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  1. I have been looking forward to the return of Larry Stroman for a long time. Fingers crossed this is good.

  2. Curious to see if David can pull off making me care about She-Hulk again, post-Slott, in this crossover. Either way it looks to be a fun crossover and hopefully it’ll be as good as the Civil War X-Factor issues, which really were among my favorites of the run so far.

  3. love Peter David. I love his writings and novels. This series has been iffy but i liked last issue so i think it will start getting better

  4. Getting my hands on the last 4 trades and picking up X-Factor on my pull list with issue I think.  It comes so highly recommended, I can’t help but jump in.

  5. @thebouv  This series reads really well in trade, at least the first couple volumes.  It’s been kind of all over the place since Messiah Complex started, but I’m hoping the ‘new direction’ is actually going to involve PAD getting back to a story he wants to tell.  Though starting off with a tie-in/crossover doesn’t sound promising —

  6. Was the Darwin in this book the same as the one in the arc of uncanny xmen the rise and fall of the shiar empire?  I thought that darwin was older than what he was depicted here.

  7. @Hoshigaki same Darwin….maybe the confusion was due to the terrible art.  Could not get past it.

  8. @nroa-  Thanks.  The art was truly poop.

  9. Yeah, the art was really subpar, but it feels like it COULD be the inking. The lines in this were nowhere near as hard as in Stroman’s earlier work.

  10. I looked at it and put it back on the shelf.  Longshot?  Ugh.

  11. Hey, layoff Longshot. My favorite X-man you’re talkin’ about there!  But yeah, Stroman’s art was not impressive. I remember not liking it all that much back in the day, and it’s exactly the same now. Especially the way he draws women. They all got phat asses, even Val Cooper. 

  12. The art truly was terrible.  Where is Ryan Sook gonna show up again.  He seems like a Frank Cho, never finishing more than a couple issues, but I really love his work.

  13. I think the art was right on. The inking was a little off from Stromans previous work, but his lines and figure work were consistent and in some ways a little forward from his previous work. I thought the art was spectacular and refreshing. I enjoy seeing somewhat abstract art work in mainstream books.

  14. I also really don’t like the art in this issue.  It was actually enough to slightly lessen my enjoyment of the story, which is a damn shame, because this is one of my favorite titles.  I couldn’t tell some people from others half the time, and they were all ugly and kind of bizarrely misshapen in almost every panel.

  15. I enjoyed the art. I was never a huge fan of Stroman but the fact that this is David reuniting with his original X-Factor penciller excited me. Maybe in a few issues I’ll get sick of the art or something, but for now I’m happy with it in all its quirkyness. It is a departure from the tone of the art in this current X-Factor run, so in that respect I can see why people wouldn’t like it.

    So now I’m going to have to read an issue of She-Hulk, huh. Okay, we’ll see how that goes. 

  16. I finally called it quits with this book with this issue.  This series started out great, then got sidetracked by House of M and Civil War…took a while to recover and was going good…then Messiah Complex and it got completely derailed.  There’s been one good issue since then, but this issue didin’t do anything for me.  I think it’s time to move one and just remember the good times that I’ve had with X-Factor and Madrox over the years.

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