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This was a fast read for me, so just like the issue I will give my thoughts to you really quickly:

Mr. Jepperd is like the Punisher but much older.

Gus is still a cute, little kid with antlers.

There is a twist in the very beginning that changes the entire issue. So basically this series won’t be as ‘by the numbers’ as we thought.

Lemire can definitely write some violent situations. Almost as bad as Walking Dead in a lot of ways.

The coloring in this also seems to have improved. I would still like to see this in black and white, but it just clicked with me for this. It’s not like every page is beautiful or detailed, heck there are some panels where it’s just plain empty. But his style is still unique and it’s nothing like you would see in other titles.

Yes the series is still a little quick to read and the plot is moving a bit slow. But this was my pick for the week because it was an entertaining situation. Lemire knows how to make me feel tense with this comic, so obviously it’s only going to get worse for these characters. There’s still that feeling in the air that we still have no idea where Lemire is going to go with this comic. To me, that makes it more excititing of a comic book. Maybe this series can work in issues because there was a payoff for me this week.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. I haven’t made it to the LCS yet, but I’m really happy to see this was your PotW. I know we have generally different tastes (I love James Robinson and hate Deadpool), but it’s cool to see you starting to enjoy this for the same reasons I do. Perhaps peace on earth is possible? I’ll be back with my take later.

  2. *sings*

    We are the world! We are the children!! 🙂

  3. Frank is about as old in the Max book

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