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  1. This is weekly right, I dont think I could have two weeklys but im gonna give it a shot.

  2. Yeah it’s weekly, not sure how I feel about the $2.99 price tag for 12 pages of a continuing storyline but I might pick it up.

  3. I didn’t realize it’s weekly. My wallet may not like that.

  4. I’m not sure why I’m picking this up — curiosity, mostly.  It’s not like I have to keep buying every week if I don’t like it —

  5. I was curious about this, but really clinched it for me was Mike Norton. I enjoy Mike Norton.

  6. yeah, my wallet is sore thinking about this weekly too. here’s hoping it has a hot start.

  7. @ Cybergrim, what do you mean 12 pages of continuing story?

  8. Half the book is the A story by Busiek and Bagley, the other half is a B story or stories by various other creators that introduce elements that will later appear in the A story.

  9. Oh if thats the case…I think im gonna pass all together.

  10. This gets ye ol’ flip test this week.

  11. From what I understand, the "B story" is all written by Nicieza while working closely with Busiek so I think it’s not quite the "12 pages matter/12 pages don’t" scenario spelled out above. Personally, I’m quite excited for this given that it sounds like the only thing it has in common with Countdown is the weekly release schedule.

  12. I didn’t mean to give the impression that I don’t like that there’s a B story. I have no problem with that. Especially since one of the art teams is Jerry Orrdway and Mike Norton working together. I find that cool. The only thing I’m uncertain about is the characters. The Trinity handeled well, like Dwayne Mcduffie did in the last JLA or like Darwin Cooke did in the New Fronteir animated special (he hit that one out of the park, frankly), can be the most exciting people. But handled poorly, it can be duller than cardboard. I just hope Buseik can give us something new, vital and compelling about these characters. Because if he can, this will be a great book.

  13. I don’t understand the classifying some pages as "mattering" and "not mattering".  It all matters, and it all doesn’t.  It’s all part of the story.  The five other people who read PROOF will recognize the format.

  14. I hear the ‘doesn’t matter’ thing thrown around here quite a bit, albeit used a bit differently than above.  It seems like a book can be the most amazing read ever but if it doesn’t alter the entire universe in some permanent way… ‘it doesn’t matter’ and is somehow lesser.  I don’t understand this line of thinking.  If a story is good and gave you your moneys worth, it doesn’t matter that ‘it doesn’t matter’.


    Now chalk me up as one who hopes this weekly can recapture the excitement I had with 52.

  15. i’m giving this a month to make me fall in love with the story. 

  16. I loathe weeklies but I’ll give this a shot just for Bagley’s sake. But once it screws up, dropped.

  17. Im not gonna read it because it doesnt matter im not gonna read it because it has multiple storys in one book (not storylines but whole diffrent stories). Thats the same reason I dont read other books of the sort.

  18. After the mess that was Countdown, I’m very apprehensive of this title. I’ll definitely be reading it, but I won’t make the same mistake I did with countdown and invest so much time & money into a crap story just to see if it finally pays off.

    As soon as this books goes ‘Countdown’ & not ’52’ — I’m sayin’ bye bye.

  19. Am i the only one who hates Bagely’s art? If there was a different artist i would pick it up but the art is just to suspect for me to care.

  20. I’ll probably skip it just because $150 is a lot to spend on something that’s not going to absolutely wow me.

  21. Am I the only person for whom Fabian’s a bigger selling point than Busiek?

  22. This is probably the thing I’m most excited about this week, to bad it’s probably gonna suck donkey balls.

  23. I’ll give this an issue, but I’m weary of weeklies overall. As for Bagley’s art, I actually like it quite a bit, but sorry, all his women look like dudes.

  24. @Guardedmarman – What, exactly, "doesn’t matter"?

  25. In the long run almost none of the current books we read "will matter." Things get shuffled around, we get entertained, in in a couple years everything will be reset. Such is the way of supehero comics.

  26. I’m picking this up mostly FOR Bagely’s depiction of the big DC characters.  I know a good number don’t like him but he’s one of my favorites.  Now, I haven’t picked up the previous weekly because they didn’t really interest me, so we’ll see how I like the first few issues of this.

  27. I dont know what I was trying to say in my last post so, im just gonna get one month worth of issues and if it isnt good I will drop it.

  28. I’ll agree; I’m picking this up for Bagley.  He could draw the phone book and I’d buy it.  Big fan.

  29. I didn’t mean to give the impression that any section of this book ‘doesn’t matter’ I was just giving my opinion that $2.99 seems a bit steep for a weekly, 22 page book. Per month that’s 88 pages and $11.96 making it 14 cents per page/per month. A normal monthy book being an average of 32 pages and £2.99 (for the majority) makes it 9 cents per page/per month. If Trinity was $1.99 a week that would be $7.96 a month, with still the 88 pages, would make that too 9 cents per page/per month.


    I know full well that that’s not how the industry works, I was just crunching numbers and found it interesting. Sorry if I gave anyone the wrong impression about my ’12 page’ comment.

  30. Ok, ignore me, it’s 3am here in the UK. I’m obviously in a state of such sleep deprivation that I can’t read the fact that this is a 40 page book. I retract my last comment, furthermore I WILL be picking this book up and will review it on Thursday night (comics get to the UK on Thursday not Wednesday).


    God I feel like such a dumbass /sigh

  31. LOL CyberGrim, that’s about how I feel when I re-read my posts.

    Just for the record I’m not buying this for Bagley’s art or for Busiek’s words — I’m buyin’ it for the chance to read the big three of DC every week!

  32. I’m suprised there is such a huge negative vibe about this book.  I’m looking forward to it.  I promised my comic shop owner 12 issues and I look forward to reading them all and most likely more.  I love reading comic books.  Every comic i have read has mattered to me in one way or another.

  33. There was a early review of this on Newsarama that was super positive. At least as much as I read was super positive–I was stopped reading when the guy started to talk about the plot. I want to be surprised.

  34. I’m excited about this book.  A new, fresh opportunity to not just look at these characters, but at how they interact with each other.  These three have been my favorite part of the latest JLA run.  I haven’t read anything about it and can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow.

  35. I thought they were going to wait on trinity until after final crisis was over?  

    And the whole "matters/doesn’t matter" thing is totally subjective.  If you enjoy the characters that it involves, then it matters. Period.  For me, this book doesn’t matter, since over the past few years, I’ve almost completely dropped out of the DCU.  I used to pick up Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Action Comics, Robin, and anything involving Buddy Baker, but anymore, I just look for creators I like and read what they do.  Anything that Grant Morrison does, I’m reading.  Same goes for Paul Dini, so clearly I’m sticking with the bat-books and final crisis currently.  Aside from that I’m just not into the DCU, so even though its the "Big Three", I really don’t care and it doesnt matter TO ME.

    And Conor, as one of those 5 PROOF readers, yeah, i know what you mean, but PROOF did it in a way that actually pertained to the characters in the book, they werent just random plotlines going on at the same time, sucking up story pages (which I’m guessing the Nicieza pages are going to be).   I still have a bad taste in my mouth from the colossal waste of time in the last half of each issue of countdown to adventure with that terrible Forerunner story. 

  36. @actualbutt you haven’t read the backstories in this one yet. give it a chance.

  37. I am going to buy this book and really give it a shot.  See where it goes.  I’m looking forward to it!

  38. I’m usually more of a Marvel person, but I like Bagley a lot, so I thought I would give it a try.  Not horrible, but I’m not dropping 3 quid a week for it.

  39. The segment with the villains at the end was much more interesting than the heroes.

  40. Um… was that Bat-Spectre!?!?!?!?!

  41. @zombox I reacted totally opposite to you. I liked the beginning and hated the backup. The villians bored me. Especially The Enigma. I do not find him clever or amusing. Though the tarot cards were kind of cool.

  42. Not great.  The "backup" absolutely tied into the "main" story.  So, it really was 22 pages of story, not filler.

    The art was not impressive in my opinion. 

    Enigma was a bit lame, but could it be that Enigma is Edward Nigma?  Possibly a different take on him?  His staff did have a questionmarkesk hook on the end.

  43. I just read the issue, and the second story is totally related to the main story. The art was ok, and i liked the dialogue between the big three.

    I  was thinking the same thing, that Enigma might be Edward Nigma from an another earth. I just don’t get why he has all the high tech stuff if he’s Earth 1(New Earth)  Riddler, so I’m guessing he’s from one of the other parrallel ones.

    Of course, I could be wrong and it might be a totally different character. We have 51 more issues to find out.

  44. I thought it was pretty decent. It didn’t blow me away, but it didn’t disappoint either. I found it somewhat confusing, but I guess it’s only the 1st issue and all the setting up & questions being asked will lead to that.

    And we got 30 full pages of story for $2.99! There is a lot of books these days going for $3.99 with only the regulation 22 story pages. Nice one DC.

    Does anyone know if it will be 30 pages of story for this price every issue, or was it just a special issue #1 type deal?

  45. I’m lukewarm on this. I can’t quite tell yet if I’m coming back for issue 2.

  46. @Wade, I read it was only the #1 that was supersized

  47. According to the DC website the rest are 32 pages, don’t know how much of that is story and how much is ad’s though.

    @SteveM You’re comic shop charges £2.99 for a $2.99 book?! That’s insane! Unless you love your guy I’d change shops. Everywhere I’ve seen so far a $2.99 book translates to £1.80 and a $3.99 book translates to £2.50.

  48. I get mine for £1.80 for $2.99 so if like cybergrim says you paying 3 quid for your books your getting robbed mate. Where do you live? It would help clarify the issue at hand.

     And onto trinity. I loved this issue it got me really stoked for the rest of the series to be honest. Countdown was such a let down i really wasnt looking forward to it but if this is an indication of the quality to expect im in for the year.

  49. Yeah I really liked the first issue of Trinity. I think the story was well written if a little slow, but getting 4 books in  month instead of one I suppose the story can burn a little slower per issue. The only criticism I would make is that I’m not sure that Mark Bagley suits this type of book. I’m not saying the art’s bad or anything I just think Bagley’s cartoony style of pencils fits more into Spider-Man, where the protagonist is a teenager, than any of the big three.

    Overall I thought it was very good, I just hope the team doesn’t get tired too soon and let the story slip.

  50. I really liked this book. Everyone cried setup in the beginning of Countdown but this one issue was more interesting than all 16 issues of countdown i bought. I’m just worried that it’s not too front loaded and loses steam later in the series. Gonna try my best to ride this book out.

  51. Ah yeah … 32 pages total means 10 pages of ads, thanks guys. 30 story pages was a good bonus for issue #1 anyway.

    I forgot to mention — my favourite part of this issue was the different ways the big three interpreted the dream. Awesome way to show the differences in thier characters.

  52. To quote Kramer "I’m out!".


    I was going to give it at least a month, I’m not a Bagley fan, and back up is unreadable. So I’m done. 

  53. uhhh.. not what I expected.  I’ll give it a trinity of issues to grab me.

  54. I’m not real sure what people liked about this issue.  All I know is that I thought it was boring – writing, art and everything.  The artist looks like he’s doing a poor man’s Dan Jurgens.

  55. It was a little hokey at times, like when they were describing how they viewed their shared dream, but overall, I was pleasently surprised by this.  I kept expecting to see Spider-man swing in though.

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