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X-MEN #1

• Because you demanded it! The X-Women finally get their own book, from critically acclaimed superstars Brian Wood (X-MEN, ULTIMATE X-MEN, DMZ, The Massive) and Olivier Coipel (AVX, HOUSE OF M, THOR)!

• An old enemy shows up at the X-Men’s door, seeking asylum from an ancient evil come back to earth.

• Meanwhile, Jubilee has come home, and she’s brought with her an orphaned baby who might hold the key to the earth’s survival…or its destruction.

• Against a backdrop of what seems like an alien invasion and an eons-spanning war between brother and sister, Storm steps up and puts together a team to protect the child and stop a new threat that could destroy all life on earth!

Story by Brian Wood
Art by Olivier Coipel
Cover by Olivier Coipel, Joe Madueira, Skottie Young, Terry Dodson, & Milo Manara

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 13.3%


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Avg Rating: 4.4
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  1. Not sure about this, I really don’t need another $4 mutant book but F’N Coipel draws me to this.

    • Wood draws me to it. I loved his work writing X-Men for a few issues just before NOW! happened.

    • It ain’t cheap to follow the on-goings of the Marvel Universe, that’s for sure!

      I’m quite content with my buddy’s Daredevil and Hawkeye in the 2.99, monthly section for now!

    • This is a book I would totally buy if it was 2.99. It looks pretty damn cool with a very talented team. But for 3.99, unless it completely blows me away while I browse through it, I’m passing.

      I will stick with 2.99 FF and I’m gonna start getting 2.99 Hawkeye as well. I really should check out 2.99 DD, too.

    • @thefyl He wrote a really cool Wolverine and the X-Men miniseries as well. Did you check that out?

    • How are u guys getting HAwkeye for $2.99?? Every issue I’ve bought has been $3.99

    • Really? Hawkeye has always been $2.99. I think someone must be taking you for a ride.

      Marvel has gotten a lot cheaper for me to read. I’m officially switching to trade format for everything. And I can get all of my trades for 45% off. For sure the way to go for me to save money. It took a while for me to make the change as it was hard to break the habit of getting stuff right away. But June will be my last month getting actual issues.

    • Marvel’s newsstand prices are 3.99 for everything, even their 2.99 books. So for example, everything is 4 bucks at Barnes & Noble (which is why I would never buy Hawkeye or FF or DD from there.) Maybe that’s where r_boyette is getting them?

    • Ahhhh, I didn’t know that. I guess I have never gotten a comic book at the newsstand.

  2. Can’t wait for this book. I hope it is as good as I think it will be!

  3. Really didn’t want to pick up another X-Men book but the creative team is pretty top notch and I can’t pass up a book with Kitty, Rogue, and Psylocke.

  4. Coipel makes this an instant pull. Thr fact that Jubilee is a major player in the book doesn’t hurt, either.

  5. too…..many…..x……titles……can’t…..afford….must….find….second…. job….

    • I love the X-Men and I can’t believe how many I’m buying right now without even counting this one.

    • There’s not that many!

      All-New X-Men
      Astonishing X-Men
      Cable and X-Force
      Savage Wolverine
      Uncanny Avengers
      Uncanny X-Force
      Uncanny X-Men
      X-Men Legacy
      Wolverine and the X-Men

      That’s only 13 titles! You’re only spending, what, 68 dollars a month after all the double shipping? That’s not so bad! 😛

      In all seriousness, I don’t see how any X-Fan can collect every book, there’s just way too many of them! Marvel is basically ordering X-Fans to pick and choose.

    • @scarlet-batman: I might not be a representative X-men fan, but in 22 years of reading various X-books, I have never bought all of the X-titles, nor have I ever felt like I was missing out by NOT buying all the X-titles.

      As of this week, I’ll be reading 5 of the X-books on your list and they’re all doing a great job bringing a different look and feel (I’m enjoying Uncanny Avengers too, but since it isn’t edited by Nick Lowe’s staff, I don’t think it counts, strictly speaking — same for A+X).

      And just to throw a little gas on the “too many X-books” fire, I’d be open to buying ANOTHER X-Book if they did a title more specifically focused on the younger X-Men (I know that’s part of Wolverine and The X-Men’s purview, but a lot of cool characters have been sidelined).

    • Scarlet, you missed X-Factor. 😛

      And – arguably – Gambit.

    • And (adjectiveless) Wolverine and technically Uncanny Avengers

    • Scratch that just saw them

    • I don’t even count Avengers related titles or solo series but with that I’m reading 7 out of the 13. Damm

  6. If I wasn’t ending my all of my subscriptions, I’d add this in a heartbeat.

    I guess I’ll read the library’s copy next year.

    Looks awesome. Wish I could afford it.

  7. Love Coipel. Wood, I could take him or leave him. I’m just not really interested in these characters. Though, I will admit, bringing back Storm’s Mohawk was a brilliant idea.

  8. Interested in this, that said, it’s lame that it’s already going to get sucked into a big crossover at issue #5. Even if this is really good, i’ll be dropping after the first arc.

    • Only 2 issues of this book in the crossover. Not so big.

    • And it’s only crossing over with the X-books that most people are likely already reading anyway (All-New, Uncanny, and Wolverine and The X-Men), so it’s not like this sprawling money-suck of an event.

      But hey, I get it, everyone has their rules.

    • The problem isn’t the crossover, it’s the fact that the crossover promises to be a big status quo change for the X-verse. Who knows how that will affect the book overall.

    • @Scarlet-Batman: I don’t understand, it kind of sounds like you’re saying that status quo change as the result of a story is a problem? I always consider that as kind of the point of storytelling, especially in comics.

    • @ken: Yup. Especially with the Big 2.

    • @KenOchalek: I might qualify that with “status quo change” followed by reversion to status quo within 6 months or so. There are sometimes changes that stick, but I would think of those as the exceptions that define the rule.

    • If by “Status Quo” change you mean it’s Civil War part three then yeah sure. I really like all the x-books right but I was disappointed when I found out the details of the crossover. I really don’t need to read another set of books about super hero’s fighting each other. Especially from Marvel.

    • @Ken: What I mean is that I like the current status quo and would prefer to read the stories set in the here and now. I’m a bit tired of all the turmoil found in X titles lately. I just want things to say relatively the same for longer than a few months. I still feel like there are a ton of stories to be told in this fascinating post-AvX world. Plus, we’re going to get Infinity right after the Atom crossover, which will be another game changer. There’s a lot of things happening all at once and I suppose I just feel trepidatious.

    • @Scarlet-Batman: Okay, that makes more sense to me. Even though I enjoy the changes and constant forward momentum, I can definitely agree that such a brisk pace causes a lot of potential narrative to remain unexplored.

      I’ve been working through the last few years of X-Men stories (thanks to the Marvel Unlimited app), and it is amazing how — when read in large chunks — how quickly the narrative flows from House of M to Endangered Species/Messiah Complex to Utopia to Second Coming to to Schism to NOW!

      I can see how Marvel is in a tight spot though — even though many fans clamor for less events and more time to live in a status quo, whenever they try it, sales drop off.

      Maybe one good baseball game issue will solve all our problems?

    • @Ken: I do enjoy the changes too because the X world feels so much more alive than the rest of Marvel. However, I thought we were settling into “new normal” here. I was blind sighted by the all-of-a-sudden arrival of two big status quo changing crossover events stacked right on top of each other. I’ve been happy to see things change in the past but, like I said, I just thought we were in for a bit more development in the here-and-now before we rocketed off to try and find new normal again.

      I’ll agree that long periods without events breed un-interest in a significant portion of the comics community. This fact often troubles me but I understand their complaints.

      My worry is that a fresh title like this one will get swept up in Cross Over Fever and then never return to it’s pre-crossover quality. Look at Wolverine and the X-Men. That series was made of gold before AvX. Since the end of AvX, it has been an up and down roller coaster of stories and ideas that just don’t capture the magic that was there to begin with.

  9. Hooray!!! I’ve been waiting for this title to finally come out!! Wood did an amazing job when he wrote Storm last time. I’m hoping he kicks butt again!

  10. Coipel drawing Storm will get me every time. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

  11. I’m buying this because:

    A) Coipel
    B) Wood
    C) A team book with an emphasis on FEMALE leads? That seems rare.

  12. I don’t see how any can of 90’s era X-Men can pass this up. These are all my ladies in one book! You add Coipel to that and you’ve got me for six issues at least.

  13. I’m torn by this book. I’m a big Brian Wood fan but I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed an X-Book for more than one story arc.

  14. I’m waiting to read some reveiws, honestly. Like the creators, but I just need one Xbook, and All New fills that need for me really.

  15. JML ( says:

    I’m going to keep picking this up if just to stick it to some of the disturbingly sexist commenters on the CNN article about it. The book itself was pretty solid. The female X-Men tend to be the most interesting to me.

  16. Picked it up and scrolled through and taught to myself meh nothing special here, put that $4 towards Daredevil 26 instead.

  17. Can NOT wait to pick this up this evening!

  18. The X-men are marvels batman.

    Also when did Rogue get her Ms Marvel powers back? Because she seems to display there here, I liked the issue but that felt odd as she hasn’t had them in awhile and doesn’t have them in uncanny avengers.

  19. Marvel are killing me right now, just when my pull list is at capacity this little beauty drops, hopefully (although I struggle to see how) this book will be allowed to occupy its own little corner of the x-world and have room to breath

  20. Darn the lack of an edit feature!

    This book was sooooooooo good! Oh man, I am hooked! The writing and art were top notch! Well worth the wait.

    Also, I love the all female team. It’s so refreshing to read a title – especially and X title – that doesn’t have some kind of dominant male figure. I like the team and can’t wait to read more!

    • Loved this too–so much fun! Reads like an amusement park ride! Recommending this to all my friends.

      Next issue, please!

  21. Good book, lovely art, but i have no idea who Sublime is. Or Omega Sentinel. Kind of irritating that a #1 would be wrapped around so much X-Lore.

    • My feelings exactly. This is getting to be a trend with #1’s,this lack of background info. It’s one thing for a book like X-Force to be a little continuity heavy, but you’d kinda hope that “X-Men #1” would be a little more new-reader friendly.

      That aside, still a rad book.

    • Was there something about Sublime or Omega Sentinel that you felt you needed to know, but weren’t shown/told?

      Or do you feel like you’re missing something simply because you know they are pre-existing characters you aren’t familiar with?

      I have vague recollections of both characters, but I felt like we got all the info about Sublime that we need at this point in the story. And since Omega Sentinel is the cliffhanger reveal, I’d expect to get more info on that in the next issue, you know?

    • No no, I was able to pick things up through context clues and whatnot. I guess I always try to look at #1 issues from the perspective of a new reader, and while this issue set up the conflict fine, it really didn’t set up the X-Men or the characters very well (except for Jubilee).

      But really, I think I need to get over that. Most #1 relaunches are just creative team changes these days, written as if one has already been reading the book. I just feel like it’s a missed opportunity to welcome mew X-Fans when we’re introduced to characters and situations that the book clearly expects us to already be familiar with.

    • @Casey: See, I’m not so sure any of us really know what the perspective of a new reader looks like. And as a result, I feel like we tend to underestimate their intelligence and willingness to let a story unfold.

      Case in point:

      (If you aren’t into clicking links, that’s a very positive review of X-Men 1 by a nine year old girl. If some long-time fanboys are seeing this as a lackluster debut, but she’s digging it? Well, I think that’s still mission accomplished.)

    • I don’t think I was underestimating anyone’s intelligence, but I do think that you raise a fair point. As someone who’s read comics for a while, I think it’s hard for me (as it is, I assume, for most of us) to imagine the perspective of this mysterious “new reader.”

      I’m glad that the young lady enjoyed the comic. I did, too. On those fronts, mission accomplished indeed.

    • Also, that is one of the best reviews ever.

    • @Casey: Yeah, “underestimate their intelligence” isn’t exactly the right phrase (and I certainly didn’t mean to imply that you were doing that).

      Overestimating our the importance of our own prior knowledge might be a more accurate way to put it.

      I think because we are so well-versed in the minutiae of a complicated narrative construct, we often erroneously assume that the mere presence of a character or plot element with a complicated history automatically increases the inaccessibility of a story.

    • True, and while I DO think that may be an obstacle for some folks coming in fresh, it’s equally true that people will just pick up and go for the ride, gleaning new info as they go or (more likely) just enjoying a fun story with great characters. Certainly, that’s how I started reading, as a lad.

      What I felt this book did very well was boil our protagonists down to their essential qualities, without delving into their complicated-ass backgrounds. That, I think, is the kind of accessability that matters.

  22. Kinda bummed, this was underwhelming for me. I’m not reading any other X-men book, and haven’t steadily read an X-men book… ever, I guess. That may have hurt me – not really getting the feel of how big a deal this Sublime guy must be, or this Arkea is. I’ll hang around for the first arc to grab me, art is nice enough to give it a little rope.

  23. For the talent involved this sure was sloppy at times.

    Wood brings these characters together for no real reason. Just because they work for Wolverine at the school doesn’t make it that compelling. (Unless they bond in Aaron’s book as well, which is my bad since I don’t read it.) That and some of the characters sounded off to me. Seeing Kitty say ‘OMG’ twice was cringe worthy and it seems really out of character. But the biggest shocker was the art by Coipel. It was great when he inked it, but once Mark Morales came in to help the downgrade was really noticeable. Also, you can tell Coipel skimmed on some backgrounds since he would never have gotten this done (relatively) on time if he did.

    I’m down for this series for a couple more issues because the potential is here. Despite the wonky characterization and unfortunately helps on inks this was a fun read. But for a #1 issue with a creative team like this the sloppiness really threw me off. Hopefully the second issue improves on all accounts.


    • While I wouldn’t naturally think of Kitty as someone who says “OMG” outloud, I don’t think it’s terribly out of character if you think about it. She’s been characterized as a tech-whiz/hacker since her early days, so I’m sure she’s picked up some more than a little Internet-text-jargon. And — at least in the last 10 years — she’s had a very Whedon-esque voice (quirky, quippy, cute), so again, I think it works.

      She’s also supposed to be pretty young (mid-20s, but I know it’s foolish to think too hard about such things), and using acronyms like that in speech is a growing trend.

      And on a technical level, it’s a small “tag” that lets us know which balloon is hers when she’s speaking off-panel.

      So while it did stick out to me a bit as well, I think it’s justifiable.

    • @Ken: From the other X-books I’ve read with her in it over the years I’ve never seen her talk like that. And Rogue sounded a bit off too….especially with no real southern drawl in her voice. But I’m a bit more lenient on that since a good amount of writers forget about Rogue’s southern accent.

    • The OMG thing is interesting because I didn’t notice it, or at least it didn’t jump out at me, until TNC pointed it out here. I basically read it as I would read it on the Internet, as an abbreviation for “oh my god” or more generally an expression of surprise. The abbreviation has become prevalent enough that it can be used like that.

      I think comics can get away with that – where the letters on the page might not necessarily represent what the character is actually saying. Plus it minimizes the amount of text on the page which is usually good. Of course, everyone will read it differently and I understand why you would find it grating.

    • It stood out to me, and for a half a second I was annoyed, but quickly agreed w/ the choice…Kitty WOULD say that, expecially speaking to Jubilee…But maybe not to Storm, and definately not to a student. She sees Jubilee as a peer now, knows Storm wouldn’t get it, and wouldn’t get out of her “headmistress” character in front of a student, who doesn’t need to think she’s cool, but does need to respect her.

  24. I love the way Copiel draws Rouge! I liked this, but wasn’t floored. Definitely sticking around though.

  25. I wanted to like this more than I did.

    It wasn’t bad, by any stretch, but it felt sort of random, I guess. Like a story you could take or leave, even in terms of character exploration. The only exception to the character thing is Jubilee. But I just keep thinking: Who the hell are these people? What is the premise? I mean, I know the general answer from other books, but I guess I wanted an opening story that would define the book in more specific terms than this.

    The art is spectacular though.

  26. I just couldn’t pay $4 (minus 20 percent discount) for this. It did not blow me away. Marvel makes me sad.

  27. Well, Marvel is on a roll and got me again. I enjoyed this and see a lot of potential. As with all Marvel books, I’m interested to see who will tag in for the lead artist. Hopefully someone I like. I did initially think the all-female cast was a bit gimmicky but it’s clear they simply wanted a title to showcase some of the excellent female mutant characters. They handled it well.

    • I believe I read that Coipel is doing the first three issues, then David Lopez is coming in for a bit (I think he did some issues of New Mutants that I liked a couple years ago?), and then Terry Dodson (who is pretty great, IMO). Then Coipel again, I hope.

    • Ah, thanks. Yea, David Lopez did New Mutants with DnA for a while. It was pretty good. He also did the DC run of Peter David’s Fallen Angel back in the day. The Dodson’s are always welcome for me as well. So both good choices and they fit the book.

  28. I got into reading monthly comics with the New 52 but I’ve never read any Marvel really. Even before the New 52 when I’d pick up a GN or TP it would be indie or DC. Anyway, I decided to pick this up cos I liked the premise and I like Brian Wood.

    I thought it was pretty good! But not fantastic. Maybe I don’t have the same connection to the universe that the average Marvel reader has (obviously) but I wasn’t familiar with some of the characters and I guess it’ll take me a few issues to get to know what they’re each about. The art was good but not as good as all the reviews I’ve been reading claim, IMO. I dunno. I’ll give it #2 and see.

  29. Man what a great first issue

    Really enjoyed that – more please!

  30. I liked this book a lot more than I thought I would. I really enjoyed this book. Story was enthralling. Makes you want to read the next issue to see what happens next. The artwork was beautiful. All the characters had a distinctive look (not just the same generic face with different hair styles). Marvel NOW is doing everything right that DC New52 is doing wrong IMHO.

  31. Avatar photo consafo80 (@consafo80) says:

    Really liked this. I thought that The Wake was going to be my POTW but this got it instead.

  32. Sooo Is Jubilee still a vampire or not?

    • Oh yeah she’s still a vampire. I think she’s taking some kind of serum similar to what Blade took in the movies, that keeps her vampirism in check. It’s been awhile though so I can’t remember the deets

  33. For me—Meh.

  34. An X title focusing on the female members… and what better title to show equality than simply “X-Men”? I really liked the art in this and the story kept my interest as well.

  35. Really, really enjoyed it.

    Not a huge Wood fan, he’s a bit hit-and-miss for me, but this was a good set-up issue. Had some action, some intrigue, it’s got Kitty and Psylocke in it and I want to know what happens next, which is what you want from a cliffhanger.

    Plus the art was superb. I just can’t get enough of Coipel.

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