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  1. Johns’ Action run has gotten me really excited about this one-shot and the following stories in the related Superman books.

  2. Superman’s hand is HUGE. I dunno, somehow the perspective in the cover image feels…off.

    Also, what ever happened to the last son of Krypton? 

  3. A "sightings" issue? seriously, is that still going on.  I’ve only ever seen the sightings banner on a couple of books so far

  4. What does "sightings" mean?

  5. Yeah, Im curious about "sightings" myself.  I wasn’t going to get this, but this last week I have just gotten so into the hype for this.  Figure I will pick up Brainiac when it hits the trades.

  6. I’m always wary of these "introductory" books that aren’t actually part of the story that’s about to be told.  They always just seem like shameless cash grabs. 

  7. I think the Sightings "banner" means it has a loose association with either Final Crisis or RIP…I think its Final Crisis though. I know that the Sightings banner was on a book that was dealing with the Dark Side Club, but I can’t recall what it was…maybe Terror Titans.

    Whatever it means, I’m stoked for this even if picking up all the Super-titles for this arc might put a hurtin on my wallet. In Johns I trust.

  8. @RaceMcCloud-I counter your arguement by directing you to the Sinestro Corps. Special

  9. I’m pulling this but I dont know if I am buying this. Is this seriously Part 1 of the new Superman arc, or is it just advertising the new arc? Like is part one going to be in Action Comics instead of this?

  10. @TheNextChampion-Yes, its actually part 1

  11. @ohcaroline- "sightings" means it has something to do with Final Crisis.

  12. @ohcaroline I belive the "sightings banner is just being put on anything that is deemed important to the DC universe as a whole.

  13. You’re right RaceMc I would feel no shame paying $5 for this issue.

  14. Yeah, Sightings is what NealAppeal said.

    I’m curious how three guys write one book. Do they write thier own sections, or they all come up with the plot together, then one of them scripts it?

  15. ""sightings" means it has something to do with Final Crisis."

    Now I am getting scared off of this crossover.  I was hoping it would be something I could read on its own.

  16. @Wade: I have a feeling there are three parts to this issue. A third will be a Action Comics section, another third will be a Superman section, and the final third will be Supergirl.

    Then probably the next parts will take place in single issues of the 3 Superman titles….At least that is my guess.

  17. @Ohcaroline I seriously doubt this has anyhthing to do with final crisis. This is something you could read on it’s own. If by on it’s own, you mean only reading superman, action, and probably supergirl.

  18. This book is going to kick ass.

  19. Sightings just means it is going to have an impact on the DCU.  Thats all.  It doesn’t really mean it has to do with FC.  Although you would have thought Clarks fathers umm…. new state of conciseness would have been Sightings worthy.  Oh well.

  20. @ohcaroline- I was mistaken.  "Sightings" means a book has something to do with not only Final Crisis, but other major events like RIP and New Krypton.  Honest mistake.

  21. I thought this was POTW material. Very entertaining and had a variety of great things to talk about.

    It actually made me like something Robinson did, which is a feat in itself.

  22. I decided to pick up this issue on a whim to see if its cool and it blew me the heck away. this issue was awesome. it made it my POTW

  23. Sweet!!!  I am soo on board for New Krypton.  Can not wait for more of this.  I use to hate Superman comics… wow how times have changed.

  24. I really enjoyed the sense of dread this issue had.  About half way though, I thought, man this can not go well.  I feel this storyline is going to really display the worst in humanity.

  25. I didn’t pick up any of the arcs before this, yet I am still pretty excited about New Krypton.  I loved Gary Frank’s art, those first couple pages were just brutal on my emotions.  I’m glad I picked this up.  I was a bit lost when it came to Lois and her sister, I didn’t even know she had a sister!  But by the end it made sense to me.  This, like all DC books, takes place before Final Crisis right? 

  26. I almost didn’t get this but glad I did as it was my POTW.

  27. Really glad I picked this one up.

    Everyone should. 

    Easily my POTW!!!! 

  28. Weird place for this comment, but this issue does deal with Pa Kent’s funeral.  At every panel I’ve heard Geoff Johns at, there are always the "Will so and so be back?"  and Didio always asked Johns.  His answer was "We need Black Lanterns."  So my thought is, what if Johns (after New Krypton) ends up crossing over Superman and Green Lantern, making Pa Kent a Black Lantern. 

     Just a thought, hopefully not gonna happen, because unless Supes shows up in GL, we would never really see the emotional impact that it would create.

  29. @roadcrew: I don’t see that happening but it is a weird thought.  I don’t know much about the Black Lanterns but I don’t see Johns making Pa Kent wear tights.  But if he does I’m sure he’ll figure out some way to make it seem cool because that is the power of Johns.

  30. @roadcrew1-haha, that would be awesome!  Pa Kent going ape shit with tights and a power ring.  However, I have to agree with CharlieBlix on this one.  Most likely Johns will only resurrect dead heroes and villians, not supporting characters.  I could be wrong though, since he isn’t showing any of his cards when it comes to the Black Lanterns.  I read someone theorize that he would bring back Hal’s parents, and Batman’s parents.  Just theories, but fun to discuss

  31. @roadcrew1 I think he will bring back pa as a black lantern. I heard one of those panels and I think you’re on to something. Geoff johns isn’t one to let things drop. I’ve been re-reading his Superman and the Legion story and there all kinds of things that point to Legion of Three worlds, The emergence of the various colored lanterns, Starman’s mission in JSA, as well as tons of stuff that point backwards. If he’s about to bring back the dead, how is he supposed to forget about a very important charachter that he just killed mere months ago. Plus he pretty much implied that pretty much anyone dead gets to be a black lantern.

  32. This was crazy good. I didn’t really think Pa Kent was dead after last issues Action Comics, even though it was pretty obvious, I thought it was a massive red herring, so now maybe I can re-read that & get delayed emotional response that I was meant to have, lol. But, we all know how permanent death in comics is …

    This is a sweet set up issue though, SO much could happen with this story. I hope it lives up to this awesome start.

  33. i can’t believe I like this as much as i do. what the hell is going on? I’m hooked on superman now? This has never happened. I’m dropping X books so that I can make room for Superman. This new Krypton run has the same fun appeal to me that Brand New Day has. could we be seeing the replacement for the event book? Rather than the months long title hogging events we get these well planned in title weekly series? with the various superman books linked together now we basically have a superman weekly. I like this trend.

  34. I loved this book but I had one little problem with it that was nagging at me.  They specifically have Jimmy Olsen talk about the new villain saying that he is going to great lengths to keep his identity a secret.  Then at the end we have the villain revealed wearing a name tag on his uniform!  I’d think that removing your name tag wouldn’t be that difficult.  I know that’s stupid but it was nagging at me.  Otherwise, loved this book especially Superman’s "fantasy" about Brainiac.

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