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Let me start by saying that I bought this issue because it ties in to both Secret Invasion and She-Hulk. I have a passing connection with some of these characters and this volume of the book so I thought that this could be enjoyable and maybe even a good series to keep up on from now on. And I did enjoy the writing and how it tied into She-Hulk.
BUT OH GOD THE ART. This is sub-90s level. Liefeld’s art on Onslaught Reborn is better than this crap. Truly unacceptable

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 1 - Poor


  1. I love X-factor.  Its easily one of my fav series on the market.  Too bad the new artist is AWFUL.  I coulnd’t believe some of the crap that was in this issue.  At least the writing was still good.  The skrull reveal felt really stupid though.  Especially because I was fairly excited to have that character in the book.

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