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So far it looked as though Scott Snyder was going to have one hell of a 2012. Batman #5 is still, despite a good showing for my Pick of the Week, the best single issue of the year. Swamp Thing has also, despite a slow start in my mind, started to look as if he was going to get another notch on his belt. So how has this new run on the green monster fared to start the year 2012?

I’d say it’s a good start for the new year as this is probably my favorite issue of the series to date. Now obviously it can’t compare to Batman #5, but this series is slowly but surely getting there. What I like most about this title is that I have no idea what is going to happen next. Last issue it looked as though everything was going to work out. Clearly I should have learned that in a Scott Snyder book NOTHING can ever end well. It really is starting to look bleak as The Rot is burning the Amazon and Abby has turned over to her brother (in what is easily one of the creepiest panels of the year). It’s mostly an action issue as Alec has to run away to fight another day. But we get more look into the Rot and boy it’s hard not to be scared to death looking at this thing.

Specifically because Marco Rudy does a great job making them look hideous. For the second time Rudy takes over for Paquette and as insane as it might sound, I am loving Rudy more so on this title. Yes he gets cute with his layouts like Paquette but it’s not a chore trying to figure out what the hell is going on. Basically any page that involves the Rot is grotesque to look at but gorgeous at the same time (if that makes sense). There’s one panel where it looks like groups of bodies are forming an arm I believe? Even if that’s not what they’re doing I kinda shudder to think just what the hell is going on in Death Valley. Now it’s not perfect mind you. Faces are a bit iffy at points and Rudy clearly didn’t finish the background for one page. But on a whole if you would ask of me which artist I’d rather have right now it would have to be Rudy.

This is my favorite issue of this series to date because of how disturbing it is. Considering it’s a Scott Snyder comic that is more of a compliment then it now reads. The Rot is truly something terrifying to read and look at. With Marco Rudy’s superb pencils I honestly think I would’ve jumped on this series a lot quicker if he took over. I mean no offense to Yanick Paquette, but I just prefer what I am seeing now then from before. I sure do want to read the next issue though just to see how the hell Alec gets out of this predicament.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. Great review, as always. I didn’t know for sure what the bodies were building in the desert either, and maybe it was because the monologue by William was talking about chess, but it looked to me like a Queen chesspiece. I’ll have to go check it out again, because an arm makes sense too. I’m thinking we might get to finally see Swampy next issue, I can’t wait.

  2. How can anyone who is at all serious about stories call any issue of anything the best of the year when the year has only had one complete month?

    Mind boggling how hype works.

    And that is not a slight to Batman #5 which was an amazing issue.

    • Can you think of a better issue for 2012 ‘so far’?

    • No, but it isn’t saying much.

      And if you do say things like that it sounds foolish.

      Calling anything the best of the year before the year has progressed AT LEAST 3/4 of the way through is silly.

      It actually has the opposite effect of what is intended for any discerning consumer.

      Do you get why?

    • Someone clearly missed a good chunk of the internet exploding saying how amazing that issue was.

      But now we’re clearly off topic so I’m done talking about this.

    • So you are saying you don’t understand.

      The topic is one absurd aspect of your introduction within your review.

      Take solace that at the end of year you can say you were right.

      Then it might mean something.

    • @ScorpionMasada, I think the implication was, “This is the best book I’ve read recently & I can see it being tops for 2012, based on the level of quality/creativity”. If not @TNC, then sorry for putting words in your mouth – but end of the day, why is this case of semantics at all relevant or necessary?

      @TNC, I agree w/ you on this issue, man. I was really on the fence up until last issue, & this one finally sold me – both in that the story took an unexpected twist that sends us into “Where do we go from here?” territory, & I am finally starting to get an emotional connection to Alec & Abby, a reason to keep investing in said story.

      And I like both Paquette & Rudy. If they keep switching out those two for scheduling/workload, I’m cool. But yeah, Rudy brought it in a very good (and for this book, understated) way this issue.

    • Very easy to say this will probably be a top book of 2012.

      “Batman #5 is still, despite a good showing for my Pick of the Week, the best single issue of the year.”

      This is not a nebulus statement; therefore, this isn’t a case of semantics. I am not picking on a word or phrase and playing with intent or meaning.

      I’m sorry I bothered you.

      Ridiculous hype within the context of a ridiculous idea bothers me.

    • I completely agree with TNC. Batman was the best issue of the year so far and it’s not techiqually incorrect to say that either

  3. That was the Queen piece from chess that they were forming.

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