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  1. Alright I am probably going to jinx myself for typing this.

    BUT, I should get issue two this week as well. So hopefully I will catch up with this by Wednesday. Either way, this will be fun no matter what. If you miss an issue though, good luck trying to get back into it.

  2. What a great week, can’t wait for this either.  I’ve said it 50 times already, but I really love this series so far.

  3. Last issue wasn’t as fun, overall, as the first issue for me, but I still enjoyed it.  I’m beginning to love the shift of which story I am more excited for.  If you would have asked me the first week, it was Flash Comics or Kamandi, now it might be Metal Men.  Crazy!!

  4. @drakedangerz

    That’s wierd, my anticipation for Flash and Kamandi doubled from last time. 

    I’m pretty much looking forward to anything that isn’t Wonder Woman and Teen Titans. 

  5. Only WonderWoman is really disappointing. I couldn’t even finish it last week. Titans wasn’t much better either, but improved slightly in the second installment. Everything else has been pure Gold!

    I can’t wait to snort it. WC, the new drug.

  6. Yes, it’s a shame about Wonder Women.  The story isn’t bad, but the art is so squished up and difficult to follow!  Apart from that (oh and Titans) it’s all an Extra Large helping of the exceedingly good stuff! 

  7. @Miyamotofreak-Not to say I don’t love those two, just that Metal Men really jumped out at me last time that I found I enjoyed it quite a bit more.  Still digging the other two.  And I’m really hoping Teen Titans picks up soon.  I love Galloway’s style and it sort of peevs me that his story isn’t too great

  8. Metamorpho and Kamandi really feel like they fit in this format. Part of that is probably the writing, but I think the characters also lend themselves well to this style of storytelling.

  9. average

  10. SOOOO looking forward to this.  I had been looking forward to this since it was announced way back when.  And issue one did not dissapoint.  Then issue two I loved even more.  I’m in pure heaven when I read this and I can’t wait to see how they collect this.  I will be first in line. 

  11. I predict people will be tired of this around issue #5.

  12. @Scorpion-I predict I won’t be

  13. I love it, but, there are clearly some strips that are going to be much better then others and some whose creators clearly didn’t understand the point.  I can’t even read Wonder Woman. 

  14. I have been hearing a lot of people say the 2nd issue sorta dipped in quality.

    That better not be the case, but I’m sure it wont be once I hit this up.

  15. @TNC – I don’t think the quality slipped. I think it is more a function of the format. The newness/nostalgia of the format was thrilling, so people got excited. Now people are reading the second or third issue and the newness has worn off, so they are less forgiving of the stories. In my opinion, a few are bad (Wonder Woman), many are very good (Kamandi and Metamorpho), and many are average. Overall, I am enjoying it.

  16. I really hope that after only two weeks and three issues the general public isn’t so A.D.D. that they are already bored with this awesome book.  C’mon Stuclach come up with another theory that gives me more hope in humanity!  😉

    Mind you I must talk to different people than TNC because the people I’ve heard from have nothing but praise for this book which gives me hope that most people haven’t had the newness worn off yet!

  17. @ScorpionMasada: agreed

    @drakedangerz: WRONG

    @Hawkboy: i thought the first issue wasn’t great. do i get a prize the "general public" (which you’re part of by the way) doesn’t?

  18. @edward No.

  19. @edward-NOT WRONG (caps added for extra effect)

  20. @TNC, edward I actually didn’t think the first issue was outstanding. I think there was a lot of miss communication about exactly what the strips should be/look like. For me the second issue was better on the whole, and some of the layouts were ballsier (Metamorpho, Deadman). Indeed I called a fair bit of the material from the first issue mediocre. I felt less inclined to do so the second go around, but it also meant my list of stories I thought were bad grew (by 1 from the first issue).

    Looking forward to this. I think at this point there won’t be too many quality shake ups any longer. 

  21. @Prax: the second issue crashed and burned for me. a total waste of time. it looks good, it’s not good. reading it in this format is pointless. and this thing where people qualify the book by saying two or three stories are good. that makes no sense

    we’lll see

    @drakedangerz: the wording was quite strong as well. what does that tell you? 

  22. @edward I actually thought a fair bit of the stories were good (about three quarters). My major complaint is that only two or three of them are utilizing the space any differently than they would a 22-page comic. The sad part is, Wonder Woman is probably doing that the best, but in the worst way. 

  23. What’s with all the hate on Wonder Woman? Yes, the pages are squished but can’t you get over it and just read the story? I would love that story if it was a full comic book and I still like it as it is.

  24. Very excited for this.

    @Cristian: That’s one of my main problems with WONDER WOMAN, actually. It doesn’t seem like it was made for this format at all. It’s as if the creators just made a 4-page comic book and then pasted it onto the newsprint. I think for the page-a-month process to work it has to be thought of as a differen beast than a regular comic book.

  25. I predict that I might be tired of paying $4 for this by issue #5, but I don’t predict that I will actually wanna stop reading it.

  26. @Hawkboy – I didn’t mean to imply that Wednesday Comics are bad in any way and I didn’t mean to imply that nostalgia is bad or that people are ADD (or ADHD as it is now known).  I’m simply saying that I think the nostalgia perhaps bumped the scores up to a 5 for the first issue and the scores are moving to a 4 (where I think they belong) because there are some bad and mediocre stories mixed in with the good stories.

  27. I second what kwisdumb said about Wonder Woman in his response to Cristian.  I think he nailed it.  I also think this story is a different take for Wonder Woman and people aren’t always fond of change.

  28. I love this series, but it is killing my wallet! Everything is great except Wonder Woman and Teen Titans.

  29. @cristian It’s very hard to look past something when it give me a headache from squinting so much to read he first part. I like the story, actually, but in all honesty I don’t understand most of what’s going on because it’s all squished together.

    @robbydzwonar I predict by issue #3 I’ll be tired of hearing you complain about the price. 😉 

  30. @cristian: Although I have only read the first issue so far. Just trying to squint your eyes, or using a monocle to figure out what the text reads is not my idea of a fun time.

  31. It would be nice if they made a absolute edition at some point. Kinda like that newspaper sized little nemo HC that came out a few years ago.

  32. @cristian – I got over the squished pages, but that is mostly due to my deep hunger for a good Wonder Woman story.

  33. I’m one of the few who is enjoying the Wonder Woman story. I don’t feel like I’m struggling to decipher what is going on. Grant it, he is jamming the art in there pretty tight, but I think he is pulling it off. 


    @edward- If it looks good, then how can it be a total waste of time? And if you have absolutely no appreciation for art, why are you reading comics? It seems like really good over-sized comic art annoys you. That doesn’t make sense to me. 

  34. @JesseG: comic=story+art

  35. Well I’ll keep in check with the Kamandi and Metomorpho stories in my mind.

    Seems like that is the consensus of what are the best of the best.

  36. I have to admit on my way back from the comic book store I was thinking more about how much this series is going to cost than how I couldn’t wait to see the next page of any of the stories.

    When it’s all over I want to use the pages for a craft project – create a mural or something. That’s what I’m telling myself anyway.

  37. Well it sucks to say this, but I will be behind on this series at least until #5. My LCS totally didn’t prepare on how big of a seller this would be so he’s behind on orders for the first four issues. But in two weeks when #5 hits I will be on pace with you guys for good. But I got the previous issue and it kicked some major ass.

  38. What has me loving this series is that it has opened my eyes to characters that I had no idea about.  From Sgt. Rock to Adam Strange, to Metamopho it just has me in a world wind of new Showcase collections to go and read. 

  39. I have to say this issue was certainly the best so far and a couple of the lagging series made improvements. I gave this a 5/5. And now it’s time for….

    Prax’s Patented Ratings:

    The Great: Kamandi (Sook drawing an airship with a dog with a PhD. for a pilot? Instant best story); Deadman (Wonderful, wonderful art and page crafting); Metamorpho (I love that it’s taking a different approach to the layout than anyone else, third best feature); Strange Adventures (fun panel layouts + good story=second best feature going); Flash (Classic Barry Allen story with modern techniques loving the split story); 

    The Good: Supergirl (Fun and cute and the type of all-ages fare that is next to have mixed in); Metal Men (I’m loving this. It’s fun, funny and well-paced.); Cat & the Demon (Interesting third outing, probably the best so far, enjoying it); Hawkman (Took a weird turn, this is straddling the Great/Good Border)

    The Less-Than-Good: Batman (It’s Becoming clear to me this is an Azzarello story and not a Batman story, which is fine, but not what I’m interested in.); Green Lantern (Three installments and this has gone almost nowhere); Wonder Woman (Look at that! Slightly bigger panels, a little more coherence and a decent story. Now if only by next issue we can get a little less text heavy this story might get really good!); Sgt. Rock (It looks so good, but I’m just not engaged with the story)

    The Bad: Superman (How many times have we seen this progression of events before?); Teen Titans (It’s actually better than it was but I feel like we’re missing info)

    Well, this time around there was marked improvement in all the stories, for me, except for Sgt. Rock, Green Lantern and Superman.  Wonder Woman impressed me. I’m hoping this change stays consistent.

  40. At this point I am in this for Kamandi, Hawkman, Deadman, and Cat & Demon. Stange Adventures also held my attention this week.

    @PraxJarvin – I actually completely skipped Wonder Woman because I didn’t want the headache from squinting.  Your praise is going to make me go back and read it meaning that you are indirectly responsible for my impending headache.

  41. @Stuclach-Deadman is constantly getting better.  It’s one of my top ones now too.

    Superman was fantastic this week.  I tugged at the heart strings.  

    I took one look at Wonder Woman and said "fuck it, I’m done"  I dropped that story.  Waaay too text heavy.  Upside is that I enjoyed Teen Titans this week.

    Flash was great.  Sgt. Rock isn’t really going anywhere…but it looks amazing!

    I heart Paul Pope.

  42. @drakedangerz I have to admit, I’m a bit shocked at your reaction to Superman. After last week’s abysmal Batman cameo, I found the overused Superman-goes-to-his-family-after-not-being-sated-by-Bruce’s-advice trope to be especially annoying. To each his own, however, and if you’re liking it, great. I agree that Titans was better, but it’s certainly the lackluster one of the bunch.

    @stuclach I take no responsibility for your headaches, read at your own risk!

  43. @Prax: Considering I just read that issue with the Batman cameo. What you talking about? Batman was great in that issue!

  44. @TNC Please see my comments from last issue. 😉

  45. I think the entire commics community is in agreement that the Wonder Woman title is god awful.  I took one look at the page, saw 70 panels squished in once again and passed right by…  and I’m a better man for it.  I’ve read my last Teen Titans as well with Superman on notice.

    The rest of the book remains a tour de force.

  46. @Prax-I suppose it was a a refresher after last weeks shitty Batman cameo.  But yeah, to each his own.  It worked for me.

    @TNC-if you thought Batman cameo was great, I hate you even more now than I did 5 minutes ago

  47. @Prax/drake: How is this Batman different from the other Batman’s in other media who tell Sups to suck it up? Okay maybe he isn’t that tough on Clark before he died, but this Batman is what I grew up with. Just having a hissy fight with Superman from time to time.

  48. @-TNC-You grew up with the wrong Batman.  Or you’re thinking of Frank Castle

  49. Also, if anything else, I thought Superman acted out of character.

    He just flies away and acts like he was a wife of spatial abuse. "I knew you wouldn’t understand!!"

  50. the artwork is beautiful in this. love it. can’t wait for the new series coming out in dec 09.

  51. my bad..i thought i was posting for the wizard of oz. scratch the dec 09 comment.

  52. @TNC Yeah, gotta go with Drake here. Batman was never actually that much of an idiot. "RAZUM-FRAZUM PROZAC YOU ALIEN PIECE OF SH–" But yeah, SUperman is way off character as well.

  53. @Prax: You made me spit out my soda with that comment.

    Batman has always been bitchy to Superman ever since I watched the DCAU cartoons.

  54. @TNC Sure. But SuperFriends Batman? Comic Book Batman up until Dark Knight? 1960s TV Show Batman? Even on the DCAU shows, Batman didn’t out and out loathe Superman as that section seemed to imply. It just read as over-the-top, "Look at me bring new dynamics to tired tropes" writing that just doesn’t work. As well, Batman seems to me the least likely person to suggest prescription drugs, even in jest, to someone dealing with deep-seated emotional problems.

  55. @Prax: You didnt see it. But the Superfriends had a lot of fights backstage. Superman was Batman’s bitch during the 60’s.

  56. and Aquaman was the man in the corner just crying.

    "Stop hitting him! Please, just stop it!!!" *sobs*

  57. this was unreadable. it looked great though

  58. Here are my ratings of each story:

    Batman – 5/5
    Kamandi – 3/5
    Superman – 4/5
    Deadman -5/5
    Green Lantern – 4/5
    Metamorpho – 4/5
    Teen Titans – 2/5
    Strange Adventures – 2/5
    Supergirl – 4/5
    Metal Men – 2/5
    Wonder Woman – 1/5
    Sgt. Rock – 3/5
    Flash – 5/5
    Catwoman – 3/5
    Hawkman – 4/5

    The best strip was Batman by far.


  59. Also, I completely agree about the Batman cameo last issue. Fucking terrible. So glad Superman improved this week.

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