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As Asgard celebrates victory, rumblings of Ragnorok near. What shocking revelation will the All-Father unveil to his chosen son? And what does Baron Zemo have in store for the gods? Jonathan Hickman (SHIELD) and Carlos Pacheco (Ultimate Avengers) rock out another thrilling tale of Thor’s thunderous debut!


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  1. Loved the first issue. A Hickman written book, with art by Pacheco, featuring the frost giants with an alliance with the Nazis to storm Asgard… ‘Nuff said. And day and date digital to see these beautiful pages bright and clear on my IPAD screen??? This is my most anticipated this week for sure.

  2. Loki’s leather crotch piece on the cover freaks me out a little. He’s quite the god of mischief 


    Hickman really needs to hit a better balance between ideas and action in his comics. I can appreciate the guy’s stuff but i’m never excited to pick it up  

  3. The first issue was so much fun with the ideas he brought to the Thor mythos and the ridiculousness of the whole thing. Is it weird that I am looking forward to SS Frost Giants?

  4. Didn’t absolutely love the first issue. We’ll see.

    @Edward Let it be known that on this day, you and I agree on something. (The balance of Hickman’s ideas versus action.) 

  5. how’s the first day of being right about something feel? 🙂 

  6. Looking forward to seeing where this goes. 

  7. Just in time. Finished reading new ultimates 04 today and I need to get the bad taste of Loeb’s thor out of my mouth. Bring it on Hickman I’m ready to for a face-full of awesomeness.

  8. The first issue was okay, but I don’t know if I really need to buy the next.  If it were a really slow week, that’d be one thing, but I just don’t think I’m ever going to be a really big Thor fanatic…

  9. More WWII era Ultimate Baron Zemo please. I loved issue one and can’t wait for more.

  10. Just FYI to everyone but it’s up on the Marvel App for purchase today! I’m downloading it now!

  11. Oh yeah, Hickman is writing.  Now I remember, that’s the reason I pulled this last month.  I don’t think I’d read about Thor under any other circumstance.  Just not one of my favorite characters.

  12. This is good stuff.  I’m not a normal Thor reader, but I did read The Ultimates 1 and 2.  I liked the take on him there, and the origin stuff in Ultimate Thor is very interesting to me.  Just an overall great comic.

  13. Really enjoyed this issue, sure it was more of a build-up issue than last issue but I think the pay off will be worth it next month. Cant wait to see what Hickman has planned.

  14. This was a lot of fun. I think Hickman is delivering a nice, summer blockbuster-like origin for Ultimate Thor. He is giving us some weird ideas but so far he has resolved or continues to use them without confusing me. Pacheco’s art was pretty good too; although their were some wonky faces in the beginning.


  15. This was awesome.  A lot more straightforward than typical Hickman, but that’s not always a bad thing.  To top it off, outstanding artwork by Pacheco/Vines.  Good stuff here.

  16. Yeah, loved this.  The art was nearly outstanding to me, but I am a big Pacheco fan.  Very direct and good origin story that takes place over three time periods.  I love it when writers actively use time.

  17. Holy shit ending. I was actually shocked. Awesome issue

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