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  1. Let’s just mark it down for COMIC of the WEEK right now – can we do that 😀

  2. I hope Abraham nuts up and puts Rick back in his place in front of everyone. 

  3. With X-Men Noir, I am actually not anticipating this the most this week.

  4. @drake – man you need to realize that the world is better place without AHMD 🙂

  5. @BrikHed-I have way gotten over my hatred for AHMD.  In fact, I now hate him so much that I love him.  It is inexplicable

  6. My Predictions for this issue.

    Carl will continue to be the most bad-ass kid in comics

    Rick and Abraham will have a crazy contest and Abraham will win

    Eugene the "Scientist" will continue to look like an unwashed auto-mechanic and still give of that creepy uncle vibe

    We’ll learn more about Abraham and Rosita

    Michonne will continue to be one of the most bad-ass women in comics

    The zombies will be the least scary thing in the book

    I will love it

    It will have a long Thriller-esque dance scene…….. I can dream can’t I? 


  7. "It will have a long Thriller-esque dance scene…….. I can dream can’t I? "

    I’d buy it.

  8. Michonne and Rick have a moment in the back of the el camino – mark my words 😀

  9. if you like this you should read the Road by Cormac McCathy… very similar 

  10. @edward: Its one of the many books/trades that i own, that i haven’t gotten around to reading yet.

  11. I heard dueling banjos playing in the background reading this one.  Now I need a long shower.  

  12. @edward Much agreed.

     What an issue this was. That first two page spread suprised the hell out of me. It was beautifully drawn and well placed. Kirkman really knows how to write comics, and I can’t think of an artist I perfer more in black and white than adlard. Some really amazing work in this book.

  13. Holy crap. This comic is insane.

  14. Oh man, I love this book!!  Rick is insane and I can’t get enough of it.  I think all the fans that asked to find out whats become of Morgan and Duane are about to get their wish granted 🙂

  15. To think, right after "No One Is Safe", I seriously considered dropping this book.

    This issue was INSANELY good.  I read it, Incognito and X-Men Noir today, and Walking Dead blew them away…just WOW…I remember why this book drew me back to comics when I was forced to drop them for a year or so.

  16. The only reason that this is on my pull list is because I had to buy it for my brother so he would give me a ride to the comic book shop.

    I might get around to checking out some of the The Walking Dead TPBs someday though.  I am the guy who has to start a series from the beginning though.  I hate just jumping into something and having no clue what is going on.  That shit is ASS

  17. It’s been half an hour since I read it and my stomach still hurts.  This book is like a monthly gut-punch I can’t dodge.

  18. This was riviting stuff – pick of the week for sure.

  19. @robbydzwonar-That shit is ASS?  Thats a new one.  Anyways, yeah your reward will be much greater if you pick this book up right at the beginning.  This series does have some good jumping on points, but its best to read it all.  Far more enjoyable

  20. Probably my favorite so far.  I find it really hard to write reviews on these because there’s usually one big thing that happens each issue because the pacing is so fast.  But… this was brutal and cathartic at the same time.

  21. Pick of the WEEK!


  22. Great follow up from last issue. Was really hoing for Michonne to give rick soem helmet, but probably wont happen. How awesome is it the three survivors try to fuck with Rick and Abraham? Wrong thing to do. With the downward spiral rick is on, it makes me wonder who will be put in his place when he is written out. I hope its Michonne as she could have her own prequel spinoff at this point.

  23. I’m still not sold on Michonne.  The only character I have liked less than her in this series is The Governor…and I disliked him in a very bad way, not in the way I’m supposed to dislike him.

  24. WOW.

  25. How could this not be Pick Of the Week?

  26. Best book I read this week, but I read it when it was passed along to me.

    So my pick of the week was another zombie book. 

    I buy the hardcovers.

  27. Just a great book.  The art wouldn’t necc be my cup of tea, but wow, the story and everything just flows so well together.

  28. I hope Rick gave him one in the ass. One of the thrusts, I mean … uh … KNIFE thrusts. 


  29. I’m assuming that guy got stuck in every place that wouldn’t kill him right away.

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