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Some excellent comics coming in this week, espicially now that we’re getting more into the story of each one.

So far, I’d say my favorite so far is Batman–it might be my bias for the character coming through, but so far it’s been a great, dark and moody mystery story, everything a Bats comic should be. I’m also digging Strange Adventures, Flash, and Supergirl, having ingriguing plots and excellent (and in Supergirl’s case, funny and cute as the dickens) art.

Some I’m not digging though–in this issue, Metamorpho did seem very fast. Gaiman’s dialogue isn’t bad and Allred…well, he’s Allred, but it just wasn’t very economical, felt like a waste of a page, like more could have been done. The past two were pretty good at this, so this is a minor quibble–it might not feel as bad when it’s all collected.

The only one I really haven’t enjoyed is Wonder Woman. On the plus side, the art is amazing and really uses every inch available to tell the story (though the ink makes it hard to read on newsprint), but the story is slowly becoming extremely formulatic. Apparently this is a take-off on an old weekly strip called Little Nemo, but it’s probably not my style.

Overall, great issue, I’ll definately continue picking it up.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 5 - Excellent

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