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  1. Which one of these stories do you think would end up best as a series of posters?

  2. @Smasher Kamandi. What does everyone think back to back weeks for this title as POW or can Blackest night win this week?

  3. Well, if Supergirl ups her game… could easily be POW again.

  4. @Smasher: I think the Flash or Hawkman pages could work like that.

    This was last weeks POW, and it has a bit more competition this week, but it’s still a strong contender.

  5. @MrGlass

    This might just be my opinion, but Blackest Night has been built up for so long, I think most people are going to need a cigarette after reading it.

    All the great reviews for this last week seemed to focus on the format and the innovation. It’ll be interesting to see what the opinions do over the next few issues. 

  6. What a fantastic week for me. I never would’ve thought Blackest Night had a competitor but it does.

    How this wont be my POTW ever single week will be a challenge.

  7. Yeah, I’m wondering if the same stories will stand up after 12 issues. I liked most of them last week (and loved a few), but there were also a number that either just fell flat or seemed to completely misunderstand the new format, and I feel they could get really tiresome week after week. 

  8. I’m loving that Mike Allred Metamorpho art.

  9. @ Kwisdumb
    Yeah, I thought the Hawkman page was gorgeous and the narrative was nothing short of poetry.
    And the colors for the Iris West half was brilliant. 

    @ MrGlass

    Yeah, that Kamandi page got me thinking about posterizing this in the first place

    I think Bats and Supes would make great posters too. I’m intrigued with what Stelfreeze does with Catwoman oh! and mustn’t forget Strange Adventures. 

    Good stuff! Can’t wait for the next issue.

  10. Yeah – Metamorpho looks reaalllly good so far.  That and Batman are my favorites so far.

  11. im actully wating before i pick feves

  12. I just getting because everybody else is.  A few of them I didn’t really enjoy much, especially Wonder Woman. 

    The Batman part got my attention fast.

    Kamandi isn’t anything spectacular so far, not yet anyway.

    The Superman feature is nothing short of awesome though!  I must read more of this!!  And soon!


  13. I can’t say that Deadman was much of my kinda thing neither.  It has potential though.

    The Green Lantern segment is going to have to kick things up a notch this week!

    Metamorpho was kool but Teen Titans didn’t excite me much.  What else is new? I never liked Titans.

    Strange Adventures is neat.

    Supergirl is simple fun.

    I was actually impressed with Metal Men.  That’s a surprise since it’s written by the big shot editor guy.

    SGT. Rock is cool, I could careless about either part of the flash page though.

    I like Catwoman some but I don’t even know who the Demon is?

    Hawkman impressed a little.

  14. I like most all of the stories but Kamandi is my #1. He is the second best Kirby hero just behind Mister Miracle.

  15. @Smasher: i thought exactly the same thing, two or three kamandi pages in nice frames would look so classy on a wall

  16. @Smasher: Definitely Pope’s Adam Strange and Allred’s Metamorpho.

  17. I can’t wait for this. I just read #1 and I really enjoyed about half of it. Some was just off. I don’t what the hell Wonder Woman was supposed to be. Batman had a great immediate hook and very strong writing and art. Deadman (who I never even heard of before) was uninteresting. Kamandi was interesting but I’m a sucker for the post-apocalypse. Green Lantern was okay, if it was supposed to be a introduction, I think it’s weak but maybe it’ll play out better. Hawkman had great and was like a fine piece of illustrated poetry. Superman needs to play out before being judged but the art is great. Metamorpho is fun (and drawn by Allred!). Teen Titans felt like a filler introduction but I suppose a team strip needs one. Strange Adventures is by-the-numbers plot wise but Pope’s art is great. Wonder Woman was totally wierd and felt misplaced here. I wish Supergirl was more ambitious. Really liked the Metal Men introduction. The other three, I need to see more.

  18. I’m still high on the ink fumes from last week. Loving this.

  19. you know, i still haven’t read the first issue.

    i want to buy this but i’m just completely un-interested in reading one page of a story at a time. I know that’s the point but I think i’ll just look at the art each week and wait until it’s finished to actually read it

  20. Wonder Woman emitted a dream-like world which I thought was quite nice.  He packed a ton of story onto one page and while not sticking to the typical Sunday funny format, it was still impressive, especially the art.  Supergirl was the only stinker for me (Teen Titans wasn’t much better)… just didn’t fit in with the rest of the "book."  Meanwhile, Paul Pope just slays this thing!

  21. Oddly, I am most looking forward to Kamandi.  I would not have believed that two weeks ago.  That Kirby fella was all right.

  22. @OddsBodkins  Your sn has caused a song from the Disney version of Sleepy Hollow to be stuck in my head. Well done sir, it’s a good song.

  23. I was really surprised by Kamadi and Deadman.  Strange Adventures, Hawkman, and of course Metamorpho were great.  Really dug the art on Green Lantern and Flash.

  24. @RoiVampire – happy to assist!  WW did have a very Disneyesque quality, didn’t it?

  25. @OddsBodkins I suppose but its more your name than anything else

  26. I really dug the first issue but the more I look at it in retrospect and think about how this was 3.99 and start to wonder is this really worth four bucks and some change with tax?  It is a very clever concept but I only like half of the stories so I find it hard to pay four dollars for 5 or 6 pages of story i enjoy. 

     Am i the only one feeling this way?

  27. My favorites (from the 1st one) in order were: Metamorpho, BATMAN, Demon & Cat, SUPERGIRL, KAMANDI, GREEN LANTERN, METAL MEN, Iris West/FLASH, DEADMAN, SUPERMAN, Sgt. Rock, HAWKMAN, Adam Strange, TT, and WW.


  28. *screams in a paper bag*

    Damnit… LCS isnt going to get this issue this week. Too much demand and couldnt order enough for the week. Guess I’ll have to catch up next week 🙁

  29. so i just read te first issue…. it looked good, it wasn’t good.

  30. @RoiVampire – I’m slow on the uptake today (yesterday)!  I stole my handle from Rudolph’s Shiny New Year… I’ve never heard it in anything else.  Now, I’ll have to dig around for SH.

  31. @Oddsbodkins It’s the part where Ichabod walks into town and the townsfolk are weirded out by how slim and gangly he is "Oddbodkins, gadzooks, take a look at that old spook of spooks." plus it’s Bing Crosby doing the songs. Excellent.

  32. I’m such a huge Wonder Woman fan and I’m not liking the format of her strip.  For such a huge page, the artist is using such tiny panels.  I also think he borrowed some Marvel colorist, it’s too muddy.I like his art I just wish that I could see it better.

  33. After this week I’m down to only liking 3 stories (Hawkman, Supergirl, and Flash).  I didn’t think I’d be dropping it so soon.

    I hope that after it’s over, they release a 12 page comic for each of title in this book.  I really want to read the Supergirl story, but it’s just not worth $4 per page.

  34. Liked it better this week now that the stories are starting to take shape. Top 3 – Flash, Batman, Kamandi. (Hawkman not far behind).

  35. I thought this was great, I still love it!  Maybe i’m just old…

  36. IMHO…

    Kamandi, Metamorpho, Fash, Strange Adventures, and Hawkman were as good as Great Comics get.

    Supergirl, Metal Men, Sgt Rock Batman, Superman, Deadman and Green Lantern were as good as very good comics get.

    Teen Titans and The Deamon & Cat Woman were as good as good comics get.

    Wonder Woman did not connect for me. (did I forget anything?)

    POTW 2 weeks in a row?   Hell yeah.  I challange any comic (IMHO) to be as good as the Kamandi and Metamorpho pages.  I only wish that Jack Kirby was still alive to teach (most of these) young ‘uns how it should be done.

    Just like magnum240, I may be too old but I will stand by my opionion.



  37. great stuff again. the flash is winning the story battle, introducing a nice, quirky time travel element. but the art is the seller for this book – adam strange and deadman are blowing my mind.

  38. All right, this issue was decidedly good all-around and a lot of them stepped up their game. However, that bespeaks the problem I had with the first issue. Namely that many of these were the first pages of a 12-page story instead of 12-installments in a 12 part story. Some got that, others didn’t. 5/5 for me. I would even say it retroactively lowered my rating for #1 to a 4/5. But I’m not gonna worry about it you don’t.

    Prax’s Patented Ratings:

    The Great: Kamandi (best of the bunch); Metamorpho (suitable for framing); Strange Adventures (Love the neo-tribal take for Rann); Flash (This is why Barry was cool.); Hawkman (It got me this time.)

    The Good: Deadman (a step up for me); Supergirl (Fun!); Metal Men (Surprisingly Fun!); Demon & Catwoman (So far so good, points off for non-Rhyming Etrigan)

    The Slightly less good (The artist formerly known as mediocre): Green Lantern (didn’t do anything for me and I love Hal! Cut-rate Rocket Reds?); Batman (It’s more of an Azzarello story…); Sgt. Rock (The beautiful art makes up for the story having progressed literally by a second)

    The Bad: Superman (I’m sorry but since when is Batman batshit insane? Exclaiming half the time, suggesting super-prozac? What the hell. It looked so good, too); Teen Titans (’nuff said); Wonder Woman (better, but no… just not)

  39. Kamandi, Adam Strange, Metal Men, Flash and Deadman are definitely my favorite of the bunch. 

    So far Green Lantern and Supergirl look pretty, but they aren’t hooking me in, hopefully they’ll start to pick up soon.  The rest are solid, but they’re not knocking my socks off.

    I didn’t even bother to read Wonder Woman.

  40. Yeah…Batman was really off in the Superman story.  It felt like he was being written by Warren Ellis. 

    Overall, pretty good.  Not as entertaining as last issue, but good stuff.  Hawkman, Strange and Flash were my favs.  But top story goes to Metal Men, that shit was hilariously cheesy.  Loved it.

  41. Last week I really wasn’t so sold on Titans and Wonder Woman, but otherwise loved every other story. Now I only am not happy with the Wonder Woman one if only because the amount of STUFF in the page. It’s just too much and makes me want to give up every single time I reach that page.

  42. The thing about this comic that worries me is that as the weeks go on and I lose interest in some of the stories (like Wonder Woman. Teen Titans, and Demon and Catwoman already for me) will it be worth the 4 bucks week in week out.

  43. Wonder Woman just looks so damn good, but the amount of text he’s squeezing into those tiny, odd shaped panels is getting really annoying.  Tenn Titans and Supergirl continue to bore the snot out of me.  I agree that the Superman story took a turn for the suck.  The rest… amazing!

  44. the wonder woman bashing is sort of beating a dead horse, but i suppose it IS true – the font is hard to read, and it’s just hard to really follow what’s going on with so many TINY panels. i like the idea – i like that WW is completely different in approach, that they’re trying to cram a huge story into one page – but the execution just isn’t up to it here.

  45. I honestly think Wonder Woman would be ok if they cut 50-75% of the dialogue.

  46. I loved the Teen Titans part where it has the "Dick" joke.  Subtle, but oh so great.

  47. @tehdave Yeah, it’s a bit of a dead horse, but honestly I got a headache from squinting to read the first one because of how small and overly dark the panels are. This time around there were a few panels I couldn’t even make out because they were too small. The art is very good, too, which is a shame because I feel it’s being wasted.

  48. I think the Flash is my favorite now. Last week it was Superman. This is going to be fun, seeing which ones stay strong

  49. My faves: Flash, Supergirl (that strip zinged off the page!), Adam Strange, Hawkman and Metamorpho.

    Non-fave: Wonder Woman. Seriously, how did the writer/artist get it so wrong? There’s nothing bad about his art, but it’s all so dark and squished up and the writing is so small. I gave up half way through the strip.  


  50. It’s a legitimate argument to say the Wonder Woman page has storytelling telling issues but it is still better than the ongoing book.

  51. I’ve already written off the Wonder Woman mess.  I may give up on the Teen Titans page soon if it doesn’t improve.

  52. Still over rated

  53. For me this is the perfect summer event book. It’s easily digestible, I can pick it up and read a few–I love the art. I hope this launches a new genre.

  54. @gnanniv – if it weren’t for the Green Lantern books to be rocking the casbah right now, Wonder Woman would be the best magazine DC is publishing. The Rise of the Olympian storyline has been absolutely epic.

    The strip in Wednesday Comics… not so epic… or even very good.

    I was also disappointed in Metamorpho this issue. I loved the bottom panel, but the splash page taking up the whole thing? No thanks. I am enjoying the rest of the book though. Kamandi, Strange Adventures, Green Lantern, Hawkman, Superman and Batman have all been rocking my world.

  55. @Noto – If you liked the recent Wonder Woman arc, more power to you, but I found the treatment of the gods to be astounding. They were less like deities and more like incompetent bullies. Wonder Woman deciding she is quitting the Amazons? It’s like Peter quitting the apostles or Abraham flipping off God after being told to kill Isaac; they just wouldn’t do it. Wonder Woman is an Amazon and if Zeus (the king of the gods) told her to jump in a lake she would do it. Don’t get me wrong, I think what Zeus did was out of character too. But Diana punching Zeus goes completely against type. It’s like Superman deciding that being form Krypton isn’t that big a deal or Batman deciding that his parents’ death didn’t really matter. Wonder Woman’s being an Amazon is at the core of her character. And if she did consider leaving the Amazons it would have taken more than three pages. And what about the power and strength of Wonder Woman in comparison to the gods? How was she able to kill Ares in one blow? If he is a god and she is not, how is he dead? Then she punched-out Zeus. Ether Wonder Woman is as strong as the gods or the gods are as strong as any super villain. That really undercuts the Greek mythology basis of the comic.

    The Rise of the Olympian storyline has been an epic failure.

    I find Caldwell’s WW is at least fun.

    And even apart from the GL books, I would take the Batman and Superman books over WW, in DC’s lineup.


  56. To be fair, this isn’t the first time in comic history that Wonder Woman left the Amazons, nor was it the first time she challenged the gods, and the gods being portrayed as blowhards is accurate to their mythological roots as the Greek/Roman gods all had personality traits of humanity (both positive and negative).

    Besides, nothing lasts forever. She’ll be back at Pleasure Island within a year, no question.

  57. @Noto – I recall the gods being depicted as callus and uncaring but not stupid. And if WW has denounced the Amazons before then it just serves to undercut how important the conclusion is. I would also draw a distinction between challenging the gods and punching Zeus (the king of the gods) in the face. And WW’s power and strength is such that she can punch Zeus and kill Ares? Not the gods of myth I remember.

    DC should put Rucka back on the book.

  58. was that tiger head dude in the original kamandi?

  59. @AlexG Yes, much of Kamandi is based on a world of anthropomorphized animals treating Kamandi like an animal and being shocked when he knows thing beyond their scope. 

  60. that’s cool. I feel like I’ve seen the human/anthropomorphized animal dude combo in other stuff, I didn’t realize Kamandi was an early example of it. Thanks for the info PraxJarvin

  61. @gnanniv i’m pretty sure you meant ‘epic fail’, not ‘epic failure’.  Is ‘failure’ a word?

    @mikeandzod21 No doubt.  If ever there was a book that was ALL about opinion, this has to be it.  Nostalgia factor!  That said, i can’t even explain why I LOVE it, but I do.  Oh so much.

     @Prax  Your continuity guru-ness never fails to impress. 

     @The more experienced readers in general-  Take a big bow for never getting annoyed with the new readers ignorance and instead doing everything you can to help them.  I sometimes wonder if we take this little community for granted.  It’s just awesome.

  62. @magnum240 – No, I meant failure. Yes, it’s a word. Thanks though.

  63. 2 issues in and I still love it.

  64. in terms of art? fantastic! interms of an entertaining read? pretty bad.


    it comes down to what you want out of a comic. story or art? ideally it should be both, right


    i do get the feeling 12 issues of this will be a bit much though

  65. Here are my opinions on each story:

    Batman – 3.5
    Kamandi – 5.0
    Superman – 2.0
    Deadman – 3.5
    Green Lantern – 5.0
    Metamorpho – 5.0
    Teen Titans – 5.0 (almost purely for Tim calling Nightwing a dick, hahaha).
    Adam Strange – 3.0
    Supergirl – 5.0
    Metal Men – 1.5
    Wonder Woman – 1.0
    Sgt Rock – 3.0
    The Flash – 5.0
    Catwoman – 2.5
    Hawkman – 3.5

    I think the best story was definitely KAMANDI.

  66. @kwisdumb Yeah that joke was taken from "Batman Forever." 😉

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