Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1

Meet Miles Morales, the all-new Ultimate Spider-Man!

Story by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Sara Pichelli
Color by Justin Ponsor
Letters by Cory Petit
Cover by Kaare Andrews

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 13.1%
Avg Rating: 4.3
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  1. I want this but I just REALLY wish the pricepoint would go down

    • I wish I had looked before I jumped on this bandwagon. Of course, Marvel knew exactly what they were doing. I’d love to read this story, but am calling BS on Marvel’s $4 price point. Too bad … out before I was ever really in … now, of course, since I’ve already pre-ordered issues #1-3 I might as well go ahead and finish the first story arc …

    • I used to do the same thing and it led to a bloated list of shit I didn’t care about because I’d decided to finish out arcs of shit I’d already pre-ordered the first two or three of but ended up not caring about.

      Nah man. Don’t give in. If you wan’t out, get the fuck out.

      Me? I’m in for Ultimate-Spidey, but I understand not bein’ down with the price point.

  2. I’m surprised this isn’t higher in the pulls. I thought for sure it would be in the top ten for Aeptember overall, not struggling to be in the top ten of week 2.

    • The DC relaunch is your answer.

    • Even with the relaunch, I thought this would be top ten for sure… still early for the pulls though, i guess

    • The relaunch PLUS Marvel’s $4 price point …

    • not to mention a lot of disdain by some people for a spider-man who isnt peter parker and(hopefully felt by fewer people) a spider-man who isnt white. i know most people(if not all the people) who frequent this site are good people with high ideals, but i cant help but feel some of the negativity surrounding this book is due to his race. i, however, most certainly hope this isnt the case. 4bucks a book is horrible, too.

    • @sitara: I feel there’s an almost equally harmful slant in which people who just aren’t interested in this get called racist for little to no reason. It’s like there’s a climate of fear in this country in which everyone is suspected of being a racist no matter what. Whatever our color, lots of people constant have to defend themselves on race issues whenever they give an opinion about anything. It reminds me a LOT of the McCarthy era. Of course there are still some racists, just like there were a low number of closet commies in the ’50s. But the climate of fear in and of itself blows the problems waaay out of proportion.

      I don’t remember any people having a problem with the Hispanic Spidey 2099. But many people DID have a problem with Ben Reilly even though he was white. I don’t think that Miles Morales’ race in and of itself bothers more than a handful of readers. But, of course, the paranoid media on both sides of the political divide exploits every issue like this. Lots of people are looking for an excuse to feel indignant and/or morally superior any chance they get.

      Personally, I’d be interested in this if Bendis wasn’t writing it. I’m tired of his dialogue. As long as Marvel was making the change for an Ultimate Spider-Man from a different background, they really should have changed the writer as well. Whatever Spider-Man’s race, I’m tried of the stories being filtered through the glib “Bendis” way of looking at the world. That got old for me sixty-some issues ago.

      I still applaud Marvel trying to make this change, though. Let’s hope it brings in some new readers.

    • your right. there is a “slant”. if someone calls you a racist for no reason, then THEY are the bigot, not you. u shouldnt have to defend yourself. i dont. and mccarthyism? really? last i heard, no one was being black balled or put on trial. i dont remember anyone having a problem with miguel from 2099 either,i was 11yrs old in 1992 and wasnt privy to the world wide web at time, but still. everyone hated ben reilly and the whole clone saga, it was a horrible story. but it sold well enough. a hand full of readers? did u check out the usatoday.com when the story broke on who spidey was. looked like more than a handful of bigots were bothered. bottom line, there is an elephant in the room, i was just the first person to point it out in regard to why the pulls on this issue seemed low. it seems like you have explained yourself a few times on this subject. no worries, im not judging you for not being interested and i dont think your racist for not being so. i actually agree with the point i think your making. but i cant help but wonder, if your not buying this book and your not interested in bendis or the new spidey, what are you doing here?

    • Froggulper is here for the same reason all of us are – “to talk about comics.”

      With regard to the pulls – iFanboy is just one subset of the comic book buying populace. Other sites with pull lists have this title much higher.

      Personally, I’m very on the fence about picking this title up (yet another reason why people come here, to read the comments and see if they should buy the book). I’m not a fan of the price point nor am I sure I want to commit to another series what with the new 52 and all.

      Do folks know if it will be available day & date digital?

    • I’m a HUGE spider-man fan. I just DESPISE the ultimate universe. Therefore i’m not pulling.

    • @smasher
      well said. do you speak for froggulper on everything. if i have a question for him should i just forward it to you?

    • No, you can direct questions for froggulper directly to froggulper.
      But seeing that these comments are for all to read I thought I’d chime in.


    • thanks, cheers

  3. I’m also not pleased about $4 for 20 pages, but I’m going to give Bendis and Pichelli the benefit of the doubt. However, some of those final issues of the previous USM volume — while enjoyable — were….a bit light in terms of bang for the buck, so this might get the chop if I feel like the value isn’t there.

    • I for one will support this for as long as I am enjoying it. I dont like the 4 bucks either, but a mixed race Spidey is something that I never knew I wanted. Even though I oycott most Marvel 3.99 books, This will be the lone survivor.

    • i too am excited about a mixed race spidey and also boycott most 4dollar marvel books(marvel has been on the downward spiral with me for a while now) but i have high hopes for this one and hope marvel can get back on track soon. not to mention hoping they give our wallets a break while they do it. if they dont get it together soon i will have to become solely a dc/dark horse man(which i mostly am already)

    • I can’t stand the fact that it is priced at $4, but they hooked me at the charter school lottery scene. I’m in for the first arc at least. This may turn out to be worth $4 an issue.

  4. I’ve read every USM from the start. But I consider this a new book. I’m going to give it a shot, though. Simply because Bendis is Bendis and Pichelli is great. Let’s see if they can hook me once again.

  5. Wait $4.00 for 20 pages?! I just unpulled this book I’ll buy it maybe as a trade on Amazon…or never cause I’ll forget about it.

  6. I’ve been waiting for this for a while. Great creative team, and i’m intrested to see how Miles differs from Peter.

  7. So will this work, or will it completely flop?

  8. Spiderman died for me when Parker died. Time to move on.

  9. $4 is far too much to try out a new series with a new character. I loved USM before but I’ll trade wait on this one. If the entire Ultimate line was $2.99 and reduced to $1.99 digitally a month later like DC I would most likely jump on board the entire Ultimate line but this high price point makes it a complete skip.

  10. I had originally pulled this because of the buzz, but then I remembered that I’ve barely read anything by Bendis that I’ve really liked.

    • have you read his daredevil run? the first 100 or so of USM were really good, too. the book went down hill when torch and iceman moved in with peter. it was a throw back to spider-man and his amazing friends and it was a terrible idea that made me throw up in my mouth a little. im jumping back on board with this one and hope its great, but it most certainly is on a short leash at 4bucks a book. im always more critical when i pay more for the right to be so.

  11. I for one am really interested to see some Spider Man comics without pete in the tittle role. I grew up with pete as spidey but i’m super excited about the possibility of someone else under the cowl. Hopefully this is good bendis, not the less than good one to.

  12. Soooooooooooooooo jazzed for this. Excited to see Bendis build a new character from the ground up, excited to see a story about Spidey’s legacy, excited for new Pichelli art, excited to read a story featuring a multi-racial hero, excited to pay $4… well, not that so much, but the rest is all true!

    If this is polybagged, though, I’m going to tear it off with my teeth in the store. Can’t stand that.

  13. I really cant believe Grifter is beating this in pulls.

    • hahaha

    • It makes me happy. Marvel needs a wakeup call and DC is giving Marvel one. Hopefully the pulls are reflected in sales.

    • Why does Marvel need a wakeup call?

      They have a shitload of good books: New Avengers, Uncanny X-Force, Avengers Academy, Thunderbolts, Hulk, Wolverine, Daredevil, Invincible Iron Man, Criminal, Red Skull, Bucky & Cap, Journey Into Mystery, Ultimate Spider-Man etc.

      Once again, I want the new 52 to sell well but they won’t be selling well come issue #6 or so.

      That is not wishful thinking, but more of an understanding of how people buy comics.

  14. To anyone who thinks it is racist to not get into this book what do you call it when you get this book because Spidey is not white? I love all people but I wanna see something new, something not like what we are used to. I thought L.Fishburne as Perry White was/is a bit of a strech just cause Perry is a older white guy in every story I have read or saw on tv/dvd but Miles Morales is new so I am looking foward to a fresh look on UltSpiderMan. (plus I love the new outfit)

  15. I’m more of a DC guy overall but do read some Marvel books. I’ve avoided the Ultimate line of comics because it’s not the Marvel Universe that I grew up reading, BUT: I’m totally going to check this one out because this kid Morales seems pretty freakin’ awesome and Bendis is such a good writer.

  16. A terrific first issue. Check out our official spoiler-free review!


  17. WOW! This was FANTASTIC! I was a little worried going into this but I loved it, and that ending I didn’t see coming at all! This may be my PoTW. Can’t wait for next issue!

  18. This was good but OMG I am going to kill that effing drop shadow.

  19. Huh… I’m pretty sure I’m in the minority on this, but I was really disappointed with this book. Granted, I’m not a big Marvel reader but I went into this with a very open mind expecting a fun and exciting first issue. What I got was a slow and ultimately (no pun intended) lackluster story. Miles is an interesting kid and I like his character but the rest of this book really didn’t grab me. I might stick with this for a couple more issues just to see if it gets better but this issue really didn’t make me WANT to keep reading.

  20. God what a great bOok. Loving comics this week.

  21. Solid book, but it needed more meat. I guess that’s what happens when there’s only 20 of story, and it’s $4.

    Also, seemed like Bendis took the easy way out with Miles’ origin. It is eerily similar to Peter Parker. Couldn’t we have done something different for his origin?

  22. I could care less what race he is, I got a budget and with all the DC books coming out I’m skipping it. If I hear later that this book is awesome, there is always the trade.

  23. Excellent, excellent introduction to the new kid. Say what you will about Bendis, but he’s one writer who absolutely understands the importance of establishing a rich, three dimensional character. Miles barely says two words in this comic and I’m already rooting for him. Good luck, kid. Looks like you’ve got an uphill battle with the fans ahead of you…

  24. Avatar photo PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    Hey don’t delay and rip the bag open if you bought this. Within there are no ads for shitty movies, milk or Marvel sleepware! Plus, there’s an additional story about 9/11 by Bagley that is awfully powerful.
    Congratulations USM

  25. I’m also primarily a DC guy, and I’m loving quite a lot of what’s coming out in the New 52, but I decided to pull USM, as Ive enjoyed the previous series, and I thought this was fantastic…my Pick of the Week for sure. I loved most of Pichelli’s art but it did strike me just how young Miles really is. They’ve not come out and said specifically but he appears to be about 10…maybe12 at the most, right on a par with Damian’s Robin. That threw me just a bit.

    I must admit I don’t get the bitterness for not having Peter Parker here. We’ve got Amazing Spiderman in the regular Marvel Universe, 3-4 times a month. Are we really lacking a Peter Park Spiderman? It’s the same issue I had when they made such a fuss about Peter going back to being single. We HAD a single Peter in the Ultimate Universe, so was it so problematic to enjoy the Ultimate version as being single and the mainstream version as a married hero? Marvel’s giving everyone a chance to enjoy different versions of what they love, why spend so much time griping?

  26. The artwork on this story was really good. I just kind of felt like the story fell a little flat. I’ll be honest I’m not a big fan of the ultimate universe, and when I think of Spider-man I think of Peter Parker (I hope no one calls me a bigot because I said that). I feel like if you want to make a hero that is bi-racial, by all means make one. Just don’t kill someone off and a month later replace him with a bi-racial hero. Its kind of a smack in the face to Peter Parker. For those of you that are going to ask why I bought this, the reason is because I heard there was a really cool 9/11 tribute. I will say that tribute in the back was really great.

  27. I really liked it, although looking back it seemed a little decompressed. I will definitely continue with this. I felt like I really got to watch some of Miles’ real life unfold before my eyes.

    I see this has finally passed Grifter in pulls 🙂

  28. i really loved that this was so much like the very first issue, with the speech about arachne by osborn and then everything changes until that very last page where we once again get a “whoa” at discovering spider powers. perfect

  29. Overall i felt it was pretty good. It felt like i’m getting to meet Spiderman again for the first time…something about that is incredibly appealing.

    I’m already seeing some questions build and twists coming. I think this could be a fun journey…

  30. This was a lot of fun. Interesting set up to an already reasonably different feeling character. It really is a new book.

    One question though. Miles is touted as half African-American, half Hispanic. And from this issue it would seem that his father is African-American and his mom is Hispanic. Then why is his last name Morales?

  31. I want to pick this one up, but my store was out.

  32. i wish they would stop with the polybags already. why do they still do that? so i wont open it and buy the 2nd printing to read? damn them! i think its going to work. i feel compelled not to open it. im a child from the 90’s, have i been programed?

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