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Avg Rating: 4.3
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Story by Jason Aaron
Art by Chris Bachalo
Cover by Chris Bachalo

Size: 40 pages
Price: 3.99

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  1. haha why did you buy it?

    • Honestly, I didn’t. I intended to but got stuck at work so I went ahead downloaded it with the intention of buying a hard copy if it was good. I’m glad I downloaded it first because Aaron did not deserve the money for it.

    • Could not agree more. Wolverine meets the Black King, the whole cause of schism and just tells him to go away, beyond out of character and just sad. I don’t even want to start on the art.

    • You stole it then slammed it in you review. That’s sad. I didn’t love it but at least I didn’t steal it.

    • @doughboy Since Aaron stole 20 minutes of his time on this turd, it’s kinda even.

    • I’m a college student and teacher, I don’t have the money to buy everything so I buy what’s worth buying and if what I download is really good, I buy trades (or in the case of American Vampire, I went out and bought every single issue and added it to my pull). If I were living at home with my parents, no bills, and a consistent income, I’d love to buy every comic that comes out; however I live in reality and thus do what I can with what I have.

    • I’m married with a mortgage and a job. I can afford all the comics I want, however, if I don’t think I’ll like something, I don’t buy it. That means I don’t read it. Certainly, there were times in my life when I was not in good financial shape. That’s no excuse for stealing.

      Please don’t steal comics, even comics you don’t like.

    • So let me fully understand this… you’re saying that you don’t spend money on comics you aren’t interested in and only buy what you want. Yet you’re getting on a high horse because instead of buying things that I’m not sure I want to spend money on, I download them and decide if they’re still worth my money?

      Half the stuff on my pull list is stuff that I’ve downloaded and tried before going out and buying. Otherwise I would have never read it to begin with and those deserving artists and writers would never have gotten my dollar.

      Try and see the logic in that if you can step off of your pedestal long enough, lol.

    • There’s no pedestal. I’m saying that stealing is wrong. You know it is. Don’t do it.

  2. You know what who care about your little man fight.
    All that I can say about this book is that is awesome!!!

  3. I disagree with every point of your review. A lot of people love to throw around “out of character” when they don’t like what a character does. Characters change, and Logan is going in a totally different direction. His concern is now protecting the school, not fighting everything that moves. If you just want to read Wolverine saying “snikt snikt bub” and killing stuff, this isn’t what you should be reading. Oh, and the art was wonderful.

    Also, you can get all high and mighty about pirating comics and only supporting what you feel deserves it, but we live in reality, and getting illegally downloaded comics at no cost is still theft.

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