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If you don’t know by now, Jonathan Hickman is known for his ‘big ideas’. For me, I think Hickman always delivers on these ideas but I can see why they frustrate people in some ways. He’s like a mini-Grant Morrison; where the ideas are laid out but it gets more complicated as his series goes on. When it comes to this mini series though; I fail to see anything confusing coming from it. Yes it’s full of big ideas but at the end of the day I think Hickman is giving us a fun ride into the Ultimate Thorverse.

There is a lot of plot going on in this issue. Hickman bounces us around from the present day, to the unknown time of Asgard, to even World War II Germany. But give Hickman credit for making the transitions seemless and I never found myself lost in the place of it all. The stuff in the present is interesting, even though it does take place long before Mark Millar’s original ULTIMATES run (it seems). The World War II elements with Baron Zemo is also entertaining and it definitely delivered a shocking twist at the end. But the stuff with Thor at Asgard has the most meat with it. The relationship between him with Loki, Balder, and Odin is very complicated but Hickman writes it with a lot of drama and heart to it. Loki is actually a pretty sympathetic character in this and (without spoiling the end) he is still not the trickster we know today. Basically it is nice refresher on the Thor mythos but with keeping the original elements intact.

Pacheco’s art in this particular issue seems to be a notch down from the first issue. It’s still pretty beautiful in a lot of ways; but the character models are a bit suspect. Especially in the beginning where the boys are having a mock gladiator fight. But the scope in some of these panels are enormous and when the action does ramp up a bit, it is beautiful to look at. I also like some of the lighting effects he did here; especially in the middle with Loki and his mother. Also, the sight of Frost Giants in SS garb is still pretty hilarious.

With two issues in, this has been a very fun look into the Ultimate Thorverse. I like it still how this is an origin in one way; but also a look into the mind of this Thor in another. Hickman is giving us some crazy ideas but he is delivering them (albiet in a slow manner). All I know is that by the time the shocking reveal happens in here, it left me wanting more. I cannot wait for the shit to go down next month and it’s gonna be action packed that’s for sure.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good

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