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The moon is alive!

Following the events of SUPERMAN #1 where [TEXT REDACTED], the covert team of sci-fi Super Heroes known as Stormwatch must not only battle the Earth’s moon, but find a way to hide its monstrous metamorphosis from the rest of the Earth! How? Uh, they’re working on it.

Meanwhile, the recruitment of Midnighter goes poorly, and we learn why the Martian Manhunter is a member of the team.

Written by Paul Cornell (Doctor Who)!

Art and cover by MIGUEL SEPULVEDA

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. So, one month in and I’m already missing half the story because I’m not reading all 52 books?? Dropped.

  2. In my opinion [TEXT REDACTED], also [TEXT REDACTED].

    And don’t you forget it.

  3. Reluctantly giving this one more issue to win me over (mainly for Martian Manhunter).

  4. I’ve been catching up on old Authority stories. I’m staying on this for Midnighter and Apollo.

  5. I seem to be in the majority since I really loved the first issue. I’m not hearing much praise from it. The art isn’t great, but this book has some of the best characters in the relaunch.

  6. #1 was my POTW, so I’m getting this.

  7. the midnighter and apollo redesigns SUCK!!!

    Enjoyed the book though

  8. Yeah, I really enjoyed this last month. But I love Paul Cornell more than most.

    Looking forward to the big fight against the moon. It’s concepts like that that make me love comics…

  9. The first 12 issues of the Authority are some of my favorite books of all time. I’ll be back for issue two but I hope the art gets better. The plot so far feels similar to The Authority 9-12.

  10. I’m pretty sure this is the relauched book that I want to like the most, due to the characters. I ended up liking it somewhat, but not falling head over heels for it. I think now that all of the introductions and entry level scenes are done, this book can really cut loose.

  11. Can’t wait to see Cornell’s take on the moon. You know and I know it’s just always been there. It causes the tides… it is slowly slowing down the rotation of the earth. DC has largely ignored the moon in the previous DCU but in the DCNU with the reboot, Cornell can change all of this. I can’t wait.

    Just kidding.

  12. This was a good improvement on issue #1. Characters are starting to come in to focus. Glad to see it’s going in a very sic fi direction. Good stuff.

  13. Solid 4 stars. This is the kind of book where I’m just going with my confusion (I’ve only ever read 1 Authority trade) and enjoying the ride.

  14. ugh just good enough to make me want to get to issue 3

  15. I want to like this title more than I do. I just feel like I’m not getting the full experience since I know so little about the characters. Maybe I just don’t like team books as much, because there’s less time to know each involved character, but I feel like if I knew anything about these characters before this, I’d be enjoying things much more.

    All in all though, its still pretty interesting, and for at least one more issue I’m going to try and hang on and figure things out bit by bit.

    …I feel sorry for The Fox

  16. not sure how I managed to post my review 3 times. sorry.

    Hey Conor, Josh, or Ron can you delete two of those?

  17. I’m enjoying the slow roll-out of character traits and tensions, all dropped into a “just the right side of goofy” sci-fi goodness.

    The only thing I would ask is for the art to be a tad more consistent from page to page, but I’m a patient man as long as the story is there.

    • Not sure if you noticed but there were two artists… I agree though, it was inconsistent from page to page but unfortunately (for me at least) Al Barrionuevo was much better and I think he was just helping keep the book on time.

  18. “I did what to the moon?” hahaha. The book really entertained me. I thought it was better then the first issue. I have a feeling as we get to better know each character that this book will become more enjoyable.

  19. This was a 4 out of 5 for me especially the character developement in a crazy situation. Martian Manhunter is as smooth as always, one of my favorite characters of all time!! All of those characters as time goes on I agree will be a winning combination.

    Just sayin’,


  20. 3.5 of 5 for me. It is good, I am giving this book a long leash. The scenes that take place in their headquarters are very confusing, while the scenes in the field feel just about right. Team books appeal to me, and this one has potential to be my favorite over time.

  21. OK, I liked this better than #1, and I liked it quite a bit. The art in this is much better, but there are still some rushed panels that detract. But there are some great panels too. Some really bizarre but beautifully done stuff. I really like the story. It’s very Warren Ellis/Mark Millar/Grant Morrison in many ways, so if you liked the old Authority and Stormwatch, Cornell is jamming on this. Big, weird ideas that are outside the box. 4.5

  22. I enjoyed the first issue but now I just feel really lost…depending on how many other books I decide to drop, this one is in my “might drop” pile

  23. I continue to enjoy this. I’m not 100% clear on everything yet but I like how Cornell is just diving right into his new books. I’m not sure how the art is being shared here but this issue looks better than the last.

    My only complaint is how atrocious Midnighter’s new costume looks. What were they thinking?

  24. The chin spike seems silly, but I’m enjoying the story so far.

  25. Really digging this so far.

  26. This was alright. #1 was pretty good and this was only a little better. I think I’ll stick with it to see where it goes ’cause the I love big cosmic stories but so far the characters are kind of boring to me. Plus, Midnighter’s chin spike is stupid. So yeah, I’m hesitantly interested in this one.

  27. Picked up the first 2 issue’s of this and it’s really good. Not familiar with the characters but this is easy enough to follow without knowing exactly who every one is, I’m sure they’ll all get there moment in the sun sooner rather than later.

  28. I was a little let down by the first issue of this series — it was one of the titles in the relaunch that I most wanted to work — but I found that the second issue was a good improvement. Both the characters and the narrative are coming into clearer focus. The tone of the book is growing more distinct as well, an oddball flavoring that I always enjoy. (Poor Fox indeed . . .). The art had some great moments as well: the moon’s giant eye, and that double page spread at the end. I still don’t feel that the book is quite up to the level it could be, but I enjoyed reading this issue and shall stick around for a few more to see how everything shakes out. I do feel as though Martian Manhunter has been kinda neglected so far . . ,

    I never read the old series, so I can’t comment on previous versions, but I could do without all the spikes on Midnighter . . .

  29. Just read #1 and 2 and thoroughly enjoyed both issues. Never read any Authority or Stormwatch previously, but had no problem keeping up with any of the plot-lines. Excited to see where this goes

    Also, what exactly is DC Dark and DC Edge?

    • Dark and Edge are just terms DC is using for branding purposes. They really don’t matter. They only indicate that the titles share a common feel or are part of the same general genre. The Dark titles are essentially supernatural comics in the vein of the Vertigo imprint. The Edge comics are the remaining titles that don’t fit with the Dark titles or any of the other lines which are the following: Justice League, Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, and Young Justice. At most the titles within each group are more likely to cross-over with each other.

    • Thanks man. I know the branding thing is ultimately unimportant, but the idea of a whole corner of in-continuity DC horror comics is really appealing to me. I guess Stormwatch and O.M.A.C. would be considered Edge.

      Besides the recent Snyder run of Detective I really only used to read Vertigo, but now that a bunch of those characters have jumped over to the proper DC Universe I guess I’ve jumped over with them. I wonder if Skinner Sweet will ever make his way over to DC Dark. This new 52 thing is really growing on me.

    • I’m with you Jesse. I’m enjoying the Dark titles the most but I’m also enjoying titles from the other brands too. Stormwatch and O.M.A.C. do fall under the Edge branding but both feel very different from the other Edge titles. The most impressive aspect of the relaunch for me is the diversity of titles. For example O.M.A.C. is very different from Animal Man but both are solid reads. It’s fun to see how drastically the opinions on certain titles differ. As of now American Vampire and the other titles still classified as Vertigo appear to be separate from the DCU and thus likely won’t cross over but maybe Snyder will change his mind. Who knows. All I know is that I’m enjoying the New 52 and excited that DC is publishing titles for different types of readers.

  30. This is the shit.

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