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  1. Well I guess the character on the left is in this issue. Considering we haven’t seen her at all in the other three issues.

    I really hope this starts to pick up some steam. I’m not willing to bail on trade only just yet. But it’s really tough each issue to not go to that conclusion.

  2. Moving to trades with this issue.

  3. Apparently that big thing that was supposed to happen in issue 3 is set for issue 5 now… I’ll give it until then before I decide.

    Has Lemire given a ballpark idea of how long this series is supposed to run? 

  4. @Slockhart-50 or 60 he hopes. No real answer though, just a ballpark.

    That’s an interesting cover.  I’m not sure if I like it just yet.

  5. I’m now switching to trades also.

    I’ve enjoyed the first 3 greatly, but there’s just not enough content to sustain in issues.  Already can’t wait for the first trade.

  6. I guess I’m the weird one – I love reading Vertigo in issues.

  7. That cover makes me uncomfortable.

  8. I think I will keep reading in singles, and eventually get it library-bound if it runs as long as it’s supposed to.

  9. I am madly in love with this series.  I could never bare the wait for trades.

  10. I might trade, eventually. Not sure. I haven’t quite enjoyed this series as much as others. 

  11. While I’m sure this will read great in trade, I’m loving it in single issues as well. Between the excellent art and interesting plot, there is enough for me in each issue. Unlike Conor, I absolutely love Lemire’s work colored in this. I think it really adds to the mood. I also tend to read my books slower than what I feel is average, which may be why I feel each issue is substantial.I heard Lemire say that he has the book plotted out to be 20 to 30 issues right now, but is hoping he gets to do the full 60.

  12. Trade or issues?  What to do! 

  13. @ crippler – issues till 5, then decide if you can wait six months for trades!

  14. didn’t that big dude say he has never seen a hybrid as old as gus last issue? the rabbit chick on the cover looks way older than him though

  15. I’m guessing she’s a poser, but who knows.

  16. I still don’t see the hook for the series.  I think it’s been pretty good, but what’s the sales pitch?  A post-apocalyptic version of Bambi?  That seems too thin.

  17. poser is a good guess, but gus stayed hidden as long as he did so who knows?

    @crippler – isn’t that half the fun?  I like the characters POV rather than knowing all the stuff they don’t.

  18. The third issue was downright haunting – beautiful in its character moments and apocalyptic images.  Apocalypticism is always linked with a messiah figure.  My guess is that Sweet Tooth becomes that figure for many, and may be exploited for that very trait by Jeppard.

  19. Why is 90 percent of the discussion who is trade waiting, and who is not?  Its kind of sad that a books of this quality (just my opinion) always has this discussion.  Maybe stop reading some random Zombie superhero book and try something a little different? 

  20. @ludusmaximus-People still plan on reading, just deciding which format to read it in.  Why are you getting upset about that?

  21. I hope Lemire features my fan art in his blog.

  22. Love the series, not whiching to trade, I can’t awit a month for the next installment, I’m don’t fancy waiting four-six months between issues. I get some people think it’s "slow" but I think the tension is building nicely.

    The cover makes me think Jeppard is more of a threat to these people than he is a friend to Sweet Tooth.

  23. @NathanNicdao Show us! I’ve been considering sending him some fan art myself.

  24. @ludusmaximus: It’s not a dicussion about *not* reading the book, it’s about reading it in a more satisfying way.

  25. While, I’m enjoying it, I really hope the series doesn’t go for 60 issues. I’d much prefer it to come to a good arc around 30 or so and for Jeff Lemire to move onto something new. While, I’m sure he’d make it work if he did, I’m just not a fan of ‘epic’ runs.

  26. I don’t see how this could go to sixty issues. What @MacAoidh said, a good 30 issues tops is what I give it. It’ll also be interesting if Lemire can write this and not make it feel like Walking Dead. So far he hasnt but… never know, it could feel very similar if he starts to run out of ideas.

  27. @TNC Go back and read the first 3 issues of Preacher, Fables, Hellboy, etc. and see how much they feel like 60 issue ideas? One of Lemire’s strengths is his ability to play with scope, and this feels like it could go in a Ted McKeever-ish way, which is exciting because McKeever was often too much of a mess to actually carry through with good initial ideas. 


    I guess what I’m actually getting at is that Lemire has been completely successful in everything he’s tried, and you have to assume that he knew what he was getting into with a long running monthly title.

  28. @Cooper : I’ll make it my avatar. Wait for it.

  29. @ Edward and @Conor, I guess my point is that when you read the threads of any superhero book you dont see that discussion.  It seems like everybody HAS to read Spiderman or Batman or whatever, but books like this always get put in the "tradewaiting" category.  I understand too, the Vertigo books in general look real nice lined up on a bookshelf, but Spiderman and Batman aren’t going anywhere…this might need the support. 

    I suppose its also a continuity thing.  Not reading this book effects nothing else you are reading, while Spiderman or Cap or whatever ties directly into Dark Reign.

    Brubaker said or wrote something like this (I think several times) about Criminal, so sorry if I’m repeating things creators/fans have been saying, just making a point.

  30. After re-reading that post I think I should mention that we should all read our books however we damn well please, it would just be nice to see stuff like this get the support thoughout its run in issues.

  31. I’ve yet to receive my copy of #3, but I loved #1 and #2 as singles.   As someone else said, I read this book pretty slowly (moreso than I usually would) and I’ve enjoyed it.  I also really like the coloring.  I think it works well. 

  32. I was wondering…how common/expensive/possible is it to bind issues?  What I mean is instead of buying trades is it feasible for people looking to thin out their collection to bind issues into books?

    I am saying this as a huge fan of issues who wants to see comics continue in issue form.  As I’ve said before, I love reading Vertigo in installments. Buying Preacher on a monthly basis kept me in comics at a time when pretty much the only other thing I read was Dark Horse’s Maverick/Legend line.  There is something about a serialized story that I find compelling and that makes comics a unique medium.  Take that away, strip away the letters and ads and interviews and covers and I feel like we’re starting to move toward books with pictures.

    And before I get assaulted I do think trades are important – they make old titles accessible to new readers and new titles accessible to a wider audience (Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing may be my second favorite run of all time and I have only read it in trades.) but I think there should be a place for both.  I know this isn’t directly related to Sweet Tooth but I thought it relevant.  Thoughts?


  33. @Cooper: There!

  34. I’d rather you guys buy the monthly then let it build a couple months. I don’t want this to get cancelled!

  35. @kmob181 – I believe the cost of binding issues is high enough (roughly $15) that it is actually cheaper to just buy the trade. I don’t know if that is generally true, but it is my understanding of the situation.


  36. @ludusmaximus The main reason I get trades is to help keep the story together.  If I read it all in one setting, I’ll remember it better than I would if I was reading it month to month.

  37. @vadamowens: While I agree that blazing through a series is really a great experience, I love how issues let me do both. I read through a series month by month for one experience. After an entire arc is done, I like to read through it again straight through. I like both experiences, which is why I love waiting for my single issues. That said, there is an awful lot that reads a lot better in trades than issues, and I am tradewaiting series that aren’t threatened to be canceled like Captain America, Iron Man, and Fables.

  38. @stuchlach – Thanks for the information on binding.

    I have to echo what @Rusty said about reading twice, once as serial and once in continuum.  I guess I am most afraid that there will come a point where issues disappear altogether or appear only online.  That to me would be a tragedy and I would likely leave comics at that point.

  39. @Luke-Vertigo knows that most people trade wait on their series. I’m sure this is not in any danger of being cancelled prematurely.

  40. Vertigo is very supportive of their titles. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them prematurely cancel anything, even when it wasn’t well received.

  41. Crossing Midnight got the axe early…that’s the only one that comes to mind at the moment.  And I think the key point was that trade sales were low.  Conversely, Air and Scalped both have low issue sales but they both do very well in trade.

  42. Great discussion here folks.

    I think I’ll keep on buying in singles just as a way of supporting the title on a regular basis.  Besides I’ve come to enjoy my monthly dose of Jeff Lemire now.

  43. @ludusmaximus

    When did i say anything about waiting for the trade? thank you for the attention though.

     anyway, i tend read books like this in issue than keep a pile next to my bed (i hide them when my girlfriend shows up)  and read a few at a time. Usually about three or four. I find that my intial throughts on the books changes for the positive when i do this. 


    that’s exactly what happened with The Unwritten. When i first read it and when i read a single issue, i think "what the heck is this?" but then i wait and chill out after work with a few issue and love it

  44. Didn’t David Lapham’s Young Liars get cancelled prematurely, or was it always going to end there?

  45. I think this could be THE ISSUE. Absolutely outstanding emotional resonance here, and the world is being fleshed out. Not finished my stack yes, but this is a strong contender for my POTW.

    Anyone considering switching to trades should decide after this issue.

  46. I don’t know why anyone would want to wait for the trade. The cliff hanger/resolution is a great part of this series. I spent the last month wondering what it seems that Gus has met another person like him. All the possibilties played out in my head over the last month. I did not see the first page of this series coming.

    If I’d read it as a trade, my month of speculation and wondering, would have been over at a turn of the next page. I love this series.

  47. American Virgin was cut early as well.  I loved that book.  Bought singles and trades.

  48. Great issue, POTW for me.

    Sure it’s a fast read but it was so entertaining. The tension in this was so thick, I was worried what was going to happen. Plus the coloring in this improved too, it made me happy that this was in color and not B&W. Maybe I was a bit to harsh to say I was going to trade soon. If each issue could stay at this pace then I will certainly but it in issues.

  49. I really enjoyed this issue of Sweet Tooth, but to be honest, I flew through reading it, even consciously trying to slow myself down. I really like the writing for this book and the art is great, but I still don’t feel attached to it. I want to know what happens, but it’s not an obsession to know what happens. Still a great book. 4/5 for me. 

  50. @Prax: It literally took me 30sec to read this. But for some reason that didn’t bug me what so ever. It was so good that it could’ve taken me 1sec to read and I would make it my pick.

  51. That was fun.  I like the moral ambiguity.  This feels like Y to me.  A very slow build with TONS of potential.  I’ll agree that it is a fast read in issues, but I don’t think I can stop reading it now.  I’m hooked.  [Post-apocalyptic always does that to me.]

  52. I have high hopes for this book, but I find it incredibly boring so far.  It seems to me that Lemire is treading old ground here (a protector and the vulnerable companion facing off against all comers).  The characterization has been very bland.  The issues read incredibly fast.  This is probably due to the fact that there isn’t much dialogue and his art is sparse (not a lot of detail to take in).

    I also agree with Conor and a few others that the coloring on this book isn’t doing Lemire’s art justice.   

  53. I hate that I’ve had to knock every issue down a star for only feeling half as long as it is.  I really ought to jump on the tradewagon, but considering I don’t like trades unless the series is done, I don’t want to have to wait about 5 years to read this… Tough decision. 

  54. The book is fast word wise, but the art warrants more attention. Much is told in the art 

  55. Does Sweet Tooth remind anyone of the road? I picked it up and enjoyed it actually. I will pick up #5.

  56. I’m in love with this book. I’m loving the innocence and naivety of Gus and the way we don’t really know how much of a "bad man" Jepperd is. As Gus pointed out – he "saved" those ladies in a horrible situation, but that last page was chilling. Then there’s the whole thing about the preserve. Everyone is saying it doesn’t exist, while Jepperd insists it does. 

    I didn’t find it a particularly fast read either. I thought the length/wordiness was just right. Lemire’s execution of the art blows me away – that rifle-ass-smashing page was fantastic. Obviously 5/5 for me.

  57. That was amazing.

  58. @AmirCat – Yes.  I absolutely thought of The Road (and most other Post-apocalyptic stories) while reading this.  I think this is slightly more hopeful than The Road.  That book made me want to blow my brains out (and I read it over Christmas break).

  59. Has anyone read Winterworld by Chuck Dixon? Lemire twittered that it was one of his favourite comic books.

    Synopsis: "Dixon & Zaffino’s long out-of-print classic is finally collected! In a bleak and desolate future, when our world has been encased in ice from pole to pole, an amoral adventurer and an orphaned girl form an unlikely alliance-and together fight tooth and nail to stay alive."

    Possibly an influence for Sweet Tooth. 

  60. Actually, ignore me. It might have been Joe Hill who twittered that. It was someone awesome anyway.

  61. Favorite issue of Sweet Tooth so far. It’s a shame there were so many other great books this week. I would have loved to have made this my POTW.

  62. Finally picked up the pace.

  63. Hm…kind of a predictable read, and a bit fast too, but I love where this is going. I have no plans to switch to trades anytime soon, but this issue didnt exactly blow me out of the water either. Still, moral questions and some great art make this a 5/5 for me.

  64. ehhhhhhhhhh

  65. @kwisdumb : Lemire just blows people away thru his subtlety in pacing, you’re not alone.

  66. Anyone know when the trade is coming out?

  67. @jing7wei-The first arc hasn’t even finished yet, so no trade solicited just yet.

  68. This book is way too slow for me. The entire story of this issue, you could sum up in one sentence. That’s two issues in a row where nothing (much) has happened.

    I’m a bit amazed by all the super-high praise & 5/5’s. Maybe it’s about atmosphere or something else that I’m not picking up on, but I can’t rate this high, because of the super slow story pace.

    I’m gonna drop this, sorry to say, after I liked the first two issues so much.

  69. The rain sequence makes this worth every penny. That’s what Lemire can do. Totally unnecessary but great.

  70. I enjoyed this, but it was my least favorite so far.  It felt like my copy was missing pages.

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