’m already having trouble with ‘Uncanny’ because it bugs the hell out of me that Scott and (particularly) Emma would abandon the school with no explanation.  And now we’re being told, "Instead of protecting these kids and educating them, which has been a core part of the X-books at least since Morrison wrote them, we’ll send them out to kill people b/c violence is awesome and sells more comics, even if the ‘grownups’ have to act like total douchebags in order for this to happen."  Now, I may be wrong and there is actually a good explanation for this, but I want to be convinced before I buy the book.

  15. im being completly honest when i say i think cyclops is a skrull

  16. I still really hate the art, but the last page reveal has hooked me for at least another issue or 2.

  17. @imadeadpool:  I was just going to say that.  This book made no sense to me.   "Hi.  I’m Scott.  I need a crew of X-men to take on the Hellfire club.  And instead of using tried and true experts like Beast or Nightcrawler.  I am going to enlist the help of kids and mutants that nobody has even heard of.  They will also probably kill people, which kind of reminds me of the X-Force team that I just put together.  However, this team only has 1 feral mutant instead of all feral mutants.  You would have thought we would have ran out of Wolverine clones with that X-Force team.  But that just goes to show you how good I am.  I can literally spin around and point my finger in a random direction and find me a new mutant who looks and acts just like Wolverine.  Damn, I’m good."

     That being said, my favorite Kentuckian is in the next issue so I’m coming back for another lump.

  18. This book gets one more shot, but yeah, I gotta admit I kind of agree with Viktorr–why these people for this mission? I thought there were no more X men…whatever. So Far the new X men status quo is kind of…dull. I dropped X Force, Cable, and potentially Young X men.


  19. @viktorr — bravo!  Granted, I didn’t actually read this book; I just had my friend summarize it for me, so I didn’t try to read it and break things.  But, really, if it were narrated by cyclops and he talked like that?  i’d read it.


  20. I dont know if any one else has mentioned this b/c i was too lazy to read all the comments but heres my three thoughts.

    1. Cyclops is a Skrull or at least i hope that he is.

    2. there is no way that The New Mutants are the new brotherhood.

    3. cyclops sends kids to take out new mutants so that they dont pose a threat to the skrull invasion.

  21. reasons cyclops IS a skrull…

    A. He kicked wolverine nightcrawler and colossus to god knows where in russia

    B. He and Emma took a vacation to the savageland after messiah complex and as Spidey said you dont just land in the savage land.

    C. Either hes a skrull or Emma Frost is and is controling cyclops to make all the mutant teams kill everything!!! X-force kill these guys, Young x-men kill these guys, oh and the girl that can see the fututre isnt allowed in.

    i just thoght of all this on the way home…

  22. Cyclops didn’t send Logan, Pete, and Kurt to Russia.. Peter wanted to go visit the graves of his family and Logan and Kurt went with him because they are his friends.

  23. If Cyclops is a skrull, chances are he is only a skrull in THIS book.  We’ve seen his dreams in Uncanny, and there’s no way that wasn’t him in messiah complex, being emo about Jean’s picture in the locket.

    My guess is that skrull-clops is plotting against the old new mutants, for whatever reason, and the kids will eventually find them, and the older generation will decide these kids need better supervision, start their own team, etc.  Though, like I said, haven’t actually read the issue ;).

  24. I really enjoyed the issue. I’m not bothering on guessing who is a Skrull and who isn’t. I accept Cyclops as the real Cyclops. I love how badass he’s been lately. I guess we should thank Joss Whedon for that. I really enjoyed the book it was a lot of fun. The art was okay, but Paquette’s art was good on Ultimate X-men, so hopefully it will improve. The only reason I picked it up was because of Guggenheim and he delivered. The characters were interesting and I’m really looking forward to the next issue.

  25. I’ve liked Mark Guggenheim’s previous comic work that I’ve seen, but what a waste of time and money this was. Cyclops acting out of character, two people who speak in a terribly annoying manner (Blindfold, the best psychic since Kari Bleeding Limbo, and Ink, with all that ‘cuz’ nonsense), leftover Chris Claremont villains, another hairy clawed person (what, he’s not in X-Force?) and the worst Yanick Paquette art I’ve seen).

    What’s really bad is the typical X-office (see also New Warriors) assumption that we all know who the characters are, so there’s need need to properly introduce anyone. Blindfold, for example, seems to have been around the X-universe for awhile, but she’s made no impression wherever I may have seen her (Astonishing? X-23 X-Men?). She has partial visions of the future? Is she related to Destiny? Is Ink brand new? Is he cousin to the tattoo guy? Is the hairy clawed person a New Mutant (I read about half the issues of New Mutants/Academy X/New X-Men before X23 finally did for me)?

  26. I said I would give this book 3 issues, I lied….choppitty chop chop.

  27. Quite a disappointing issue, this one. It’s quite bewildering. I’m not sure it’s even the pencils at fault. I think it might be the colours.

    After the success of Kyle and Yost’s New X-Men (Which right up to Messiah Complex was actually the highest selling non-core X-Satellite title) this one had a lot to live up. Sadly, the most interesting members of the cast of its predecessor are gone. The new guys don’t carry enough interest to cover up the vast hole left by characters like Hellion or X-23. Hell, even Pixie – and I never thought I’d say that.

    The phrase ‘If it aint broke, don’t fix it’ comes to mind. 

    I’m willing to give the book a longer go, but it really is a huge step backwards in terms of roster, and writing style.

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