Spinning directly out of X-MEN: SCHISM, the X-Men are split in two.

In the oversized debut issue of the new ongoing flagship X-series, Wolverine takes one half of the X-Men back to Westchester to start over again. But the new Hellfire Club outlast its first day ?

Join Marvel Architect Jason Aaron (X-MEN: SCHISM, WOLVERINE) and legendary X-Artist Chris Bachalo (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, GENERATION X) for a brand new action-packed take on the X-Men that will set a new standard for the Children of the Atom.

Story by Jason Aaron
Art by Chris Bachalo
Cover by Chris Bachalo

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 44.2%


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  1. Yup. Pretty damn excited about this.

  2. OMG being a Marvel architect makes ur book the flagship title and grows Wolverine so that hes taller than everyone!
    Seriously though Bachalo so far has made the art worth a look at. Storywise hope they don’t go overboard with the Jean Grey thing Aaron has a fetish for, but good luck X-Men!

    • Since it is starting to look like Marvel will ACTUALLY be bringing back Jean Grey over the next year (or so cryptic hints suggest), I doubt we will see a tone down in the Jean pining. Expect a Jean Grey pining upswing across the X-Board.

  3. Aaron’s Marvel work is hit-and-miss for me, but I’m definitely on for the first arc of this because Bachalo’s doing it. If Aaron can tone down some of his X-Men characterizations (I find them really uneven; sometimes great, sometimes unbelievable), then I might stick with this. I wish Bachalo was doing every issue, but I think he’s gone by #4.

  4. As mainly a DC/independent comic reader, would this be a ‘good’ jumping on point for X-men?

  5. This is the book im most excited for this week, been loving what Aaron has done with the Wolverine series so far and given this is his own team now im looking forward to this. Although ill be happy when the artists change up since im not the biggest Bachalo fan but im hoping this doesnt dissapoint!

  6. I love Scalped, but haven’t liked a single thing that Aaron’s done for Marvel. Still though, I’m very optimistic with this title

  7. One line in the last Wolverine issue redeemed the very artificial conflict of Schism for me. When Wolverine reminded me that he had just killed his children because of the Red Right Hand, I realized that his desperation to protect the X kids makes utter sense.

    Team Aaron

  8. I’ll be giving this a shot. Wolverine’s side has the more interesting lineup and the school aspect of X-Men has been sorely missed. Bachalo is a big plus.

  9. I really do not understand all the comments about people not liking Jason Aaron’s Marvel work. His Wolverine and PunisherMax books have been outstanding. I get that not everything is for everyone. But really wouldn’t expect to hear multiple people making one of the better writers at Marvel right now sound like the guy who wrote Fear Itself. I’m not much of a Hulk fan. But Aaron alone has me giving this a shot.

    • Are we ever going to get an edit feature? Why is that the hardest thing in the world to implement?

      Obviously, I was also just reading the comments for Aaron’s Hulk. Thought I was posting over there. For this book, I’m totally on board with both the creative team and characters. Bachalo has really upped his game the past year or so, IMO.

  10. So i’m the only one who HATES Bachalo’s art? i’m sorry i cant get into the whole pumpkin head style of his art. It looks terrible. It looks like Gears of war x-men.

    Clayton Crain or Sana Tekada would have KILLED this.

    • You’re not the only one- I don’t hate it but a man’s fore arm shouldn’t be bigger than he is.
      There’s style and then there’s inability to draw anatomy.

    • I tend to prefer when his pages have white gutters. that somehow makes the art more comprehendible for me. but if your problem with Bachalo is his figures, that probably won’t make the difference. I got over it after awhile, his layouts and storytelling started to grow on me and I started overlooking the wacky figures.

    • *sigh*. Obviously, I meant to respond to your comment with mine below. Stupid technological incompetence!

    • I hated Bachalo’s art since Generation X, but in the last year or two I have done a complete 180 and really like it. He hasn’t really changed, so I can’t put my finer on why I like it now. I also like when he separates panels with white and I think it somehow seems less cluttered.

    • @RealVenom, Andrew and McGee: I totally see what you mean he’s stuff can be really incoherent. It can be great though. He needs a really tight, clean inker. When Tim Townsend inked his art it was great

    • @TomSwift A man’s forearm isn’t supposed to be as big as he is, indeed, but people loves them some stylized art. How else do you explain World of Warcraft having a higher population than many nations?

    • “a man’s fore arm shouldn’t be bigger than he is. There’s style and then there’s inability to draw anatomy.”

      @TomSwift: It’s perspective. Bachalo is making it look like we’re viewing the team from a low angle through a wide angled lens, possibly even a fish eye lens. lots of band photos and movies use this style to make their subject look more dynamic or imposing.

    • I understand why people don’t like Bachalo. He can get incomprehensible sometimes. But as edward said, a good inker makes a big difference. If you haven’t checked out his Lizard arc from Amazing Spiderman with Zeb Wells you might want to. It’s clean with tons of white (due to the subject matter) and that might turn you on his style.

      I personally love his style. It’s funny you mention Clayton Crain and Sana Tekada because I don’t particularly like their styles. Too rendered and murky for my tastes. But that’s art for ya.

    • So is it perspective that wolverin’s head looks like it’s on a dinosaur neck too?
      It’s not perspective it’s style.
      There isn’t a perspective in this dimension that makes anatomy look like that.

  11. You are NOT the only won who hates his art, in fact that is the one and only reason why I’m not buying this.

  12. It’s like if Ron Swanson were to open a school

  13. The name of this series is enough to turn me off.

  14. I like the art because of it’s comicness like Manupal and Quitely (not comparing them) but my fave kind of art is Jim Lee, Coipel and McNiven which are realistic but not phototraced but I hate hate Ramos (hunched characters) Land (Phototraced forced smiles) and Leifeld (Scratchy and pointed faces) or one more category of art I hate is inconsistent art like Tan, Larocca and Finch. I mean sometimes Finch can draw the hell out of a book but next week… Squashed faces!

  15. Is it lame that I’m actually excited to read both flagships and pick a team to back?

    I think it might be lame.

  16. My favorite part of this book was all the stuff in the back! I loved the chart of all the students and the pamphlet of the courses being offered at the school. I am excited to see where this book will go.

    • Yeah, that stuff was great. The course list pamphlet especially.

      Some of my favorites:

      “Ethics 101: Forgetting Everything You Ever Learned From Emma Frost, with Headmistress Pryde”

      “Diction and Linguistics, with Professor Rogue”

      “The Art of Fighting Without Fighting, with Headmaster Logan”

      “The Art of Fighting With Fighting, with Headmaster Logan”

      “Sex Ed, with Professor Remy LeBeau”

      “Flying Into Things Headfirst, with Professor Sam “Cannonball” Guthrie”

    • Those were great! I liked the “Algebra Sucks: I know, But You Still Have To Learn It, with Professor Bobby Drake”. I would attend that type of math class.

    • I hope we do get an Avengers Academy flag football match, and all those other Special Events they mentioned. Lots of potential for fun single issue stories in that list.

    • A little too cheeky if you ask me
      And the refeernces to baseball games and the place being blown up all the time
      I just wonder who this is being written for
      B/c I was looking for a sincere restart of the X-men team dynamic this seemed like a parody.

    • @tomswift- I have to say that I agree with you. I am all for humor and tongue in cheek writing, but this felt like a bit much, like Xavier was lovingly recalling all the times his house got blown up. Still, I like the concept of the series and will give it time. I think there is always difficulty in balancing humor and seriousness in this type of comic.

  17. Are all these little nightcrawlers new?

  18. This book sucked. The art was sub-par. The story was long and boring. There was just too much hype on this first issue. I won’t be buying another issue of this. Here’s to hoping Uncanny will be better.

  19. Yeah I know they’re trying to be funny but really Aaron. Learning fighting without fighting with Wolverine. Stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. The guys first answer to everything is stab stab. Lemme get in everyone’s face

  20. How can Xavier call Wolverine boy e call himself too old to be there? It doesn’t make any sense. Wolverine is way older than him.

    And since when is Toad green?

    Didn’t like very much, too confusing and a little forced.

  21. Wow. I think I’m in love with this book. I hope Aaron can keep this up. It was so fun to read. It really feels very different from the tone the X titles have had the last couple years. I want more of this now.

  22. I got past the art only to be turned off by the diolog and mischaracterization of Logan. Than the art bothered me again…

  23. This easily won me over. After years of not feeling the general direction of the X-Men books I think this one has the right hook to get things back on track. It was well written and beautifully drawn.

  24. The art was terrible and I hate any story that features adults losing to obnoxious children.

  25. My only complaint is that I wish they would concentrate on Kyle/Yost’s core group of students, but that’s just because I’m a sucker for their NEW X-MEN run and always thought the book got canceled just when it started to pick up steam and the kids were getting developed into phenominal characters. Hellion’s character in particular has really gotten lost.

    I’ll never be able to get behind the Morrison “weird” mutants, but that’s what this new group of 20-30’something year old writers want to write about.

    In my perfect world, Kyle and Yost would be running the X-Men line

  26. Wow this was a lot of fun, so fun in fact it might dethrone one of my DC books on my permanent pull list if it stays top quality. Im looking at you All-Star Western

  27. I want to live in this issue forever and forever. Bachalo’s on top of his game here. Amazing work. Aaron’s writing is top notch, good amounts of humor.

    Dare I say, my favorite issue of X-Men in a long, long time. Like Whedon/Morrison “long” ago.


  28. I loved this book! I couldn’t afford to get my pull list until this weekend, but I had a few bucks to go ahead and grab this. This is everything I always wanted in an x-book. It has characters and elements from my favorite past x-books (Morrison’s run/X-Statix/good character aspects from Claremont’s run) as well as setting the stage to bring some of my favorite underrated x-characters to new heights (Iceman/Cannonball). I still gotta read the rest this weekend, but if any other book is my pick of the week i’ll be really amazed. (Abe Sapien has the best chance I would guess)

  29. First off, i hate bachelo’s art. So many times when its not just a talking head, i have no ideA what’s going on in the panel. I barely tolerated the occaisionally sucessfl attmpts at humor. And all the nudge nudge wink winks kept me out of the story. I’ll give it a go next issue and hope jason hits his stride. Please give us a new artist!!!!!

  30. I liked this issue, 4/5. I had a question, when was Professor X able to walk again? I have not read an X-Men comic in a while …

  31. It is very hard for me to get past the horrid art, but the story seem interesting. I really hope they change the artist soon if not I am not sure I can keep reading no matter how good the story is.

  32. Can we talk about how awesome Kid Gladiator is for a minute?

    • only if we can follow it up with a few minutes of discussion on how awesome Broo is!

      And, yes, Kid Gladiator was great.

    • Broo was a complete surprise to me.
      Very cool in his own way.
      If this comic can keep the fresh new ideas coming while remaining faithful to what came before then it is going to be my favorite book.

      In closing: BAMFS!!! Dear God yes!

    • I love Broo! And is Kid Gladiator Gladiator’s son?

    • It appears that yes, Kid Gladiator is Gladiator’s son.

      Also RobotZombie, if you liked Broo, check out Christos Gage’s issues of Astonishing X-Men #’s 38, 40, and 42 (the “meanwhile” storyline) it gives you the origin of Broo, it was pretty good.

    • Broo was super cool. I will have to read those Astonishing X-men issues. I didnt know where he came from, but thought he awesome. Seems like he could be the Artie/leech of this run.

  33. I really liked this issue. Really fun and i’m surprised that i enjoyed a dialog driven walk around the campus so much. Bachalo’s art was great and a nice compliment to this script..i dunno what so many of you find offensive about it. There are more flavors than chocolate and vanilla out there guys.

    I will admit that some art elements got jumbled in terms of not being able to differentiate things from others, but i put the blame for that on the colorist. Its a problem i’ve noticed in a lot of recent comics, but i notice the value’s of the colors all hover around the same middle grey’s and you have no contrast. This is color theory 101 stuff. Less gradients, less modeling, more thinking and value study with the colors please.

    • This was good. I have not been reading any X hooks other than Xforce so I am not sure about the events leading up to this. However, I enjoyed both the story and art. Bachalo definitely has a style unto himself but I think it is interesting and fun (though somewhat confusing at times). I have not read much of Jason aaron’s work but everything I have read I have enjoyed so I think I might give Wolverine and the Xmen a couple issues and see how I am liking it. The idea of wolverine as headmaster is intriguing.

      And a note about the coloring – it is Bachalo on pencils and colors. He did the same thing on a few issues of Avengers. Personally I think it might serve the story better to have someone else on colors but I give him credit for trying something new.

  34. This was so much fun and I loved how Aaron had the inspection of the new school in order to give readers a non-forced feeling tour and introduction to the new place. I’ve mostly been off X-books for awhile but I’m back, at least on this title.

  35. I have to say this, I haven’t finished, had to to go work but OMFG this is amazing!!!!!

  36. Ok so I’m pretty new to the current state of the Xmen universe and I have a question. 1. Since when did professor X get the use of his legs back? 2. Why is he in none of the main X books he just seems to make cameos now? Any answers would be helpful.

  37. Bought & read the issue, and I generally liked it. Only thing is, I had no idea who some of the students were. The class roster at the end of the issue helped out to identify some of the mutants, but hopefully they explain who the others are. Maybe by using a box to identify each character, like how DC does it? I’ll be stickin’ around for a few issues

  38. I have not had a chance to pick up my books this week so, I have not read any books at all. On my way home I will pick them up and I am very exctied to read them all this week. Now; in saying that I have come to a conclusion just from reading everyones comments that the POW is way out of wack. Who or what picks this book? Is it the staff at IFanboy or is it according to the fans? Last week was off and that was my opinion after I read all of my books and not just because it wasn’t my choice. This week I have not read anything and like I said after reading all of the comments on some of the higher rated books I can not see how this is the POW?. Does that make any sense?

    Just sayin’,


    • Read your comics. Just sayin

    • k

    • The Pick of the Week for the web site is determined on a subjective basis by the Triumvirate. There is an “iFanbase” pick of the week that measures the percentage of users who pick a certain book as their POW. What book is picked by people does not need to bow to objective criteria either. Flash #2 was my POW until I read Wolverine & the X-Men. And I fucking hate Wolverine.

      Just Typin’

  39. Ahhh! the art! hurts my eyes!! sooo bloody terrible…
    I cannot belive you guys like Batchalo more than Ramos.
    the 2 page picture of the school looks like something my kid would and could have drawn.

    would have been 5 stars. Art brings it down to 4.

  40. Grab this as a last minute buy because of all the love this book got on here. I really really wanted to like it but it just didn’t do it for me. I didn’t read schism so that could be a factor and really the mutants sometime remind me of the legion from DC that there are just so many characters that I really don’t give a shit about. I love Jason Aaron Punisher and his wolverine stuff but this read like a episode of mtv cribs. It wanted to be really clever and funny but it felt so forced. As for the art I kinda like Bachalo when he did the lizard tale from Amz spider-man awhile back but I hate the big goofy smile he draws on his characters and boy did kid Gladiator have some ungly feet. He’s good in small dose but his art reminds me of bad Manga. I’m just going to stick with the X-Force to get my mutant fix 2/5

  41. Can one of You huge X-Men fans explain to me who the Alien guy was that Wolverine defended while he was getting bullied? I know enough about X-Men to get alot of the refrences in this issue and enjoy it, i just had no idea if that kid is someone from a past storyline of importance

  42. Can somebody please explain to me what happened on the last couple pages? I’m totally confused. This always happens when I try to jump on to a Marvel title, especially Xmen.

  43. I enjoyed neither the story nor the art. I’m not sure what Bachalo’s qualifications are to put his art at the forefront of everyone’s estimation these days, but it’s the Aaron story I’m more disappointed by. I love his work everywhere else, but I hated the tone of this, and found it to be out of his depth. Two stars, out of respect for Jason Aaron’s body of work.

  44. Read Aaron’s Hulk and tell me this is even close. This story was WORDY as hell. I love reading why else would we be into comics, but this issue felt like a damn novel. I really didn’t like the art either. One more issue? Doubt it. I think I will be skipping this title.

  45. meh. i really wanted to love this. i was(for whatever reason) reminded of ‘saved by the bell’ and logan isnt the mr. belding type if you ask me. shouldnt beast be the headmaster? seeing as how he is the most educated. the art was fine but the concept seems kinda dumb even though it sounded cool at first.

  46. Yeah imo this tried way to hard to be cute. Felt I was watching an episode of gilmore girls, not in a good way.

  47. I thought this was a great issue. Its also my first exposure to Bachalo. I liked the art, it’s very kinetic.
    As for those who see it as poor Wolverine characterisation, what? Do you just like the one dimensional snikt version? I’m looking forward to getting Logan a bit more rounded. Aaron’s current Wolverine run is fantastic and if you read it and still think he can’t write Wolverine then you and I have very different ideas about fully formed fictional characters.

  48. Wonderful.

  49. I take the part about the Art back.. I kinda like it now.

  50. I liked this issue however; no way would I pick this for POW. The artwork was very good except like someone said the smiles were just a little wierd for me as well. I really gave it a 2.5 and I really do not think I will be following it, just not for me.

    Just sayin’,


  51. I didn’t expect much from this, but holy crap I had a great time reading every single page of this comic. An X-Men comic with Wolverine that I not only really liked, but found witty and charming and edgy? Is such a thing possible? I might even be back for #2! Way to go, Marvel.

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