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The Rot is winning, and its necropolis in the American desert is nearly complete. With Abigail Arcane all but lost to its power and the herald of Sethe risen, Alec Holland will bitterly regret trying to flee his destiny as Swamp Thing…but even if he wanted to do the right thing, it’s too late now!

Variant cover by YANICK PAQUETTE

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  1. I’m sure this is going to good as always, plus I’m excited for Rudy.

  2. This has been a very good read and those of you have not been following you should pick up the trade and then jump on board. Animal Man and this title are kidda of bonded together right now however; you do not need to read Animal Man since it’s a seperate story although they both deal with the entities right now. (The Rot, The Red, The Green)
    This one is a little more friendly to the eyes if your are not used to abstract type art and this story seems to be flowing just a little bit better.Do nto get me wrong I am enjoying both of these titles greatly I just would go with Swampy right now.


    • I’m the other way around. I just couldn’t get into this. I stopped at issue 4, don’t know why because I love Snyder’s work, but Animal seems to press my buttons more. I keep checking in to see what people think. Once they start crossing over more directly I’ll pro ably give this another go.

    • I think Animal Man is the better book on every level right now. The problem is because they’re so closely related I’m constantly comparing them which really isn’t fair of me. I’m still not 100% I’m going to stick with this all the way through but I’m on board for now. Snyder is killing it on Severed, Batman and of course American Vampire and I trust this one will hit those levels eventually.

    • It should be illegal to read one book and not the other.

  3. This book has just been the most negative thing.

  4. Finally got caught up with the series and the mythos has been building in a way I love.

  5. Having known nothing about Swamp Thing going into this DCU shit, six issues in I’m glad I’m reading this comic. Good bad times, ya know?

  6. I’m not reading this but I think I should be. Is #6 a good jumping on point?

    • ehh, hard to say (mostly because it isn’t out yet!).

      We’re in or approaching the third act of this first arc, so that would seem like a rough spot to jump in, but a lot of the New 52 have been really good about providing all the relevant exposition, so if you’re okay with a little mystery, I’d say go for it.

      And the first few issues have been reprinted so many times now, unless your LCS is kind of awful or only stocks new issues, you should be able to find the earlier issues (and there’s always $1.99 digital copies, if you’re into that).

    • I rarely say this, but it really is worth picking up from issue one. I don’t think you should just jump in right now, but hey, I’m sure you’re a smart guy and could follow it. Just, you may not get the same level of enjoyment without a big chunk of the backstory.

    • I suspected that was the case. Fortunately I buy all my books digitally so at least they are easy to find. Thanks guys!!!

    • i would start from issue 1 or just wait till the next arc. if you read animal man already, i would go back issue bin diving for the first one through this one and watch the fireworks RIGHT NOW!

  7. This looks fantastic. Unfortunately, a limited budget has forced me to go mail order rather than making the 30 mile/week drive to the nearest comic shop, so I won’t be getting this until sometime in March. So for me, the Rot gets to win for another 30 days or so.

  8. this issue really felt slight compared to the previous ones, next issue is the last of this arc…i could take a guess what will happen:)

    • I agree, anyone who was complaining about too much exposition in previous issues must have loved this one. That said, I thought this was great. The desert necropolis was creepy-badass, Creepadass! and the changing looks of William and Abby were gross in the best way. I have been loving this from the start, and next issue couldn’t come soon enough.

      On a side note I wonder if we are ever going to get an arc by Francavilla, I thought that was in the plans, but does anyone know if it’s still true?

    • I think the stuff that Rudy is doing was the stuff Francavilla was originally going to do. I believe I read or heard that he is no longer apart of the book. Too bad I would have loved to see his take on some of this, and the Swamp Thing.

    • I gotta disagree, @adrianrigter. For me, this felt like the most rounded & full-without-being-packed issue yet. This issue & last have been great.

  9. Hot damn this is good. I dont understand how this can not be liked, a lot

  10. I want to read the next issue RIGHT NOW.

  11. William Arcane is one BADAZZ little dude. This is such a well crafted horror comic I almost forget it’s not a vertigo title.

  12. Yay, like, 10 to 15 pages of the villain monologuing. Great Stuff.

  13. I miss Paquette. A lot.

    Still loving this though. The moment that Holland finally becomes Swampy and does something horrific to little William is going to be pure joy.

  14. All you people are crazy. This wasn’t the strongest issue. Pages of dialogue about arbitrary scary sounding buzzwords (the Rot is fighting the Green!). What’s the point of exploiting that weird fear of spooky kids when William is written as a cliched villain? there’s a ratio of time spent waiting for the Swamp Thing payoff/reveal to the catharsis. I think they missed that moment and I’m starting to lose interest. Also, how are the page layouts and boarders cool and special if they’re continuously used. Was this issue meant to be more super creepy than others? I don’t know because the boarders have been like H R Giger’s stuff for every issue.

    Anyway, it’s not a bad issue but if you’re trying to subvert exspectations with an issue; exceed them, don’t under delivery

    • I actually thought Rudy kinda toned back the crazy layouts & borders, & that it benefited the book a lot. There’s a really fine line between doing crazy for storytelling’s sake & crazy for the artist’s sake. I enjoyed the restraint in this issue, & I thought Rudy’s art looked really great in this one.

    • Edward hit on most of my thoughts after reading this issue. It took a hard turn towards losing my interest. Both the art and the narrative got muddy. I completely hate the smug creepy kid as the villain just by the way he’s drawn. Then he goes off into boring exposition about board games and loses me. In general I think entire issues dedicated to losing all hope are kind of beat. There’s nothing here to cling to that entices me to come back for #7.

  15. Other than the cliff hanger ending on this I will have to agree with edward again this week. Next month maybe the final pulls for Animal Man and Swampy, they just seem to be dragging things out now way past the payoff.


  16. I love that Snyder zigged instead of zagged on this one. Pulling Abby in that direction after their connection last issue finally sold me on a book that seemed to just kind of be moving along before this. Great stuff!

    • @jason agreed it was a 180 for me about Abby being the one the Rot wanted all along plus I love watching Alec go from denying the green to begging it to take him-GOOD STUFF

    • snyder did zig on this one. i didnt see the whole “the rot wanted abby the whole time” thing coming at all. talk about shakespeareian, star crossed lovers, uh? and to be honest, i was beginning to get tired of alec denying the green. everything thats happened isnt entirely his fault, but i couldnt help but feel a bit of satisfaction when he did start begging the green only to have a chainsaw impale him as the green said it was too late.
      but hopefully he will stop whinning now and get it together(assuming he survives, of course.)

  17. Whoa, Rudy is awesome. To me they don’t lose a beat between the art switch. Two great art teams getting shit done. I was really taken aback by some of the developments too. Really didn’t see some of that coming. Snyder is almost pulling a Remender in that it doesn’t seem like much else can go wrong for ol’ Swampy. Loving it.

    • i liked the art, too. i’m usually the guy who hates it when multiple art teams are on a book, but they all seem to add to the book’s tone and mood.

  18. To say I felt this issue was average is probably doing it a disservice and is more a testimony to the array of quality titles coming from all publishers right now,

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