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The first issue of this was as expected, introductions mostly. So in week two, we see if the stories actually work.

Batman, while not nearly as fantastic as that opening page, continues strong with Bruce at the victim’s funeral. I do not like how Risso draws Bruce, but other than that it seems that Azz and Risso really understand the format.

I really enjoyed Kamandi as it also seems to work the format well. I feel like I know the universe already, and I already like the characters.

Superman felt like one of those Batman-is-a-cold-bastard parodies. Very cool to see the characters crossover though.

Deadman looks good, but I’m not sure what’s going on.

Green Lantern looks fantastic but the story has not connected. If Busiek doesn’t get the story rolling in the next issue or two, this will be a bust.

Hawkman was amazing in it’s action packed glory. Definitely one of the best. Kyle Baker was born for this.

Metamorpho continues it’s old school flavor with gorgeous art. Gaiman seems content to let Allred do most of the lifting but maybe that’ll change. Wish this was an ongoing or at least a full-on mini.

Teen Titans was lame, both in art and story. Team books don’t work well in this format. They need room to breathe.

Sgt. Rock is really taking it’s time to start rolling.

Supergirl just feels tame. It’s not reaching for the stars, it’s just okay. Which for me, is disappointing.

Metal Men is as fun as the concept gets. It’s chaotic and I love watching Doctor Magnus (if I remember 52 right) squirm.

The Flash was my favorite of the bunch. It’s a nice change-up of tone from the somewhat depressing Flash Rebirth.

Wonder Woman I may just skip. I’m bored by it and it feels ridiculously cramped. I suppose because of the format all of the pages are done already and we won’t see any changes to remedy the storytelling style. I’d write this up as a loss. I

The Demon and Catwoman was good, I suppose. I’m not familiar with the Demon but hopefully I find out enough about him next issue.

Strange Adventures is pulpy goodness. Everything from the lettering to the dialogue to the art is perfect. Love it.

Overall, a pretty damn good package.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 5 - Excellent

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